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Cool theological/ philosophical writing idea Cool theological/ philosophical writing idea

11-24-2022 , 09:41 AM
What if free will is what creates the light in the universe? Obviously we are talking hypothetically and with a philosophical nature as this is the theology forum!

I got this idea from a funny article I read about the large hadron particle collider. The article was obviously a funny/fake conspiracy theory article as it stated basically that the large hadron collider was so powerful that it was allowing energy from dark matter to be let into our universe.

What if the devil and demons and hell are actually beings so evil that God rejected their ability to be reincarnated, and they are left to roam the halls of dark matter in space? Hell is actually being whipped around in space with no control or joy. Now dark matter actually makes up alot of our universe. So what if God's job is to not let that dark matter affect his reincarnated ""children"" LOL.

For example, without free will, we would be servants of a global power controlling our free will. Free will is what gets us to reincarnation in the balance of God's will for us and for the balance of reincarnation and the universe.

This is just a writing idea, so I am obviously just writing ideas in my journal, and I may not belief these things will happen lol:

Now I hate to break it to some of you, but eventually America will lose its freedoms. It will not be anytime soon because we have only had cars for 100 years, but for example, my great grand children may be servants of a global trade union...NOT AN AMERICAN TRADE UNION. Their ability to earn, and to decide how much money they want to make, and to decide how they want to be their OWN CITIZEN or their ability to decide how many children they want etc...these will all be governed by a global trade union and not an American one.

Now thats not really a bad thing. This will create more fairness, less poverty and more equity in Africa for example. Now I do not believe the American system is evil. I DO NOT THINK THE AMERICAN SYSTEM IS EVIL. Like I stated before, we have only had cars for 100 years.
That may seem like a long time, but its actually a really small amount of time considering that before cars, they needed horses to get them around for about 3000 years lol.

The power of the American global trade union is a great great thing. It creates so many great things for the global economy and for global charities. But eventually that power will become less and less powerful because of population inequities and because of technology.

What if technology is actually the ultimate battle between good and evil and we are truly living in incredible times....NOW obviously we are living in incredible times because we have the internet!!!!
But for example, what if these demons that roam in the dark matter of our universe, what if they feed off of advanced technology because it would give them the ability to control the hell they live in which is the chaos of space? What if they need humanity to become so advanced that they can use us to control their realms and the chaos of space.

Or what if the situation is the opposite haha.... who knows. But I dont think it is the opposite as space makes sense for being the place where hell is because it is obviously outer space!
I think nature is God's realm as he can control the inequalities of original sin which is the yin and the yang of free will....He controls this through the reincarnation process and the parallel universe placement theory.

Because if reincarnation is real and God's forgiveness is real, then he would want and need to place us in time periods where he can control the ability of the end game of hells demons.
Billions of people are billions of people after all. Those billions of people might need to be placed within 3000 years of past civilizations.

Because if you think about it...if humanity reaches a point where we can live forever through technology and without God's supposed power of reincarnation...then this allows complete chaos to enter our universe because we will be so advanced that we will try to control space.....and if we try to control space....then the light on Earth and in our universe will fade away...

#GM Illuminati is the title of my movie because if you gives humans cars , then eventually we will have the option to reach space, and if we reach space, then eventually in the year 3000, we may have the ability to try to control outer space. LOL. Obviously I am just writing and not taking this very seriously.
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11-24-2022 , 10:35 AM
America might lose its freedoms*** I didnt mean to say America will lose its freedoms. I kind of mistyped it. I dont want to sound extreme ha. Obviously I am not taking it that seriously as this is theology and philosophical and abstract in nature.
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