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Religion, God, and Theology Discussion of God, religion, faith, theology, and spirituality.

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The big end conclusion: How do you trust anything but the lack of evidence?

I remember seeing questions from people supporting Ken Ham like "How do you explain a sunrise?" I mean, that isn't serious? That's trolling? That's the universal placement of these giant balls. LOL. And nature has been disproven from needing sky daddy just through discovery of so many planets like ours. I'm not calling every religious person as delusional as ken ham. There are intelligent Christians with diverse takes that sound more interesting than true to me. There are intelligent muslims, jews, mormons, scientologists.. I just don't understand their teachings impact on the discovery? I just think there isn't a need for God as far as we are concerned. I get maybe an atheist defying intelligence exists somehow, but it doesn't look like us and it doesnt have a book. Heaven and hell are fairytale stuff.
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