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Re: 101 Scientific Facts the Bible foretold

Originally Posted by Akileos View Post
In the Third Chimpanzee Jared Diamond comments on the less than 2 percent genetic difference between chimpanzees and humans and how we really are a species of Chimpanzee. It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.

Except to Pletho who exhibits willful ignorance.
Something that is not identical is not identical didnt you learn that.

Similar does not make the same.

Even if your author is close to being correct, 2% in the field of genetics is a huge GAP..........It will never be filled either because its not supposed to be filled.

Its a lie, a lie, a lie!

Too much watching planet of the apes in my opinion. Dogs are a hell of alot smarter than apes, so maybe we are related to dogs instead of apes........
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: 101 Scientific Facts the Bible foretold

who to believe, internet religious fanatic pletho, or the vast majority of evolutionary biologists ... hmm tough one here.
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Re: 101 Scientific Facts the Bible foretold

Originally Posted by Pletho View Post
As usual the atheist on this forum ignore everything that does not serve their purpose and will find anyway to divert from the truth. So far they have picked from what I have seen 3 points out of 100 to focus on, what about the other 97?

I have not read them all so I do not know if they are correct but the ones I have read are correct.

So what do you atheist have to say about the other 97 points?

Are you going to as usual avoid the points and find some way to rationalize the truth away?

Its amazing the crap you all focus on and teh truths you miss and shove under the carpet...............hmmmmmmm?

What a joke, you all claim to be logical but you are so lopp sided and biased its amazing....... Why dont you evaluate ALL the points.

All the points you cannot honestly mock at overwhelmingly outweigh the ines you can, so by sheer logic of evidence out of the 100 points you lose......
You're not making it any easier to seem more correct in your beliefs by mocking the other side in an arrogant fashion. You could re-word all your posts in a lighter, more respectful tone and still end up making the same, possibly valid points. However, you chose this route, and that gets you sounding like and labeled as a fanatic.
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Re: 101 Scientific Facts the Bible foretold


1. The full verse is "He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing". Firstly the Earth doesn't "hang on nothing"; along with the rest of the solar system, it orbits the center of the galaxy at high speed. Secondly, what are we to make of "stretches the north over empty space"? Surely this implies the Earth is flat?

2. The full verse is "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible". "Things which are not visible" therefore being the Word of God, not atoms.

3. "Ship builders today are well aware that the ideal dimension for ship stability is a length six times that of the width." - Citation? From wikipedia: "Typical length-to-beam ratios for small sailboats are from 2:1 (dinghies to trailerable sailboats around 20 ft/6 m) to 5:1 (racing sailboats over 30 ft/10 m). Large ships have widely varying beam ratios, some as large as 20:1. Rowing shells designed for flatwater racing may have length to beam ratios as high as 30:1 [1], while a coracle has a ratio of almost 1:1 - it is nearly circular."

4. Citation for other ancient cultures not recognising the value of running water?

5. Really? Nobody else thought **** was dirty?

6/7. There are springs and mountains on the surface, it's not much of a stretch to imagine them under the sea.

8. Not a scientific fact.

9. So the claim here is that people didn't previously realise it was possible to bleed to death?

10. Not a scientific fact.

11. Not a scientific fact.

12. Not a scientific fact.

13. Not a scientific fact.

14. Not a scientific fact. Our bodies are not made from the compounds found in dust (a great deal of which are silicon-based). They're made from the elements found in dust, which isn't at all the same thing.

15/16/17. Incredibly loose interpretation of the verses.

18. Are you kidding me? "Circle" is completely different to "sphere".

19. I think this is poetic license, but I guess you can have this one.

20. Not a scientific fact.

21. "Diffused" is different to "divided".

22. "Paths of the seas" does not mean "ocean currents".

23. "Much data now confirms that any sexual relationship outside of holy matrimony is unsafe". lol. Try using condoms?

24. Not a scientific fact.

25. That the stars could not be enumerated was plain at the time. Even 5,000 is too many to count.

26. Surely God, being infinite himself, could name infinite stars as well? That would definitely be the argument if the stars were given as infinite.

27. Citation? The link given says no such thing.

28. Not a scientific fact.

29. Not a scientific fact. I find it amusing that one of the "101 scientific facts the Bible foretold" is apparently that Science would disagree with the Bible.

30. At odds with science, since this would predict that all fossils would be found in the same sedimentary layer.

etc, etc.
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old hand
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Re: 101 Scientific Facts the Bible foretold


Excellent post

(I realize why they quarantined the religious discussion to this subforum)
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