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Staking - Seeking Stakes For 2+2ers seeking stakes.

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Old 06-17-2008, 04:27 AM   #251
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (100 strat post minimum to post)

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to get staked for $50-$330 PLO8 sngs on Full Tilt.

I have a bankroll already for $33s and under, but I want to get back to doing the higher buy-ins right away.

I 6-12 table and usually play a ton.

PM me if you're interested!

Easy monies for you!
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Originally Posted by The4thFilm View Post
But that begs the question why would a good microstakes reg be desperate for $500?
Because people like myself go and win $6k at the WSOP last year in VERY limited time and use that money to "invest" in new home improvements! If I had kept that money in my pocket I wouldn't be sweating the WSOP this year! I also wouldn't be sitting in my "Man-cave" in my house either.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (100 strat post minimum to post)

Hi there better introduce myself im Simon 18 years living in hampshire in the UK, im currently near the end of my college year where i study I.T.

I play poker all the time (when i have the time) mostly online but i do go to some home games which can be with my mates or sometimes more serious games.I have just started a sponsership on the ipoker network but its not that good at the moment as i cant play at the higher stakes.

I play mostly pot limit omaha cash games at around 0.25/0.50 and 0.50/1 i am a winning player and want to try my shots at higher cash games on the full tilt network.

I also jump into some no limit hold em cash games and tournaments but im by far better at omaha.

anyway if you want to check me out on sharkscope and official poker rankings my name is si777 on pokerstars.

please get back to me if you are interested or if you have any questions. either by email which is or add me on MSN which is or just simply PM.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I have set aside $5000 that i want to use to stake qualified micro/low limit players. Send me a PM or email to and tell me why you should be steaked. sell yourself.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I am a 25 year old from Arizona looking for some staking. I have been playing poker for several years, however began taking it seriously approximately 2 years ago. I have the good fortune of living very close to 2 casinos and two card rooms, and began playing at them, cutting my teeth starting at $3/6 limit. I worked my way up and now am playing at the $6/12 level, and in the card rooms started playing .50/1 NL, and have moved up to $1/2 nl. I am not a full time player, i do have a career type job, and also write freelance poker content, strategy, etc for a variety of websites, though I would be able to just write and play poker for a living, not having to deal with my corp. job.

I only recently began playing online, and took a very wrong approach at first, practicing no BR managment, depositing $100 and treating it like a buy in at the table where I could just reach in my pocket for more, thus playing way to high over my head. I did well for a while, but realized I wasn't playing my game. I have recently switched to playing only SNG's as well as Limit cash, as I am not comfortable playing .01/.02 NL, and I do not have the bankroll online to be playing $1/2 NL. I currently play mostly $1/2 FL 6-max and have good success, playing an effective efficient style. So if I have a career why don't I just make more deposits so I can play the limits I want? Well, I found that earning my way there makes it so much better and you learn along the way, so though I would love to just deposit money and play 10/20 online, what I am looking for is someone to back me to play $2/4 or $3/6 FL, maybe a few hundred dollars. Basically I am looking for options and seeing what is out there, and figured making a post wouldn't hurt. I am very professional and laid back, no huge ego, and am very open to any staking options. If you are looking for someone to stake who is easy to deal with and friendly, please let me know. I would be happy to let you sweat me for a bit at the tables. Thanks, and shoot me a PM.
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Re: ***Official Staking Request Thread: Use this thread to ask for/offer stakes***

Originally Posted by pwningomaha View Post
Looking for a stake on Absolute poker only

I am a known player there who is busto from bad money management at high limit PLO games and just want to get back into things. I can crush low-high limit MTT's, ft the $1k, 500, 162 buyin several times last year.

No bs, not a scammer, just a great player who had a bad downsing at hi limit plo. I wont make up some sad story, thats it.

Looking for backer for $5-30 rebuy and satellite to larger buyins only.

If you play on AP you know who I am.

IVEYISTHESHT/ PWNINGOMAHA (from which merged with AP)

stats are good on pokerdb

PM me or msg me on AIM: JWLUCKY1983

I just joined 2+2, I have never used the forums b4 and thanks. Great site, great thread.

i play on ap and i have no idea who you are
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Originally Posted by bthsidesnow View Post
Hey 2p2'ers.. I am a longtime mostly low-to-mid-level grinder with +ROI looking for stakes on PS.. had some great results at the beginning of the year then took some time off to concentrate school and haven't played much.. willing to accept any one-time lower level stakes for starters and go from there..

Check out my full tracking on OPR..

$76,916 total winnings with $21,728 profit; 39% ROI

Please PM me with any questions or contact me on AIM(invncblesummer)
Have a completely free weekend and would really love the opportunity to grind out some MTT's, any level. Please get in touch if interested.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hello, my name is Adam Roberts. I am a world ranked professional poker player. Numerous articles have been written about me in various magazines, among them Poker Digest and Card Player, ranking me as one of the best stud poker players in the world. Between 1991-2001, I competed in some of the highest limit stud poker games in casinos located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. Furthermore, in only 20 total events at the annual World Series of Poker that I entered between 1994-2001, I made final tables in six, which included a 1st place, two 2nd place, and 4th, 7th, and 8th place finishes, which is an unprecedented record of success.
I have also routinely been paid $200-500 per hour to teach people the fine points of stud poker playing, both in live games and tournaments, and have also done that in a classroom setting at the Scarsdale adult school in 2005.
Between 2001-2004, I took some time off from all gaming endeavors to teach special education at a New York City high school, as well as coach basketball. I returned to Los Angeles in 2006, which is where I currently live.
I returned to working full-time as a poker player in 2005, this time exclusively at online casinos as opposed to live playing.
I also worked playing blackjack professionally online until I was barred for winning too frequently.
I have all of my daily and hourly records from between 2005-2008 for my online, net poker and blackjack winnings. Unfortunately, my records from between 1991-2001 were all misplaced or destroyed during one of my residential relocations, so I only have my year by year records to show you from those years.
For example, in approximately 7500 of playing stud poker at limits varying from 20-40 to 800-1600 both live and online, I have earned approximately 900k. In approximately 4500 hours playing stud 8 or better poker both live and online in the same limits, I have earned approximately 500k. And, in the tournaments I aforementioned, I am plus close to 300k. I have consistently earned over one “big bet” per hour in every limit game I have competed in.
Because of a recent unprecedented four month losing streak, as well as some bad investment decisions, frivolous overspending, necessary monetary layout of personal living expenses, and paying of my taxes, I have left myself in a precarious financial position, and am looking to be staked/sponsored/backed. I would also be amenable to securing a monetary loan with an appropriate interest rate and payback schedule instead. Either way, if you’d want, I would be willing to sign notarized documents with all applicable details, to secure whatever deal we’d ultimately work out.
The game I am interested in working in is the 100-200 limit stud game at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. I have had huge success there in related limit games, and have a pro forma already written up with regards to how much monetary backing I feel is needed, what percentage would be fair, and other pertinent facts to show you if interested. Conversely, there are tournaments and various other limit games at Commerce and other casinos which I would certainly be agreeable to compete in with the appropriate amount of monetary investment.
I have numerous personal references, playing records, and documents available if you would need any further corroboration of whatever I have stated here.
Feel free to contact me at either (also my YIM) or telephone me at 310-760-6674 with any further questions. Thank you.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***


I am going to just cut to the chase, and be honest. I am a 21 Year old law school student trying to pay my way through law school. I have a ton of experience playing live, and I consider myself to be a solid player. I am very knowledgeable and I am confident I can beat small stakes online for a great win rate. I normally play 1/2 and 5/5 NL cash games at a local poker club 3-4 nights a week. I have read TTOP, No limit holdem theory and practice, and I have been lurking the forums for quite a while but with school I haven't had the chance to post. I am going to be frequently posting hands on the forum and contributing to the forum.

I am looking for someone to stake me for some SNG's or for .25/.50 NL cash games. I am an honest individual, and I will put forth 100% effort and dedication to the stake. I am willing to work with 50/50 profit split + stake back. I am on summer vacation now and I have a lot of time to grind. I am willing to play $5-10 6max sngs or .25/.50+ 6max NL. I am confident I can crush these levels and even higher, but to prove to my staker, I will play these levels for a set # of hands, and then we can re-negotiate a new stake.

If you are interested in staking me please shoot me a PM and I would be glad to work something out and make the both of us some $ .

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I am not a huge on-line player - cut my teeth on live action. As a result, I can't post some great resume of on-line success. To that point, I havent done a ton of tournaments in Vegas. With recent children, I have prioritized family first.

I've played one Vegas event in the last 18 months, made the final table but couldnt bring it down (Can validate results). With that being said, I have been playing quite a bit locally and am headed to Vegas for the Main Event, the Event prior that starts on the 30th ($1,500 NLHE), and the cash games.

Im completely new here - but, curious if someone was interested in a piece of me. Im playing in the Main regardless - but additional stake would help me for the cash games and vice versa. Id likely even be willing to exchange a piece of me for a piece of you... I just enjoy the concept.

Likely, I'm too new and posting too late - but if someone at least finds me interesting...this will be a planned event for me going forward. I am happy to share results and figure out something going forward.
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hi, Im currently a mid-hi stakes online mtt grinder. Have positive roi's on stars/ftp and have learned a lot this year, plugged a lot of leaks, and im starting to do well. Ive final tabled some of the toughest trnys online, and am doing great right now. My accounts on stars/ftp is swd805.

Im currently looking for a backer to play live as my current roll will not allow for anything over a 1k (which is still fairly agrressive br management to play)

The Legends of Poker WPT is coming to LA in August, and Im looking to play some prelims and the 10k main event. I live in Santa Barbara which is about 2 hours away from there.

I'm hoping to find a backer to play this event for a one time deal, specific for this event, and if all goes well, we can possibly make future arrangements for other events.

Thank you

EDIT: almost all my pokerstars results are from this year, mostly in the last few months, however my FTP results are from a few years of playing, which of course includes my learning curve and when I sucked, so If you look up my results on FTP try to look at the results from 2008 and on to get an idea of how im doing.

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I'm looking to sell pieces of myslef at 1-1 for the main event up to 30 %. Here's the link to my pokerdb for fulltilt and pstars



I've been playing professionally online for 6 months(been playing for over 10 years)and have made over 140,000 since I've gone pro. I am 24yrs old and I pride myslef with being trustworthy. I have a 80% ROI on fulltilt and 30 %ROI on stars. I want to manage some of my risk for the main event. I'm offering 1 to 1 since I haven't played live poker in a while and I may be a relative unknown to the community though most people that play on pstars or tilt should know who I am. I've had many deep runs including a 15th in 200 rebuy sunday million on stars, 10th in ftops 200, 5th place omaha 100 rebuy ftops, and 2 100 freezeout wins this month. If you want references or are interested pm me.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Originally Posted by pahala View Post
Hi all,
I'm looking for a relatively short-term stake in 6-max NL games (NL50 or NL100), preferably on Stars or NoIQ.
Thought I'd let you know I've already found a staker, so in case you're still reading the older posts in this thread, there's no need to PM me any more. Thanks.
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Mauwie Wauwie
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hello, interested in being staked in PLO8 tournaments (pokerstars if possible). Here are my numbers over the last couple years (mainly PLo8 but some Lo8 mixed in). Omaha Hi Lo $18,847 $8,264 78% $25 220 28% 79/428 18%
PM if interested.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I am looking for Coaching + Staking for NL200 (deep) or NL400+. Some background about me and why I need staking.

I'm currently 28 now. I got my BA in Economics in 2001 (3yrs of college) and MBA in 2002 (1 year afterwards). Since graduating from college, I've worked for a company for 1 year, the rest of the time I've done my own businesses. I have been working on a Sports Arbitrage program for the last 3 years with a partner to take the product to market within the next 1-2 years. Our website is (don't bother to DL the software b/c we haven't updated it).

To make a long story short, last year, we used our software in-house and made about $130k (here's a sheet of our daily profits). However, if we had the roll to maximize our profits, I think we could have made ~500k. I borrowed about $300K (interest + principle) so that we can invest the money to do the Sports Arbitrage, as well build other business softwares. Unfortunately, we let one of our bankroll grow too large with 1 book and that book ended up being insolvent, so I lost ~170K. Since I also spent about $250k to build up my other businesses, I'm now completely flat broke with very little left and am in debt close to 300k.

Our Sports Arbitrage software is currently built only to do football and basketball, so it's a dead season during the summer. Since I'm overqualified and underexperienced to get a job, I don't have any means to generate any income, and still need to try to build up a BR for the upcoming Arbitrage season. That's when I turned to poker.

I've played poker about 3years ago on Party, but stopped to build my businesses. I just got back to playing in April since I needed a way to make money, and am not doing so well. Overall, I lost about 5600 between April and May, but if you add in rakeback, I made about 2800.

In June, I've decided that because I can't afford coaching nor can I take the risk of learning the game since I owe so much, I had to do what I knew would work. I decided to just grind it out for rakeback - buy in at 1/2 for short, play real nitty and safe, and just grind it out to be slightly profitable or even. For the month of June so far, I've logged in over 135k hands and am down ~1000 in play earnings. However, I've generated ~4000 in rakeback so far and should get to 5k by the end of the month, and if I can win 1st on's FT rake race (currently in 2nd - sn: 12pp), that would add another 2500 to my income, for a total income of 7500 for the month assuming I win back the 1000 I'm currently down in actual play.

For a businessman, this is not the ideal nor productive way to make money. Not when 9 months ago, I was sitting back, watching TV, and letting my program make me 130k within a few months. I want to improve my game and hopefully build a BR soon as well as play a stake where the returns are worth it. Plus, I think playing poker while doing Sports Arbitrage can significantly increase my income.

I currently have an ~1800 BR, but cannot drop down to a lower stake than 1/2 because my situation does not allow me the luxury to do so. I am looking for a coach that is willing to teach me and stake me for 1/2 (deep) but preferably 2/4+ with a LAG style of play. In return, I can provide you my knowledge and experience if you ever want to venture into the business world, and I'm assuming you do, otherwise, you wouldn't be looking to stake me. I am also open to discussing and negotiating some form of deal with my businesses and Sports Arbitrage program, possibly combining our roll for this upcoming season.

I can provide the following: A faxed copy of my BA and MBA, any contracts you want to secure your roll, my PT DB for the month of June, a live look at my Sports Arbitrage program via Radmin or

I do not have a job, so I can put in as many hours and at whatever time of the day you want. I currently set my alarm clock to get up at 5:30am so that I can log in the hours needed, so my work ethics and dedication is there.

I'm not sure what else information I can provide, but if you need anymore, you can PM or AIM (SN: iTDHi). I prefer AIM since I'm at my computer about 12hrs+ a day, so odds are you can get in touch with me instantly.

Thanks for your time,
FTP: 12pp

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old hand
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Looking for a stake in heads up sng's (4-8 people in them) or the hu tournies on fulltilt.

Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Network Filter
bulldogs2424 884 $1 $11 6% $582 Tilt FullTilt x

I would like to provide stability to my game and not take shots in 6 max 100nl. Also enjoy/play 5-24$ tournies.

PM if wanted and more information. Lookin for getting staked on pokerstars and starting there.

Do not post strategy as I talk it alot with roommates.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Short and sweet: I'm looking for a backing deal because I lack the discipline to play with my own money. I am 25, financially secure, good job (in the gambling industry, no less!) I live and breathe poker, but I am a perpetual loser in cash games because the money doesn't matter to me as much as it used to.

I've played backed before and it's generally worked out well for the both of us. Contracts are no problem. It's more about the competition for me than it is the money. Fairly sure that I'll be winning if I'm under a stake since I've got someone looking after me. If you're interested in working together, shoot me a PM and we'll talk.

Here's my sharkscope graph, 900+ sngs or so on Full tilt, mostly $55 turbos and up. If you're lazy, it's a 13% ROI.

Sharkscope Graph

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hey, I am new here and my name is Chris. I am looking for a stake for NL25. I have been playing poker for a couple of years, but have been unable to build a bankroll due to cashing out/ taking shots at much higher limits. I am planning on playing for 30 hours a week on 4-6 tables. I am willing to give the intal stake plus 25% back within a month. The details are also negotialble. PM me if interested.
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yeti snowman
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hello gimmetheloot:

I am interested in stakes for 12/180man. I have nearly 5k games under my belt. I started playing 12/180mans around my 3000-3500th or so game. I have a very credible source that can validate me and will provide it to you when needed. Thank you. (yeti sn0wman on stars)

edit: attatched graph for 12$ 180mans

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***


Staking is now easy to get hold of

CHECK out they stake people with daily loss limits between $50 to $120,000

They are a good bunch, support forums, live support, professional mentoring, the works.

They sponsor a number of big professionals, including Paul 'Action' Jackson, Marc' MR.COOL' Goodwin, and before BETFAIR signed him up John 'Kunkuwap' Tabatabi (South African Poker Champ)

This should be posted in the Long Warning Disclamer Post at the start of this thread.. bump if u agree
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Hello, let me introduce myself. I would like to become a semi-professional cash player eventually, and really just need a small bankroll ($200) to play with as I'm currently broke.

I have a lot of night time to be putting into low to medium 45 player $3.25+ sit n goes at Pokerstars, and so all I ask for is a small amount (around $100, but even a little less would be perfectly fine), and I'll play them to build up the bankroll, hopefully to $400 profit in less than a month. I can multitable (2-4 at the same time) and play for an average of 4-6 hours a day on Stars to help reach the goal quickly. What I'd pay back is whatever you initially staked me plus $200 of the profit I made (can be done in steps if you'd like, but that'd make anything above 3.25 dangerous considering the bankroll), leaving $200 for me to play cash.

If you have any questions or are interested, please PM me. Yep I know I'm not going to pay back huge, but the risk is also very small as well, and most importantly what I'm looking for here is reputation so I can make further, bigger deals in the future. I'm relatively new at poker so I'm still improving by the day, but I'm already profitable at least in the turbo sit n go area.

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Looking to sell a piece of myself in the 1k super tuesday on stars today.
Im looking to sell 50% of myself in this tournament. I just chopped 3rd in the sunday million for 105 but im a bankroll nit.
Selling 10% for 120$ and you must buy at least 20%.
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

I have had some good candidates apply/sent me messages and I have selected one stakee so far for micro NL.

I still have set aside quite a bit more money to stake micro/low no limit players. However, please DO NOT set me messages with "please stake me" only. by the way, right now, I am only staking CASH GAME PLAYERS

TELL ME WHY - include at least the following:
2) Number of tables you play on
3) Number of hours per month you can play
4) What stake/level you're looking for
5) where you're from (canada/us/europe,etc)

I am looking at every application, so do sell yourself (but do NOT write me a story)

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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Im lookin to sell pieces or possibly take a stake in the main me if ur lookin for action. This would be the 1st time i did somethin like this, so not rly sure how it works? Ive got about 70k in live cashes, nothing too spectacular...think my biggest cash so far is 5th in bellagio 2k for like 25k. Ive played over 4k online multis with a decent me for usernames or for real name. If someone was interested in something long term live(pieces in 10ks, 5ks, etc id prob be down)
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$kill Game
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Re: ***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (for low post count posters)***

Looking for a stake...I've been successful at all levels but I consider my best game to be HU.

I don't know how to post the pictures but I'll tell you my stats...

User: $kill Game
Games Played: 436
Avg ROI: 11%
Total Profit: +$9,450


Games Played: 125
Avg ROI: 6%
Total Profit: +$4,723

I'd be open to any sort of staking format (I'm not quite sure how it works)...IM me at captainmaxxy on AIM or shoot me a PM
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