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Staking - Seeking Stakes For 2+2ers seeking stakes.

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Cornell Fiji
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***Official Staking Thread: Ask for/Offer stakes (100 STRAT post minimum to post)***


Violators will be given 10 infraction points as of 5/15/2008

WARNING: Many staking deals lead to hard feelings and lost funds. Only enter into a staking arrangement if you trust your partner and if you are willing to lose your investment

Neither Twoplustwo nor its moderators give any endorsement explicit or implicit to any of the posters in this thread. The advice in this thread is not comprehensive and there is no guarantee that you will not lose your money if you follow the guidelines herein

REMINDER: Staking someone with few posts on twoplustwo who you do not know from the strategy forums is a massive risk and is probably a hugely -$ev investment. Staking someone with a lot of posts who you do know from the strategy forums is just a very large risk

The first reply (right below this post) will be edited to include the best staking advice that we can find. Please read that post prior to entering into any staking arrangements. We make no promises however that the information in that post will protect you or benefit you or yada yada please don't sue us

Post in this thread if you are looking to be staked or if you are looking to take on stakees.

You may only post asking for a stake if you have 100+ posts in strategy threads on twoplustwo. If you have less than 100 strategy posts you must post in the other staking thread. A vast majority of potential backers will only stake people who post strategy here and we are splitting the threads to reduce clutter. (5/15/08 edit)

If you are looking to be staked please include the games and levels which you are willing to be staked to play and include all relevant information about why you are a +EV investment.

You are permitted to bump your staking request no more than once every four days.

It would be helpful if you posted your online screennames and screenshots of your pokertracker results, sharkscope stats, or a link to your pokerdb page depending on what games you are looking to get staked for. Realize that the more detailed and professional your solicitation for a stake is the better chance that there is that someone will take you on.

Staking someone is a major risk. Before entering into a staking deal make sure that you have the other person's real name, and telephone number.

Many staking deals fall apart over a misunderstanding. Make sure that you are abundantly clear about the exact levels and games that the stake is intended for. It is highly recommended that you put everything in writing including: Size of stake, games that can be played under the stake, method of splitting profits, termination clauses, what happens if the stakee plays outside of the contract, etc.

Anyone using this thread with the intention of scamming another poster will risk the forfeiture of their twoplustwo account.

Below is some valuable staking advice that has been posted on twoplustwo. If you read a helpful article on staking please send a PM to a mod so that it can be added to this thread.


This post will be edited to include staking advice. If you come across any advice that you believe would help the staking community please send one of the marketplace mods a PM so that the information can be added to this thread

The following comprehensive article was written by Bond18

I’ve had this segment requested a number of times and there seems to be a lot of questions and misinformation within the community about staking arrangements. I’m not the most qualified to speak about being a person who is staking (which is fairly irrelevant since very few reading are interested in starting a staking empire) but I do feel quite qualified in talking about being staked. First, a little history in my experience being backed.

Outside a couple of one off deals I had in tournaments I’ve had two large backing experiences. The first was with a friend from Milwaukee named Rob who knew I had come close to busting my roll. I approached him about backing and he was pretty eager at the chance since he knew I worked quite hard at improving and was trustworthy. Our starting deal was a fairly strange one, he gave me a roll of $10,000. If I lost it I was expected to pay back half through whatever methods I ended up making money from (that is, one day getting a job) and if I won he got 1/3rd of the profits. Basically, I was half staked. I was under Rob from around December 2005 until September 2007. In that period I think I made Rob something like $60,000 for himself, though I’ll never be entirely sure. Our basic arrangement was that I played whatever I thought was appropriate, but always okayed what I intended through him ahead of time and kept things within the bankroll. Our deal ended very amicably with him having made a sizeable profit and my having built a considerable roll with minimal risk for myself. Rob had both my online and live action, though if I chose to take an event off and play it for myself that option was always available to me.

My second and better known arrangement as been my deal with Timex . I told Timex around April 2007 that I’d be going to the WSOP and if he wanted to do any backing for the events I was open minded. Timex put a team together and had us sign contracts that said we were obligated through the entirety of the World Series. When the series was over I had lost him $61,000 and he asked if I wanted to keep going in future live events. We kept the deal running and also included the highest stakes online tournaments (mostly 1k buy ins and occasional FTOPS and WCOOP events) which I am too nity to play. At one point with Timex I was in over $125,000 worth of make up, but at the current point the number sits around $90,000. Our deal is 60-40 in his favor and he is accountable for all loses.

Now on to less self absorbed content; the most frequent question I see asked about staking is what a standard deal is. It’s hard to say exactly what the standard deal is, based on the quality of player, the stakes he’s playing for, his volume of play, whether he’s doing both online and live, etc. It seems though that the majority of staking deals are either 60-40 in the backers favor with make up or 50-50 with make up. As far as deals with no make up are concerned (often done for a single event situation) the standard seems to be 80-20 in the backers favor, though considering the variance involved there those numbers can fluctuate to a good degree.

Next most frequently asked seems to be how to get staked. This is a pretty elaborate topic. I think a list of qualities and steps towards getting backed will be appropriate here:

1. Honesty: First and foremost a player who wants to be backed needs to be considered trustworthy. If you don’t have this you are pretty much useless to a backer. Backers don’t want to operate like babysitters and they don’t want to have to deal with players who might be lying, stealing, or omitting details to them. Having an honest reputation within the community goes a long way.

2. Communication: A player needs to let his backer know what he intends to do and how. He needs to let him know what he needs and what he’ll provide. One of the most common problems in backing arrangements is a player playing an event and the backer and player not being entirely sure if the other thinks he has his action. If there is any event you either intend or hope to play, you always must let your backer know in advance to get approval unless he has given you free reign ahead of time.

3. Quality play: Smart backers know that skilled play is considerably more important than results. I can’t stress enough that just because you have some killer results doesn’t mean you deserve backing. There are plenty of random donks who run hot over a small sample and final table or take down a few tournaments and seem to think they are now entitled to a sweet backing deal. A backer wants to see a quality thought process and skilled play much more than he wants to see a few big tournament scores. If you want to establish a reputation for quality play you really ought to be contributing to strategy discussion in poker forums. It’s not only a great way to improve and learn from some of the better minds in the game, but it’s a way to prove that you think deeply about the game as well. When approaching a backer who is less than familiar with your play be willing to submit a number of animated hand histories for him to evaluate. More can be learned from this than giving them a link to your OPR stats and saying “look how much I crush dude! Ship the stakage!” As Timex puts it: “one thing to keep in mind is that even though you may be a profitable player when covering 100% of losses and getting 100% of profits, that isn't equivalent to being profitable covering 100% OF losses and getting only 60% of profits(which is the situation that the backer is accepting). So if you are a reasonable winner at your games, and think you would like a backing deal to play slightly bigger games, put yourself in the backers shoes and realize that if you aren't killing the smaller games, its difficult for you to be profitable enough at the bigger games to make it a profitable investment for the backer. And also, don't PM me, I'm more or less done looking for new horses at the moment.” Thanks boss.

4. Be easy going and accommodating: A backer doesn’t want to deal with someone who is demanding and inflexible. If a backer asks you to do something that’s reasonable, such as not play a certain tournament, don’t get your ****ing panties in a knot and your ego offended. It’s okay to tell a backer you’d really like to play a certain tournament, but going on and on about how massively +EV you are is annoying and depending on who you are and which tournament you’re talking about, possibly delusional.

5. Keep good records: Both the backer and the player should be keeping records. This will prevent possible mix ups in the future. Nothing quite dissolves a backing arrangement like an argument over money, so make sure you keep close enough track of what’s going in and out that this shouldn’t happen, and if it does, it’s easily rectified.

6. Approaching a backer: It’s pretty well known who the main backers are in the online poker community. The most normal way most are approached is either through PM or email. If you’re some nobody messaging out of the blue I don’t like your chances. However, if you have well respected friends in the poker community who are willing to vouch for your ability and trustworthiness this will help. Be mindful though, that establishing yourself in the community ahead of time is pretty relevant. If you’re a new player who has zero reputation, a few good results, and few connections your chances of getting backed are slim to none. Most of the major backers get numerous requests for backing a day, so your reputation needs to proceed you to have a realistic shot.

Next, people often ask ‘is backing right for me?’ First of all that depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Most people seeking backing are looking to get backed for what they can’t afford, and among internet players that mostly means being backed for live play since the buy ins are so high. Most players would obviously prefer to be staked only for live play and keep online for themselves, though these deals are not terribly common. The majority of backing deals, especially for less established players or new to the backing scene, are for a combination of online and live poker. You need to consider though, that in this kind of deal you run the risk of accumulating a high amount of live make up and then having to work it off with all your online volume, meaning you have no actual income for perhaps months at a time. These kind of backing deals give you the opportunity to make a large live score, but conversely put you in a position you’ll see zero online winnings if you run bad live.

We should also discuss make up. For those who aren’t aware make up is similar to debt but not the same thing. Make up is what you are down on your backing arrangement, but not necessarily money owed to your backer. That is to say, if you are in make up for $50,000, and have a net worth of $100,000 and for some reason are no longer able to play poker, you do not owe the backer $50,000 out of your own money. As far as leaving a backing arrangement in make up for no reason goes, unless you are under contract there isn’t necessarily repercussions in the traditional form of something like a lawsuit (or broken legs) but there are factors to consider. First of all if you leave a backer while in make up for no good reason it is very unlikely you’ll ever find another backer since word of your actions will get around. Also, some would consider this unethical, and it is a considerable grey area of morality. While you indeed have the right to opt out of your staking arrangement while in make up for no legitimate reason, the damage it will do to your reputation in the poker community is something you need to weigh it heavily against. A backer and a player need to set the conditions of what happens when a player is in make up but wants to change or leave an arrangement ahead of time.

Lastly there are two quick questions that often come up. First, in the case of FPP’s, who is entitled to them, the backer or player. The vast majority of the time it is the player who is considered entitled to the FPP’s. The other issue deals with expenses, travel and accommodation can be quite expensive in regards to live poker. While there are some deals that include these, the majority of the time the player is expected to pay these out of pocket.

I hope this settles some of the confusion.


The following is a sample backing contract for the WSOP events.

Disclaimer: This document was created by a twoplustwo poster and is not endorsed by the owners of this forum. It has not been reviewed by any lawyer. It may or may not be legally binding in your jurisdiction and may or may not be missing vital details that you should discuss with the other party in the deal. Do not enter into deals with people you don’t trust as it is questionable whether this document alone will protect you!

Contract for backing arrangement between [] ("Backee") and [] ("Backers"):
Adjust percentages as appropriate

1) This Contract will be governed and executed under the internal laws of the State of [Nevada]. All of the terms listed and defined herein are assumed to mean exactly what is stated in the Contract.

2) This is the only binding understanding between Backers and Backee, and no other oral or written modifications to this Contract will have any effect, except for the specific options listed in paragraphs 3 and 14.
3) Backers will provide ("stake") Backee with the buy-ins to play a set schedule of poker tournaments (Attachment A). Each Backer will individually pay 1/2 the total buy-in for all tournaments that Backee enters under the stake, for a total of 100% of the initial buy-ins. In return, if Backee receives any prize money in a tournament, he will first refund ("makeup") each Backer's buy-in percentage for every tournament in full, then pay Backers 25% each of any remaining profits from these tournaments, for a total of 50% of the profits after the makeup is calculated.

4) Makeup is defined as outstanding debt from tournament buyins, accrued on a rolling basis. Makeup money must be paid back before any profits are split. For example, if Backee spends $120k in buy-ins and has cashed for $200k, he must pay $120k to Backers (split 50% each, in accordance with paragraph 3) before the remaining $80k can be split as profit. The final $80K is then divided between Backers and Backee on a 25%/25%/50% basis, again in accordance with paragraph 3.

5) If Backee owes makeup at the end of the schedule's completion, or if Backee does not owe makeup but wishes to continue on the stake, Backers have the option to continue this Contract in exchange for providing a further $100k in buy-ins. This means that Backers have a right to stake Backee in any live poker tournaments of their choice – meaning the only live tournaments Backee may enter must be preapproved by Backers under the terms of this deal – until another $100k in buy-ins has been accrued. The terms for this further stake will be identical to those in this Contract, and any existing makeup will continue to accrue. If this option is exercised and ends with the Backee still owing makeup, this Contract will terminate and the Backee is released from all obligations to repay it unless a new Contract is entered into by mutual agreement.

6) Backee may leave the stake at the end of the set schedule of tournaments only if Backee does not owe money in makeup, and in no case before Backee's play in the World Series of Poker Main Event has concluded. For future staking following the listed schedule of events, Backee may leave any time the stake is above the initial investment (including any makeup owed).

7) Any time the overall net profit on the stake, after any makeup has been deducted, exceeds $200k, Backers and Backee will immediately split the profits as stated in point 3. Profits will also be split after any individual win exceeding $400k. The final split of any profits will occur at the completion of the listed schedule of events in Attachment A, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties as per points 4 and 5 above.

8) All local, state, federal and international taxes, if applicable, are the responsibility of the individual receiving their share of the proceeds under this Contract. Neither Backers nor Backee are responsible for any taxes other than those they themselves may incur as a result.

9) Backee agrees not to be staked by anyone else in any live poker tournaments during the duration of the stake.

10) Backee is not obligated to play all of the tournaments on the list, although he is obligated to play any live poker tournament he enters while the Contract is in effect under its terms.

11) Backers have the exclusive right to veto, modify or accept any attempt of Backee to trade a percentage of his profits with any other player in any given tournament(s). If a trade is accepted by the Backers, Backee and the player must exercise their agreement in writing.

12) If a tournament does not take place for any reason or if Backee fails to enter any given tournament, Backee owes Backers a refund of that tournament's buy-in.

13) Backee is alloted an $8k maximum $ spent on buy-ins (including both rebuys and add-ons) for each $1k rebuy tournament. Any $ not spent on rebuys must be refunded to backers.

14) Money to enter any given event must be recieved by Backee by the morning of that event, unless all parties involved agree to arrange for Backee to receive it at a later time.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Contract as of the date first written above.

Name: _____________________________

Name: _____________________________

Name: _____________________________

[insert schedule here, on a new page - title "Attachment A"]

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NU Star
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking for a stake in $60 18/45mans on Pokerstars.

I've had a lot of success in 2007 playing the $16 18 mans and $12 45 mans on Stars. These results are generally 20+ tabling:

I'm currently concentrating on cash games, and I don't keep the roll for these tournies. I think the $60 45 mans are especially good tournies. They run often and are on the main tourney page for stars, which makes them fishier. I've played in a few, and have sweated people playing them, and the play seems often soft and exploitable.

I'm known in person by a number of 2+2ers, mostly those that go to Northwestern University. I've have a staker for major Sunday type MTTs, and it's been a successful relationship for about 9 months.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

After basically not playing for the last 8 months except for a brief flurry of activity in January, I've spent most of my money and am looking for some tourney staking.

relevant names:

Stars: Danielr273
+16.5k sharkscope at 17% over 3,500 tourneys
+~20k pokerdb at ~100% roi. (really +6k more because of chops)
not sure on details here as my db account seems to have run out yesterday. Highlight 5th place finish in the warmup a year ago.

full tilt: carnitastaco, very very very low volume of play on FTP.

party poker (pre uigea): carnitastaco
+~40k at sngs, +roi (dont know details) at mtts

Live: played ~12 tourneys buyins $100-$500.
biggest cash chopped venetian $500 for $10k, 2 other cashes.

I'm looking to play stuff like 180s, $27-$114 multi table sngs, low-mid buyin mtts and sats, and sunday mill/warmup. I also felt very comfortable in the few nightly $150s and $300s I played, but haven't played those in quite some time. I also would like to play smaller buyin live tourneys, but would wait on that until I have some sort of relationship already with a backer. I've met a few 2p2ers but don't know any very well. Bugstud would probably vouch for me as trustworthy.

I'd rather discuss this over pm or email than in this thread, so if you're interested in working with me, let me know via one of those.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Stars: thegroin
FTP: thegroin
Cake: thegroin
Party: thegroin


Looking to play 0.50-1 or 1-2 nlhe, 0.50-1 or 1-2 plo or 3-6/5-10 lhe

I started playing live & online in 2003, and supported myself through college by playing live 10-20 LHE and online .50-1 & 1-2 NLHE. During this time my brother and I and a number of our close friends worked together talkign about poker, discussing hands and improving as a group. My brother and I taught ourselves how to play PLO in late 2006 early 2007 and we both had great success on stars at the 1-2 & 2-4 plo levels.

Eventually I got a decent job and a girlfriend and stopped playing regularly, only going to the casino for fun sessions with my brother or friends. I fairly recently moved to Ireland from Canada and am planning a wedding in June, so my roll has been used for real-life things rather than poker (engagement/wedding rings ftl)

I'd prefer to discuss via PM, email or IM if anyone is interested.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'm out in Vegas from about the 23rd June and staying for some time until after the main event. In particular I am looking for backing in anything >$1k that is going while i'm out there + the main event. I'm also after online backing for >$500s and am in UK so can play the ongame $1ks, ipoker main events etc. I have some makeup with wafflecrush but they seem more focused on other horses at the moment so i'm after a new backer.

Stars: ElRupert $110k winnings, $38k profit, 53% ROI, 1239 tournies
FTP: fijgn_swe $17k winnings, <0 profit, -11% ROI, 160 tournies
Party: CANADABOB69 $9k winnings, <0 profit, -23% ROI, 116 tournies
Some small live cashes:

I've played a couple of PCAs, a GUKPT and various $1-2k tournies in Bahamas/UK so have plenty of live experience.

Please PM, i'll send you my AIM
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I am selling 10% pieces of myself for all live mtts at standard backing with makeup(50/50) I have 30% left to sell. I will not be playing $10ks unless I am up and everyone would like to take a shot, but I will be playing the WSOP Main Event and possibly the WSOP $10k Limit(Though I can sell some off) I will mostly be playing $5ks(think circuit mains) and lower.

I will grind hard starting in April with the Indiana WSOP Circuit which will include a couple 300s, few 500s, a 1k, and a 5k. If I go to New Orleans in May it will be similar. WSOP will be around 50k in buyins. This deal will not stop after WSOP, but through then I will have 70k in estimated buyins so any 10% piece could stand to lose $7k at most if I brick everything through the summer.

I have a very strong live record with $224k in cashes including a circuit prelim win this year. In 2008 already, I played 4 tourneys in Tunica cashing a $1k in 18th, I played a $1k MegaSat to the $10k winning that, made day 2 of the main event but lost big flip. In San Diego, got 4th in my 2nd event for $6k, then won my third event for $30k. In Venetian I cashed 1 of 3 events getting 12th in a $1k. I was profitable last year for WSOP cashing 4 of the biggest events including both $1k rebuys, the $5k, and the $10k main event totaling over $80k in winnings.

Here is a link to my Bluff Magazine Profile which can also link to my pokerdb, my usernames are "mattster24"

I sold pieces for live backing last year and have references if need be. I also back players myself and actually used to have around 10 guys so I am very accustomed to backing/being backed.

pm me if you are interested in taking a 10 ball
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I am planning to play the following events and am willing to sell up to 50% of my action. I have 2 live FTs in <20 events played and a ton of wins online. According to I have over 500 fts and $300k+ in cashes. I am also trying to get into the ME and obv would be willing to sell some of myself /be staked in that too. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM me with questions.

edit to add: I am a regular in the MTT strat forums and have played live with several of the regulars there who can vouch that I am able to handle myself and am not a tellbox in a live environment.

Thu, Jun 26th 5:00 PM
3-Day Event Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better (Event 47) $1,500

Fri, Jun 27th 12:00 PM
3-Day Event No-Limit Hold'em (Event 48) $2,000

Sat, Jun 28th
12:00 PM
3-Day Event No-Limit Hold'em (Event 49) $1,500

Sun, Jun 29th
5:00 PM
3-Day Event H.O.R.S.E. (Event 51) $1,500

Mon, Jun 30th
12:00 PM
3-Day Event No-Limit Hold'em (Event 52) $1,500

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I am a Pot Limit Omaha tournament specialist who needs staking for bigger buyins than I can afford, both online and live. I firmly believe I would be +EV at any level and would especially like to play some of the WSOP Omaha events. I already live in Las Vegas so there would be no expenses.

Here are some screen shots of my results. I had a brief slump while learning hi/lo, but I can now confidently say that I feel I am nearing the expert level in that as well. In fact, I am beginning to feel even more comfortable in the hi/lo tournaments than the hi only ones.

This is Cake poker, where the bulk of my daily PLO tourns are. It is probably 95% Omaha, 5% Hold 'em. I've been told my ROI is absolutely insane in light of my average number of players per tournament.

These are UB and AP. I realize they have shady reputations but when you have as little game selection as I do you're forced to go wherever you can. I believe the UB results are 99% PLO and the AP results are more like 80% PLO. I was something sick like 14-0 heads up before I started learning hi/lo where I picked up a few 2nds =/

I realize these sample sizes aren't exactly tremendous but I only decided to dedicate myself to PLOnkaments 2-3 months ago and there simply aren't enough of them around for me to accumulate results more quickly. I am also more than competent at PLO cash games, but I don't feel as passionate about them as I do about the tournaments for some reason. I lost my first Pokertracker Omaha database when my hard drive crashed about 6 months ago and most of my cash game play since then has been on Cake and Bodog where PTO isn't supported. Regardless, I realize that something is better than nothing so here are the few hands I've played on PTO supported sites since the crash.

I AM trustworthy and would be willing to put anything I own up as collateral. I really just need someone to help get me started and give me a shot at some real success. I am free money waiting to be collected for anyone who is in a position to invest in me. Please PM me if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for your consideration!
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking for a $50 stake over the next few weeks. If it's any proof of my trustworthiness, I have actually given out money/stakes in bbv before. Furthermore, I shipped back snort like $80 immediately when he gave me the sunday hundred grand steak.

I do not make any mistakes that people who have just begun to play poker but think they know how to play make (slowplaying preflop, slowplay on inappropriate flops, limping etc etc) and I am pretty aggressive, but I often get careless preflop (easy to fix, I will just play proper PF); however I definitely don't think I know everything about poker and have a lot of room for improvement.

However, I have never really put my mind to building a roll (sometimes I will just get money online, run it up and lose it like a giant dildo) but would not be a dumbass with someone else's money.

^those stats are probably kinda embarassing :P but I really feel confident playing against NL2 - NL10 players and basically feel like I own their souls and know when they are weak/strong the majority of the time. Pokertracker has me down as semi-loose aggressive.

My plan is to take the $50, grind out NL2 until $100, grind out NL 5 until $150, and then take shots at NL 10. If I fall behind $100, back to NL5, etc etc. I am not sure how I feel about NL 25 yet, because I don't have much experience with it (I know I am a winner up to NL10 for sure), but I probably won't take a shot at that till $400, and by then any potential staker and I will have talked about it. If the staker is willing, I could also just start at NL 10 and grind that out.

Overall, I would say that I am a pretty solid investment! Please PM me if you are interested in making a few hundred dollars over however long this process takes. I promise to continue to play until the BR $450, at which point further staking can be negotiated. This guarantees the staker and I $200 profit at 50/50 + stake back.

Please PM me if you are interested.

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Somewhat interesting staking opportunity for you - I'm looking for a stake for 20 WSOP Step 1 tourneys on stars - a total of $150.

In return I'll give you 75% of any cash I win, should I make it to a step 6 tourney. If I win the seat, I'm taking the cash, so you'll get 75% of that. (Yes it's a high-risk stake, but it's also potentially high return...)

If you're interested, please PM me.

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

i want to be staked at 25/50 nl. my name is john rambo so obviously everyone knows me. i took out the sheriffs in a small town. i took out all of vietnam even with the russians helping. i took out iraq and in my final mission i took our the evil doing of the berma army!! how am i not worthy? PM me if you wanna send my $20,000 on stars. 50/50 all the way.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'm Interested in being backed in MTTs. Name kleath on both stars and FTP, I havent played a ton of MTTs this year(used to play alot more when I sucked) but I have a little over 17k profit on the year so far over 280 MTTs, Also about 27k lifetime sng profits as well. Looking to play buyins ranging from 50-163s and also the Sunday freezeouts, and possibly some live events. Im a pretty good multitabler and thus can put in decent volume. Pm if interested.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking for a stake into the 5.50 9 person sng on fulltilt.
have staked someone before (5.50 also) hit a bad run, tilted + cash game = busto.
hoping karma will come through for me to start a micro br again.
50/50 feel free to watch.
pm me.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I would like to be staked at the 20/180 SNGs on Stars. I am a regular winner at the 4.40s and would like to move up. I do not want to play the 12/180s due to the extreme variance of the larger turbos. I currently have a bankroll of ~300 (due to cashouts etc) and do not want to risk 8% (or so) on one tourney. I would be willing to do a 5 buy-in set ($110) as a small sample size. Below is my OPR and I'm not sure how to post my sharscope. If you have questions, please PM, or IM me. (aim=dcviperboy)

Thanks for the consideration.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'd like to be staked for a week of MTTs. This next week I'm off of work, so I will have the whole week to basically do nothing. I was thinking about depositing when I thought there may be someone out there who would want to stake me and help both of us out at the same time, while not putting alot of financial strain on myself.

My stats are on FTP, but I'd prefer to play on Stars because I like Stars better (FTP rigged, I run bad there, etc. etc.). I could also provide some cash game (PokerTracker) stats and graphs for when I played cash a year ago or so, nothing major, just 50 and 100NL and I beat them both for about a 6bb/100 rate.

My stats are HERE. They include 7th in an FTOPS hold'em event as well as multiple wins and FTs at $20+ MTTs.

Contact me if you're interested in serious staking only and for a full week of Stars MTTs. I'm not going to ask to be playing the $100 FOs or anything, probably the $11-33s, maybe try and satellite into the 50/50 Daily, etc. I don't know really, I haven't played alot of poker in awhile, but I'd be happy to make out a schedule for the week per the offers I may get.

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking to sell 70% of my action for the $109 freezeouts on Stars. Check my OPR for stats, sn Butcho22. I've got a pretty large sample and I think my actual profit is somewhere in the middle of 'with estimated R/A expenses' and 'without R/A expenses' I don't know what formula they use but more often than not I just play them like a FO unless I bust my stack the first 30 minutes. I've also chopped a few tournaments for more than the place I ended up getting but it's not by some insane margin.

I'd also be interested in selling 50% of my action for the $55's if anyone is interested in that.

I'll just leave it at that for now, no point in rambling on I don't think unless there is more interest. PM me if you are and we can chat over aim or something.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Hey all,
As someone who's reading this thread looking to stake people, I highly suggest saying something about the volume you plan to put in. There's a big difference between staking a guy who plans to put in 50k hands/month vs. a guy who plans to put in 10k hands/month.

Edit: Also, screen shots make my life way easier.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'm looking to sell some % of myself in the $10,000 Omaha eight or better World Championship in this years WSOP. A look through my posting history can provide anyone w/ sufficient evidence for entering into a deal in this event. I, personally, don't want to fade the variance of a $10K event on my own unless I have to. If anyone wanted to work out a deal that included pieces of the other events I'll be playing (putting myself in 100%) in order to lower overall variance I'd be willing to discuss such.

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

If you want my online MTT action, you can have it with a 60/40 horse/backer deal w makeup. I dont think I need to post state or anything because if you dont know who I am, then you prob would never give me this deal. Thanks all.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking to be staked for some higher buy in tournaments online.

I've been playing poker forever.. my first tournament win was back in the Party Poker days. My biggest score was 6k in a Party 30. Since then I bought a house and a car and haven't been able to really build a roll. I've been playing off about 600 dollars and cashing out winnings each month.

My car is paid off, and I sold my house.. so I'm ready to take this a lot more serious. My ROI is very good (as seen below), and I think I have the skills necessary to continue to be very successful in tournaments.

As far as volume goes.. right now I play at least 6 days a week, and am averaging 6 tournaments a night. I would like more volume, I just don't really want to stretch my bankroll much.

Currently I play 10's-24's and 3 dollar rebuys. My OPR stats below include some shots at higher levels (Sunday Brawl, FTOPS, etc) and I did not cash in those. So my ROI and money made is not skewed by one real big score.

Want to take this very seriously and put in some serious volume. Please PM if there are any questions.

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

Looking for stakes to the high buy in soft weekly major tourneys, the Stars million and warmup, Party's 300k, iPoker's 200k gtd. Ive never played the big games on FTP, like the Big Brawl and the Mulligan, but would be interested in a stake if the backer thought it was a good idea as I have no reference of field strength to judge if i would be +EV in them.

My Stars name is Mr Diceman and through the poker db you can access all my results on the various sites, including my big win dealing for 3rd place in the 300k on Party almost a year ago.

Ive been unwisely playing cash since the summer and im getting back into tourneys that i know i have success in. Im currently grinding out STTs at a 21% ROI and this deal is for the big buy in MTTs only.

I think my results are solid, though somewhat on the low volume side of things - for discussion further and to answer any questions you might have im available via PM and im on 2+2 most days.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'm looking for good players from Toronto in need of a stake for small-medium stakes. PM for details.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I'm a 2/4-5/10 PLO specialist. I recently had to withdraw almost my entire roll to pay my mom's medical bills, and I am looking for a backer. Anyone who is serious, PM me and I'll provide PT stats etc. Thanks.
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Re: ***Official staking thread***

If someone wants to buy a piece of me for event no. 1 ($500) in the WSOP-C New Orleans on May 9 PM me. I finished 3rd for over $8k profit (in a $300) last time.

I play primarily small stakes online, sharkscope brad2002tj on stars or tilt.

MTT stats:

Winnings: $3,216.68
Est. Buyins: $2,130.70
Est. Profit: $1,085.98

Biggest Cash: $1,020.09 Average Cash: $201.04

Biggest Buyin: $50.00 Average Buyin: $23.45

Wins: 2 2.08% Return on Investment: 42.90%

Seconds: 2 2.08% Avg. Finish: 40/100

Thirds: 2 2.08% Avg. Expectation: $10.06

Top Three Rate: 6.25% Avg. Field Size: 216

Final Tables: 16 16.67% Avg. Buyins Won: 1.638

Cashes: 16 16.67%

Total Played: 96

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Re: ***Official staking thread***

I am looking for backing.

This is a short preview about me, would love to get more indepth thru PM. Hit me up anytime!!!

About me:

I am 32 and have been playing poker for more than 7 years. I have been profiting from live poker for the past 4 years. I have been profiting from online poker for the past 2 years. I work a 9-5 and play on evenings and weekends. I am almost married and have 6 children (2 are mine from divorce and 4 are hers, obv watched too much brady bunch growing up). I have had some decent scores, but was never able to 'build a bankroll' with them due to needing the money for everyday life. I owe $100k on my $450k house, and own my cars outright.

About my game:

As stated before, i have been successful in live poker for quite some time. I won the first 2 live tournaments I entered (<100 runners <$100). I have been playing online since before the boom, but it was more of a stress relief to me than a way to earn $$. I deposited live winnings online only to pizz them away without learning the online game. About 3 years ago, my wife left me and our 2 boys, and time to get out and play live became a problem. I had to get serious about the online version of poker. I was able to adapt and became profitable.

I feel i am a much better player than my results show. This is because many nights i try to combine family socialization with game play (-ev). Today, my weekend play is only serious everyother weekend (the weekends my ex has with the children). Weekday play is corrected by only playing serious MTT's on evenings when all child responsibilities are put on my fiancee's shoulders.

The arrangement I am looking for:

I am looking to play the major evening online MTT's (6-8 tourneys an evening) about 2-3 nights a week. Just for example's sake, lets say the stars $55/50k, $162/$100k, $11R/$55k, $109FO. (and similiar on tilt). And on every other weekend I am looking for backing in any of the majors on any site.

PM Me for any additional info,


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