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Tournament Bad Beats Tournament Bad Beats

07-03-2009 , 05:57 PM
Is it really possible to skillfully win a NL Hold-em poker tournament?

I used to think luck was 40% of the MTT equation. Now, I'm thinking it's more along the line of 70% or higher.

7 of the last 10 live Atlantic City Tournaments that I have entered this year, with buyins ranging from $100 up to $5500, I have gotten all my chips in with a %70 plus favorite hand and lost. Mid to late stages of tournies. It's just been a horrendous streak.

1) My AA vs QQ - mid stage - all in pre-flop - Borgata ($200 buyin) - Q is spiked on the turn.

2) My AA vs KK - final table - all in on flop - Borgata ($120 buyin) - K is spiked on the river.

3) My A T vs. J 9 - 10 9 3 flop - I had raised pre-flop in late position (3k/6k 500 ante) - middle of day 2 of Borgata $560 Deep Stack - he checks the flop - I bet $30k with a stack of $130k. He's a big stack of $300k, he goes all in on me. I call. He spkies a J on the river. No flush draw on flop.

4) My J T h vs. 66 - flop comes all hearts A Q 6 - 2c on the turn - he bets - I raise - he's allin - I call - spikes a Q on the river. Yep, Borgata $360 buyin - deep stack.

5) My TT vs. A 7 - my SB vs. BB - 6 players left at final table - 5 getting paid - allin pre-flop - str8 on the river. Tropicana $122 buy-in. Did manage to chop for a win twice at the Trop previous 2 tournies of these.

6) A K vs A t d - A on turn - all in - flush on river - Harrahs Dec. $5500 WSOP circuit (did win a sat to get in)

7) Q 5 c vs A J - mid stages of $360 sat - my BB is min-raised - getting short - call the min - 5 4 2 flop - put him on two overs all the way. I'm allin on the flop - A on the river - yep, Borgata.

Maybe it's just a matter of not playing any tournies at the Borgata ever again -

Anyone else experience similar bad luck? I have been seeing how Mike Matusow is big on positive thinking now - maybe that's a factor?

Anyway, the goal has always been to win a major Pro tourney. Only play in them if I sat my way in. So, have played in 4 of them, never cashed.

Oh, and not even mentioning Foxwoods, because that place has some kind of ancient Indian curse on me - lol. 5 Act 3s to Oct. main event in past three years and took horrendous bad beats in them that would make a grown man cry!

Was just wondering if I am the unluckiest poker player on the planet or what?
09-24-2009 , 12:03 AM
no one cares how many beats someone else took.
usually a player telling beats stories is like saying "i'm a great player, jsut unlucky and thats why i dont win."
sure luck is a big factor, but even if peopel suck out on you, you suck on on them plenty. your brain tricks ya into rememberring only when people suck out on you
11-18-2009 , 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by DoctorFarha
sure luck is a big factor, but even if peopel suck out on you, you suck on on them plenty. your brain tricks ya into rememberring only when people suck out on you
I think tighter players are actually at a disadvantage in this regard.

LAGs suck out plenty because they often get it in bad after going for that fold equity and have to come from behind a lot when a tight nit wakes up with a hand. They are used to the risk/reward gamboooling.

But a tight player who basically sits and waits for QQ+ is only going to lose to a bad beat suckout or a cooler when they finally get all their chips in, they get em in good, but still lose some sizeable percentage of the time.

CLiff notes: Tight players generally do not "suck out" on anyone and thus they see many more suckouts happen against them.

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07-12-2011 , 10:19 AM
this week bad bits so crash
03-14-2013 , 10:04 PM
I had AA lost to KK noooo way
03-14-2013 , 10:05 PM
I get bad beat everyhand. I NEVER win with AA not once
03-14-2013 , 10:06 PM
OK I lie I won one time with AA but still bad beat everytime!