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Memoirs of aejones

Due to a large demand for coaching, I elected to put most of my thoughts into an audio format- specifically, concepts I felt I was repeating too often. I'm primarily a high stakes player, and am a coach and video producer at Leggo Poker.

The Memoirs of aejones is a comprehensive audio series designed to teach people how to think about NLHE. Although aimed at 6m and shorthanded NLHE, the information is also very applicable to Heads Up play. The idea is to allow each listener to get a better understanding of important concepts in today's increasingly aggressive games.

Throughout the series, I had a 'class' of students to test the course, ranging from 1-2 NL to 10-20 NL. Each chapter is 45-90 minutes long, and after the completion of the chapter, students asked questions which were answer in 'conference calls.' There are 6 conference calls at the moment, some chapters conference calls were lost due to technical difficulties and will be replaced in the future, some conference calls are combined, and two conference calls still have to take place (Ch. 9 and 10). These conference calls should be considered a bonus, and are also approximately 45-90 minutes in length.

Additionally, everyone who purchases the memoirs series will be given access to a private forum where players are encouraged to ask questions about what they've heard in the chapters and situations/hands they've gotten into. I will answer all threads personally, along with participation from the rest of the group (everyone who has the memoirs series). There are already several dozen threads in the forum; the more involved all students are, the more they are sure to get out of it.

Throughout the chapters, I had a sidekick accompanying the discussion. In most of the chapters, fellow winning HSNL player Andrew Lichtenberger (luckychewy) aided me. During the Chapter on Psychology, I asked Gabe Patgorski (g-p/gp333) to join me [and had Pat O'Brien (obiedman) along for the conference call]. For the Chapter on Deep Play, I had Rob Eckstut (BobboFitos) along for the ride. Overall, I had a very strong lineup of fellow players to give a second opinion.

This is the breakdown of the chapters, which are available only as the set of 10.

Chapter 1: Preflop: Discussion of basic preflop raising ranges, raise sizes, and the reasons for these raise sizes.

Chapter 2: 3-betting, Calling 3-bets, and 4-betting: The Second level of preflop, the reraise.

Chapter 3: Playing 3-bet pots with the Lead: When to double barrel, when you c-bet and when not to c-bet.

Chapter 4: Playing 3-bet pots without the Initiative: Namely, playing postflop in position without the lead.

Chapter 5: Single Raised Pots on the Flop: Reading board textures with regards to c-betting, bluff-raising, and floating.

Chapter 6: Single Raised Pots on Later Streets: Turn and river play, tricks of the trade, multi barrel spots.

Chapter 7: Psychology: Levelling with the levelling master.
(featuring gp333 and obiedman)

Chapter 8: Deep Play: Preflop and postflop, with emphasis on board textures, pot to stack ratio, and stack leveraging.
(featuring Bobbofitos)

Chapter 9: Bet-Sizing: Reading bet-sizing and utilizing pot to stack ratio.

Chapter 10: Leading and Reacting to Leads: Leading into the preflop raiser and what to do when you encounter it yourself.

Finally, I asked my students to write an unbiased review of the memoirs series. I have included most of those testimonials below, completely unadulterated. It is likely I'll have more people stop by and give their reviews as time progresses.

"The Memoirs series definitely unlocked an entirely new realm of
understanding of poker to me, as it went above and beyond the typical
issues discussed on forums and videos and into a theory-backed style
of play that was entertaining to digest week after week. The overall
series was very comprehensive, as I felt adequate time was devoted to
each subject, and the audiobook format makes it easy to go back to a
previous chapter without any hassle. The addition of guests throughout
the chapters, notably gabe and bobbo, added a great deal of insight
and flavor as well. The conference calls are nice, only I wish I
could've taken full advantage of them from early on, by asking as many
questions as humanly possible and figuring out spots I'd have trouble
in, etc. Instead I only asked about one or two questions per chapter,
as did everyone else, and I think we all could've done much better in
that regard."
Kevin "Sirasoni" Ko

"In last years game you could be great preflop player and dominate mnsl cash games, unfortunately for some and fortunately for the people who have already listened to the memoirs series it is essential these days to have a good postflop game in your arsenal. Being a tournament player I was a great preflop poker player but Aaron and Andrew showed me how to add the other dimensions to my arsenal to make my game complete. Honestly my only regret is not having the urgency to put in more hands before this went public."
Hunter "Actionjacson" Fritz

"Aaron's series would be of great value to any player, particularly MSNLers looking for an edge in increasingly tough games. The chapters are very well-organized, and he covers a variety of topics that aren't easy to explain. With the amount of content packed into each lesson and discussion, combined with Aaron's trademark Midwestern twang, the dollar-per-hour value is as good as it gets. I found myself pausing to reflect and rewinding multiple times within the chapters, which is a testament to the quality of discussion and the broad range of topics.

Hearing the depth of Aaron's thought process brought new light to concepts that I didn't think I needed any help with. He partners with qualified guests for the recordings, and hearing the uninhibited interaction between them on various topics was awesome. Overall, I would highly recommend the series as it is of excellent value."
Craig "craigthedeac" Boyd

"The memoirs of aejones and the concepts within it have really revolutionized my game. In todays game it is important to always be on top of the most current strategies out there. Things that I have never thought of before were introduced to me and I have been able to implement them in my game. Besdies aejones lecturing, there's also commentary from luckychewy and one chapter is with gabe (gp33) on psychology. Once you move up to the higher levels, everyone can play poker and has no glaring leaks but what sperates the winners from the losers is the ability to adapt to your oponents and always be one step ahead of them. The information contained both in that psychology chapter and throughout the other chapters will help discover some of your leaks(no one is leak-free although AEjones may think he is),expose and open your mind to new concepts, and ultimately advance your poker mind enabling you to make more money."
Kevin "VicTree" Bryniczka

"This series helped me solidify my understanding of the fundamentals of poker, whilst opening my eyes to different thought processes and ideas. You get a ton of information on an excellent player's approach to the game that took him years to develop. It's thought provoking and thorough, and can't do anything but help to improve your poker development."
Martin "DODGYKEN" Coleman

Finally, I will be updating the series somewhat by providing 30-60 minute "reports" of how the game is changing, what the newest trends are, and what my favorite new tricks are every 3 months or so in audio format.

The cost of the entire series is $5,000, payable on Poker Stars or Full Tilt.

For more information, or to purchase the series, please email me with your name, a reliable email address and (if you're purchasing) a desired screen name to memoirsofaejones at gmail dot com

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