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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Originally Posted by borg23 View Post
You're proving my point.
It doesn't mean anything if you play well when running well.It's really not that hard to be at least halfway decent at poker and it's not the least bit impressive to play well when running well. I agree most people can't play well when running bad and many people play ****ing horrendous when running bad who play well otherwise.

People want to debate hand histories arguing over 3 dollars in ev when it doesn't matter. What does matter in poker is being mentally tough and making the right decisions time and time again.You need to get over that inner voice. It doesn't help you. You can't control how you run, you can control how you play.

If you're in a game where bottom 2 is a fist pump call in a limped pot on that board you're in an amazing game. You're fortunate to be in such a great game. You're fortunate to be able to afford to play in such a game. You're fortunate to be healthy.This may sound harsh but i'm actually trying to help you. Don't be a ****ing baby about running bad for a few months or whatever in some poker game you're lucky to be able to play in.Wow poker is going to be tough sometimes what horrible problems you have! Boo hoo nobody cares. When you think about what you're crying about in the proper context you should see how absurd it is. Make the right decisions and get the money in the end.

Think about how amazing you had to run in life just to be able to play poker for decent money and stop complaining about your bad luck of late in poker. It's entitled,misguided and extremely counter productive.Realizing all of this is exactly how I deal with running like dog **** productively. If you deal with running horribly well you become a much stronger player.
Printing this off and posting above my computer to read next time I lose a few 2 outers and feeling sorry for myself.

Great Post!
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