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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Top set on 567 multiway

Hi all,

2/5/10 I iso fun/loose V1 UTG limp with 77 to $25, three callers including V1. V2 is capable pro. $850 eff.

Flop ($100): 567r. I bet $40, V2/pro c/r $125, fun/V1 flats, I flat.

Turn ($475): 3. V2 x, V1 $275, hero calls, V2 folds.

River ($1,025): 2. V jams $450 eff.

I guess I'm wondering what I should do on this flop with spr of 8.5 and top set. Just shovel it in? (Note we don't have the nuts; in fact, we have the 4th nuts and lose to three different straights.)

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Re: Top set on 567 multiway

Tough spot on the flop.

Options are:

Fold to the C/R -- Seems like the worst option, with top set, closing the action.

3 Bet / Gii to the C/R -- Viable option, even if one of the villain's flopped a straight, you are never going to be in horrible shape, specifically with the money from the other opponent. If you think villain can do this with a lower set, this may become the best option.

3 Bet / Fold to the C/R -- maybe worse than folding to the C/R.

Call the C/R -- this seems like the safest choice with 2 players. Dunno if it makes you the most money though.



A pro betting into 2 players when there is 4 to a straight on the board really feels like he has a made straight.

You aren't getting the right odds to fill up on the river and there's another villain behind you.

Probably best to fold here.

Can't blame you for calling though. I probably would too, hoping that V1 comes along.


I guess River is a fold. He pretty much has to have a straight.
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Old 06-30-2020, 01:05 PM   #3
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Re: Top set on 567 multiway

Off topic, but I would update your notes on this "capable pro." What hands want to c/r flop only to x/f turn? Seems like he just saw a scary board and bet into multiple opponents hoping they didn't have anything, which doesn't sound like a capable pro to me.

I really don't hate a jam on the flop. It's a really large jam to be sure, and it's almost big enough to make you want to play a turn before jamming. I think call and jam are both fine, but given how few great cards you have for a turn, jamming sounds pretty nice.

I'll also mention that you have a pretty nutted hand here. You say you lose to three straights, but I really doubt that. If V1 is at all rational he shouldn't be opening either 34 nor 48 from UTG, and frankly his 89 should only be suited. We can't be running afraid from 4 hands. If he IS opening up hands like 48o, then his range has so much garbage that you can't possibly fold top set.

Hands that are probably best on the flop but are susceptible to being outdrawn should be fast playing, and I'd say this fits the bill. Sure, infrequently you will be jamming into a straight, but even then you have outs.
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Old 06-30-2020, 04:14 PM   #4
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Re: Top set on 567 multiway

Just to be clear, it was the fun/loose player who took over the betting on the turn. Also, my raise was an iso of his utg limp; no one raised before me. Even if he has 4x of 98 and we are somewhat overpaying ott, we have implied odds if we fill up, no?
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Old 07-01-2020, 06:34 PM   #5
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Re: Top set on 567 multiway

Bet bigger on flop, like pot or slightly over pot, as the calling ranges of weaker players tend to be inelastic in this spot. Easy 3bet gii on the flop facing the raise and call; even if one player has a straight you're not in terrible shape.
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Re: Top set on 567 multiway

post should be in LLSNL because youre just playing a $2/5 game with a straddle. no one is 100bb effective and im guessing play is more similar to your average $2/5 game.

iuno why you opening 2.5x over a limp either

i would also just GII on the flop.
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