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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Share your range

Anyone want to share their range in a full ring table (tourneys and cash)? I often find myself flatting to many hands in middlish position facing two raises (ex a10o, kxs etc..) I think its a little fishy and its something I would like to fix. Anyone want to share some strong flatting ranges? Say facing one raiser or two etc?
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Re: Share your range

Ive seen some GTO charts for online cash/ tourney poker from some of the best training sites. has some free charts if you sign up (give them your email address, for free limited membership)

In cash games with no ante there is much less flatting in middle position. Tourneys because of the ante there is more flatting.

For example, LJ opens to 3x in a 100 bb cash game. A lot of charts these days have the HJ and CO 3 betting top 9-12% of hands for a linear 3 betting range. With 0% flatting. Same with SB. So they say 3 bet 88-AA, AKo, AQo, KQo ,all suited Broadways and A5ss.

On the Button you can 3 bet your top 8% and flat the next 8% of hands because you have ultimate position.

Obviously this is assuming solver ranges, but the theory behind it helps show how flatting in middle position allows the players in position to you and the initial raiser to either 3-bet or flat behind you. Which decreases your equity share and equity realization.

In summary, it sounds like your flatting too much in middle position. I would tighten your range and not play ATo or K9s. Start 3 betting more (top 10% hands) and only flat hands at a low frequency that are right on the border of the top 12% (like 77,88, ATs, JTs, QJs,) if your not on the button.
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Re: Share your range

Because of how weak live poker usually is, combined with no rake games for 5/10+, you can definitely deviate from "solver ranges" and flat more hands from every positions. Especially deeper, and especially with weaker players involved. Small-med pairs, suited broadways, suited aces go up in value a lot, especially when people behind you aren't 3betting enough.
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