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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Live $2/$5, how would you play turned straight here?

9-handed live $2/$5, Hero is effective stack with $800.

Hero opens AhKc to $20 UTG+2, Villain 1 on the Button calls and Villain 2 in the BB raises to $110. I call, Villain 1 on the button calls.

Flop is Jh Th 9s. Villain 2 checks, I check, Villain 1 checks.

Turn is the Qh. Villain 2 bets $225. Hero?

As I see it, let me know if I'm being a dumbass anywhere:

Pros of calling: Keep single heart bluffs in, let Villain keep overplaying lower straights or sets, don't own myself against turned flushes

Pros of shoving: Possibly push Villain off a chop since Villain seems to have exactly AK often when they raise to that size and then check that flop, get value from worse hands

Curious to hear what people think, thank you for reading
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Re: Live $2/$5, how would you play turned straight here?

If you're properly rolled for 2/5 I'd 4 bet to about 375 and be OK with getting it in pre. If not flat is OK

Check on the flop is fine

Turn I'd shove.

Think about the hand. What heart flushes could he have here that he 3bet pre from the SB and checked back the flop? You have the A of hearts

If he does have AK you have the nut flush redraw so you're the favorite. By shoving you could get him to fold on the turn and if he calls and another heart comes, you get all of the money. Flat calling is the weakest play in this spot

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Re: Live $2/$5, how would you play turned straight here?

I'd 4 bet here too. Seriously consider betting flop. This is different from nut flush draws, which you usually don't want to get blown off of because of high equity. You have BDNFD GSSD. Those have equity, but nowhere near as much as NFD. You need some fold equity otf.

Possible 3bet fd hands are KJ (maybe) and KQ. 3 betting QJ would be pretty boneheaded bc he's dominated by all 3bet calling and 4betting value hands.

I also agree with shove. Even if V has just 1 pair, most likely he has "outs" to improve (he thinks). He could have AA, KK, or QQ and is trying to get value. Flush is so unlikely. And given you have the Ah, you are effectively at the top of your range.

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Re: Live $2/$5, how would you play turned straight here?

I 4bet here. I probably bet flop, too. With the Ah, you can easily continue on a heart turn, and a lot of cards are great for you regardless. Any reads on these guys? Would definitely help with flop decision.

I shove turn. You are probably free-rolling here. He might fold a flush, and if he doesn't, you have outs. He might call with worse, too.
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Re: Live $2/$5, how would you play turned straight here?

flop i bet since 3-bettor checked. ofc he can have some overpairs here but if he's taking this line he probably is x/c instead of x/jam

turn i'd snap jam, can get called by worse (KK) and freerolling a lot here
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