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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Old 12-14-2016, 11:00 AM   #376
old hand
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Re: Discussion on MHSNL-FR

can someone tell me what utg range i should be playing with table of 35% avg vpip? and 100+ bb stacks.

QKo and AJo are folds right?

should i experiment playing a tighter range, and increase preflop sizing? or just play a bit wider since i have them dominated with these kinds of hands?

stakes are 600nl, but still might be a beginner question?
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Old 11-25-2018, 08:22 AM   #377
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Re: Discussion on MHSNL-FR

Not sure where to post this.

I’ve recently made the transition from HU cashgames to 6max. I’ve been playing 50nl and 100nl HU for about 16 h/w over the last 3 years and more hours/w before that. I am and will be playing recreationally as I have a decent job and some kids that I consider to be my primary importance.

The past days I’ve taken my first shots at 200NL and even though I consider it to be at a level that I could beat, I did noticed it to be a lot thougher.

I currently play on 888. Because of tax reasons, I strangly appreciate the software, decent traffic and the cashgames are quite soft. On the backside: there is little traffic on 200nl and up, no rakeback.

I’m looking to move to a client that has rakeback, is eu based, preferably has anonymous tables, or some other way to prevent HUDs and obviously has traffic on the midstake cashgames.
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Old 01-05-2019, 03:16 AM   #378
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Re: Discussion on MHSNL-FR

I there any training site or forum where i can learn how to play those 5BB tables PUSH/FOLD,5max/6max tables?
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Old 04-24-2019, 09:03 PM   #379
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Discussion on MHSNL FR

Sorry to butt in an ruin this awesome discussion, but are we talking about TTT? Unless Im mistaken, I believe Boromirs death wasnt until TTT contrary to what the movies dictate.
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Old 06-06-2019, 05:41 PM   #380
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Discussion on MHSNL-FR

What do you guys think is the best training site right now?
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