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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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can somebody help with some hand analysis?

Hey All,

I was playing 2-5 (but it plays like 5-10) at a casino, max 3K buy-in.

I had about 2.7K, 9 handed.

straddle was on ($10), 2 limpers, I pick up QQ on the SB, I raise it up to $80. BB calls, he has about 2.6K as well, and one of the limpers calls (he had about 700 total).

Flop comes out 8d 6d 4c . Pot is about $260, Im first to act, I bet $250, both players call.

Turn is a 3h.

Now in my head, I know one person is on some kind of draw, and I definitely felt another person either had pocket 9s, 10s, or JJ, or hit a set on the flop. In my head i thought i should bet big to make these guys pay to see the river, if they have a set, well ya im ****ed. Pot was around $1000, I ended up betting $900 to make the two players pay to see the river, but BB then shoves all-in immediately and the other person calls (he was short stacked), so now Im sitting with like $1300-$1400, I take like 5 minutes to think about it, somebody calls the clock on me, and I end up folding.

BB had pocket 66s for the set and the other play had a flush draw and he hit the flush on the river.

Could somebody help diagnose this hand? Couple of errors I think i made were:

I should have bet way higher pre-flop. I thought $80 was pretty reasonable, but with two limps and BB behind me, I think i should have made it like 105,110,115 in order to protect my 2.7K chip stack, is this correct? Keep in mind - a lot of people on the table were pretty deep.

I should have maybe bet much less on the turn, like $400 as a feeler bet to see if Im good. I may have saved myself $500, cause if he re-raised all in, I probably still would have folded. So next time probably do not bet pot, but much smaller, but iono this one is a tough one.

I could have possibly checked on the turn for pot control, but ya iono.

Can somebody help critique this hand?

Second hand.

My stack is $1100, I straddle on the button for $10, 3 limpers, I have AA, I raise it up to 75, one caller.

Villain has A 10 (with A of clubs).

Flop comes out Q 8 3 (two clubs). He leads out and bets 130, I re-raise to 270, he calls.

Turn is a 4c. So three clubs on the board. He ends up leading out for $500. I was close to folding, and keep in mind, I dont have Ac blocker, so it was either he had the flush and i was drawing dead, or he may be semi-bluffing with the club flush draw. I had $750 behind me, was close to folding, but just shoved all in, he called.

River was a 7c. Got owned.

Couple of mistakes I see are:

maybe i should have bet more preflop, but i thought $75 was plenty enough, I dont want to raise too high and not get any action.

The problem where I think i ****ed up was on the flop. when he bet $130, since I didnt have the Ac blocker, I should have raised a lot more, to the tune of like $430, he probably would have folded.

Anyhow, overall, I thought i played pretty well overall, didnt make any huge blunders, i think bet sizing could have been better, but mostly just had bad luck.

would welcome any feedback, trying to improve my game, thanks
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Old 03-31-2021, 02:15 PM   #2
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Re: can somebody help with some hand analysis?

Hand 1: raise pre $80 is fine, this flop hits limping ranges way harder that you, against two Vs I like to check or bet small to keep calling ranges wider. A pot sizing is terrible, you will rarely get called by worse than one pair when you bet this big. Once they both call this (bad) sizing on flop I am done with the hand unless I improve.

Hand 2: Bigger pre is fine against multiple limpers, raise donk bigger or call is fine, turn jam is fine since you are committed after raising the flop and he has lots of Qx to call you with.

You need to give reads on Vs and also don't tell us what Vs had in hand 2 or give results. Gl.
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old hand
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Re: can somebody help with some hand analysis?

Hand 1: You bet too big on the flop. Once you got called by two people with your huge bet, you're just never going to be ahead of both of them and need to be checking the turn and praying for another Q and folding otherwise.

Hand 2: Either call the flop bet or raise more. Such a small re-raise accomplishes nothing. If he had absolute air, you just make him fold when he could have kept stacking himself on later streets. If he has just a Q, he will slow down on future streets. If he has a flush draw, you're not betting enough to make it a bad play for him to call. As played turn shove is fine.
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