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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Call or Fold all in on the Flop (2/1)

So, My hand is K and J
I play No limit hold'em

My opponent is after under the gun and I'm on his left.
He raises at 7. I call and everybody else folds.

The Flop comes : J39

My opponent bets 17. I raise at 34. I am 100% sure he has the flush with low cards (which appears he had 82)

After a while. He decides to go all in with 250. The pot has about 350 in it

In This situation I have 2hands that can make me win. A club or a full house since I have a pair already and they are 2 cards to come.

I call him. Finally I beat him on the River since the A came out

So 2 question here : was it a good call ?
When he betted 17, should I have betted something like 50 to make him fold ?
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Re: Call or Fold all in on the Flop (2/1)

This should go in Live Low stakes no limit.

What are Vilain frequency preflop? Postflop?

I think I fold preflop since he raised in EP and without info that range likely crush KJo.

As played, when he bets 17 on the flop I can see just a call. We have position and he can easily have QQ+ or the Ac.

I dont like the min raise here.

When he ships it looks so much like we are beat (JJ although only 1 combo, QQ+, AcJx, Acxc, any set...) just fold and move on... thats why I dont min raise this flop...

You dont even have the nut flush draw.

Fold to his raise.

Btw any club gives you the win in that situation but you are really result oriented. With no info on V, thats a fold for me
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