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Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)

Some Sessions content:

1. I listen on Podcast Addict, which is a great app, apart from the fact that you can only read, not write, reviews. Lame. I am trying to find another avenue, but I'm not an iTunes guy. I'll figure something out.

2. I love the live metagame talk. I feel I am excellent at that as well. Selling a bluff physically/facially/bet-sizingly, acting like I'm not paying attention when I am, etc. You just don't here this discussed elsewhere and I questioned if I am really adding to my winrate by trying to do these things. Your comments make me believe I am.

3. More recaps of the action would be cool. Sometimes, the story gets to the turn/river and I can't recall what the hell happened in the hand up to that point.

4. It's solid as hell man. It's realllllllllly hard to keep my attention. I quit GoT after 30 minutes, and no, I don't ****ing care how good it gets. But I am always up for listening to the pod and find it very entertaining. It takes some effort too because, believe it or not, my wife and daughter don't find it as compelling, and I spend everyday with them because I work from home.

Daughter is crying, peace, keep it up, you're killing it.
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