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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)

Originally Posted by DGAF View Post
I'm not so sure nittery at the table gets the money running even--even in 2-5. It's the nittery off the table that all flush long-time poker players have in common imo.
Being good with money is a skill few seem to have been taught/been interested in acquiring. You do not have to be a nit but you do have to do a few things.

You HAVE to spend less than you earn - month in month out over time. Like dieting and exercise it will only work if you stick with it.

You HAVE to be able to spend money on the things that are most important to you AND those things need to be important for the right reasons. Hint - if you need/want it so you think others will think better/different of you then you should think real hard about that thing being important to you. If you make a reasonable income you can have almost anything, you can not have everything.

You HAVE to do something productive with the savings. I would recommend index funds in a roth IRA to start. (assuming you can't get a company match in a 401k or like item). After that more index funds, real estate, individual stocks, a small business. What you do is often not as important as doing it consistently.

Avoid credit card/high interest debt like it is the bubonic plague wrapped in ebola.

While you do not HAVE to make a budget or track your spending, having a plan and know where you stand makes all the above easier.

You also HAVE to be committed to sticking with it. It takes time for the savings to build. You have to be able to avoid letting setbacks derail your plan. consistency over time is more powerful than a market dip or a one off bad spending choice.

There are tons of tactics to do the above things, and tons of "experts" willing to take a fee to help you. Almost all of those things are details. Some nice to know but almost none of them are essential.

Everyone has different monetary needs and a different emotional relationship with money. From my personal experience stress goes down exponentially as you move from having some breathing room, to having some security to having finical independence (I am not there but well on my way).

It is never to late to start. The earlier you do the easier the path is since time helps your savings grow.
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Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)


It's actually sad you think this is how the poker eco system (and just life in general) works. Hopefully when your outta poker and onto something bigger/better you can look back with a clearer view of reality and laugh at the naïveté of your posts here. I'll keep shorter than should bc I'm on my phone and isn't a good use of time anyway. But if you still think 2-5nl is the sweet spot to play for a living and you're sitting pretty compared to the 5-10+ pros you're inevitably in for a rude awakening.
What do you think happens to 2-5 games if 5-10 and 10-20 games die? When you're industry is shrinking, what do you think happens to the people in the middle/lower rung? Why would you think the smartest, most driven and competitive, mentally toughest, and most experienced people in that industry are in more trouble than those at the bottom? Spoiler alert: the fact is, to survive long term you're gonna have to be better (aka beat) many of those at levels above yourself while being at a disadvantage wrt a huge financial cushion many of them will have on you.

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Heart Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)

Originally Posted by DGAF View Post
Thanks much for the kind words from London.

As much as I believe in reciprocation and supporting people/companies/causes you believe in, I do NOT think it needs to be done with money. In a perfect world I would make all my money from advertisers (and I'd only rep stuff I believed in).


If you want to be supportive and you aren't flush yet (fyi your $50 roll is like a quarter million bigger than mine atm ), just subscribe to the stuff you believe in (pods, blog site, Twitter, whatever) and leave a review if you are so inclined. If everyone that got something from my spew just did that I would be playing big and podding about it soon--not ranting about red chip hell 2 or 3 times a week lol.

Anyways, thanks again for the post. Your post is absolutely a form of support. GL at the tables and always keep poker a side job imo.

Cheers, Mate
Haha love the English accent. "Cheers, Mate" - LOL! I'm the same guy as "Praff" btw, I just changed my account to be on my current main email. When I get a bit more time I'm going to listen to your podcasts, comment and review the **** out of them - have listened a little bit and it's really good stuff.

Keep up the good work DGAF, I'm becoming quite the fan (nohomo).

Jk, in actuality veryhomo!
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Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)

Originally Posted by DGAF View Post
Well, lots of people beating red chip hell for decent money doesn't prove anything (I hate to be a bubble burster- but in this thread, I am/I just have to be). It's the true win rate you are capable of that matters, and how many hours you can put in as well. And you are going to have to be objective as hell and actually crunch numbers to get to those figures.

Side job? Sure/yes/always.

Full-time job/career? Not on my watch/in my thread!

Originally Posted by DGAF View Post
Mike McD had no choice. I had no choice. cusegrinder has no choice. Sounds like cushlash had no choice...

The carved in stone/belabored AF/never disproven message of this thread is for those who actually have a choice.

C y'all in a week.

Gonna produce/drop 3 eps rn.

Originally Posted by 8o8 View Post
you may find this thread in CCP interesting:

it started about best cities to be a pro in but there is a lot of discussion in it about the viability of poker as a job at various stakes. tl;dr, DGAF is right.

Gentlemen, thank you very much for the input, words of warning and overall care not only for myself but also for other aspiring pros. Personally I think what you guys (people who have actually made a living off of poker) have yo say is very important for more reasons than I care to delve into here.

The wisdom you're able to impart on the community is extremely valuable and it is something I certainly won't take for granted.

To shed some light on my "plan of action" (not that anyone would care very much about what I have to say), I intend to have the most conservative/ safest and financially responsible approach possible. I shall detail it in brief, simple steps as follows:
  • Step 1. Save enough £ for a bankroll (£2k for 1/1 games) and start playing part time the low stakes live games in London - realistically I'll probably be able to do so by middle to end 2019
    Step 2. Asses both how I do in said games and how much I'm still enjoying poker as a whole.
    Step 3. If I am both enjoying poker and crushing (and it must be crushing for me to proceed) I will transition to playing full time/ making it a "career".

That being said, I would just like to say that DGAF's attitude about treating people kindly and being a human is very much in line with my personal philosophy and approach to life in general. I think it's very important to treat people well and I will certainly do my best to treat every single person (both on the table and off) in the nicest way possible.

Thanks again for the advice and much everybody!
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