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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Re: 2k- a poker story (wtmfl;dr obv)

Originally Posted by borg23 View Post
This is the beat thread on 2p2
In fact you could probably break it up and have it be the ten best threads on here.

DGAF is very honest about being a cautionary tale
From the things he has posted on here that others confirmed he gets "it" when playing poker- making the game fun, keeping the fish happy etc. I really wish more people got "it" because the games would be a lot better.

But as he said he spent way too much money. In my opinion actual poker play isn't nearly as important as a lot other things in poker once you're halfway decent.
I can't even fathom the person he mentioned who made millions who ended up sleeping on his couch. That's absurd. It i made a few million in just a few short years then i'd probably play poker 50-100 hours a year for fun but other wise poker could lick my balls.

So many people just light money on fire when running hot, then when things go the other way they're ****ed.

Being able to handle swings is so important in this game when you play for a living. So much more important live than some boring poker talk between two poker nerds arguing about marginal decisions on how to play a certain hand.
It's because those types of people are wired differently. They didn't want to just make money, they wanted to play the highest, against the best and just battle it out king of the hill style take no prisoners. Almost as if they viewed it as a video game. Except they had major leaks. They were sort of like the brad booths of the world. <- and it was those types of guys who drove the action, not the loose passive fish.

Seriously, whenever one of those guys would show up I'd get all giggly like a school girl because I knew they were going to blow up / "test" me / run some really bad bluff etc etc.

It's unfortunate that those guys aren't in poker anymore. Whenever I play anymore I just see abc tags and fish. And maybe a tournament winner.
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