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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Re: 2/5 - Thinking about bluff shipping 440BBs

^ if we're calling pre it's exploitative for sure. I think this is an ok spot to look to exploit. The problem being that we don't have absolute position and can't exploit to the degree we want to because we're handcuffed by the BTN. After considering the points many people brought up, I can get behind a pre fold but I really feel like it's not that bad to call.

Jamming river is bleh imo. I wish we had like 1.7k-2k effective behind, then I really like river jam. The super small $300 is such an obvious blocker bet that fits his range of KK+ and although of course he's not going to be happy calling off $1200 more, I think he unhappily calls it off with KK+ very often.
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Re: 2/5 - Thinking about bluff shipping 440BBs

Agree with last post in that a rivershove will put him in a world of hurt that he too often will overcome and call..

To maybe win you should have raised flop to something like 850 and shoved all in on the turn. A raise on the turn would not be believable..
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