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Medium-High Stakes Full Ring Discussion of $400+ pot-limit and no-limit and 5/10 live texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Old 02-09-2019, 12:51 PM   #1
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2/5 gs+fd

Hero 200bb, villain 1 200bb , villain 2 150bb

UTG+1 Villain 1, new player, kinda splashy not much info, limps
MP Hero iso to 5.5bb with 98
LJ Villain 2 call ( decent regular, likes to play a lot of pots, seen him to crazy stuff vs fish but quite normal vs regs )
sb,bb call

Flop 27.5bb TT6

sb, bb, check , villain 1 donks 10bb

Hero call
Villain 2 call
fold fold

Turn 2 (57bb)
Villain 1 checks

( my decision was to bet pretty big, since i have good equity and enough fold equity with pressure, i am pretty polarized , can't really bet AA etc here, so KT+ and big draws )

I bet 40bb , villain 2 shoves to 134.5bb , villain 1 folds, hero?
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Old 02-11-2019, 01:00 AM   #2
old hand
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Re: 2/5 gs+fd

I would probably raise flop. Calling and taking your line is also fine.

Bad raise by villain if he did have 66, with such a nutted hand, he should call to let you get there or keep bluffing and keep fish in the pot.
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Old 02-13-2019, 09:11 PM   #3
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Re: 2/5 gs+fd

thank you for the reply,

In a 5way pot on the flop you think we have enough fold equity+equity to justify a raise? I started to think that live poker i should just try to make the hand first, then go for value.
But if nobody seems to have much, then i can turn up the aggresion. Is this wrong?
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Old 02-15-2019, 08:54 AM   #4
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Re: 2/5 gs+fd

I would just fold the flop given the relative position, dominated draw, etc.

Raising would be pretty bad given the amount of players. I wouldn't even bluff when checked to. One good reason is you're blocking the hands you want to get to fold....
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Old 03-01-2019, 09:04 PM   #5
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Re: 2/5 gs+fd

I'd reconsider iso raising if it is normal for 4 people to call an iso raise in your game. Also with 4 loose calling stations, this semi bluff is doomed.
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