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HUD Color Ranges FR NL HE Micro/Small Cash

There are a million posts about color ranges, but most seem to stray far from the original question.
We're talking full ring no limit hold em micro/small stakes here . . .
If you were using a 4 color range for the following stats, what would your ranges be (colors not needed)?
CBet Flop
Fold to F CBet
Fold SB to Steal
Fold BB to Steal
Att to Steal

If you use a 3-color range, I'd appreciate seeing those ranges too.
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See our Commercial Software thread
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Re: HUD Color Ranges FR NL HE Micro/Small Cash

I don't use color ranges like that, myself, so I can't answer the question you're asking directly.

If you want to see how I use them, see the How To: Advanced HUD Configuration.
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