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HU LHE Strat HU LHE Strat

10-27-2010 , 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by themuppets
In some ways, this part of the discussion reminds me of Stewie's story in the LC thread.
Would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of this LC thread. For some reason I am unable to find.

10-29-2010 , 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by Hippy80
Hey Guys,

I'm a NLHE MTT junkie, but I have been roped in to playing in a HULHE game, against someone who actually know what they're doing. My NL HU game is reasonable, and I'm happy with my reads, but I'm looking for some strat to improve my HULHE game. Is there a thread (yes I have searched, and nothing came up) or another resource where I could get an idea of HULHE ABC poker?

I'd appreciate your help, and look forward to the flaming...
Fold KK pf since they're ace magnets. Raise cap 72o pf since it'll hit runner runner two pair against AA with 65% frequency.

Also don't berate the fish or bring up PTR.

What else......

Last edited by Black Hat; 10-29-2010 at 04:17 PM. Reason: Play pros if possible since they fold more often and are easier to hand read
10-30-2010 , 01:13 PM
I've played a few solidly winning NLHU players, and their main mistakes seem to be playing their NL game, i.e. playing too few hands, folding river light after bloating the pot, being overly aggressive and not knowing when to stop with semibluffs, thinking c-c is impossible, etc.
11-07-2010 , 06:05 PM
Watch vids by deathdonkey ,and danzasmack if ya can it's helped my HU game....imo
01-07-2011 , 11:19 AM
Almost all of T-pains songs have pretty solid FLHU-advice in the lyrics.

"So listen up
Let her go, lalala
Baby girl wanna play, let her go
Said let her go, lalala"
and also

"Hey baby girl what you doing tonight?
I wanna see what you got in store (hey, hey baby)
You're giving it your all when you're dancing on me
I want to see if you can give me some more (hey, hey baby)
You can be my girl, I can be your man
And we can pump this jam however you want (hey, hey baby)
Pump it from the side, pump it upside down
Or we can pump it from the back and the front (hey, hey baby)"
This above is pretty much what will take you up to about 2/4-3/6.
01-07-2011 , 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by El helado Patata
This above is pretty much what will take you up to about 2/4-3/6.
01-07-2011 , 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by gjwhunt
I obviously spend to little time here to know what "A1" means