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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Wish I had done this sooner because I forgot a lot. Think I slept most of the day. This was Tuesday, my last night. A good female friend that lives there wanted to go to Gordon Ramsay Steak. Used the $100 diamond celebration voucher, second one I had in 6 months, not sure how.

Got the beef wellington for two, a few sides. It was unreal. I am not big on desserts but they had some kind of toffee cake with butter flavored ice cream on the side. That dinner was absolutely........ can't think of an adjective to do it justice. I have been thinking about it since and will be back

Went over to Encore poker and sat with a good crowd. Started drinking and it was fun. Another vixen for a waitress. As I''m catching a buzz I see a hooker from a distance and comment how I havent seen many this trip. Others commented how security has been on em. Low and behold security starts following that one. I was wearing my old glasses all trip and from a distance this hooker didnt look bad. I love people watching and decided to catch up with them running her off. When I caught up she was spilling her glass of wine purposely and I said hey, hey your spilling it. She said I don't care, dey runnin me off anyway. Eventually she threw the glass at a trash can, missed of course and it smashed. She may have looked good from far, but she was far from good. She looked like a white Nikki Minaj and was uglier than homemade soap. I came back and told the table what happened, and that she had so much makeup on she looked like a model for Crayola. One dude didnt believe she busted the glass til I bet him 50 someone is cleaning up glass now. Made about $100 plus maybe $100 in tips for dealers and waitresses. Just couldnt stay off that black jack by the door. Actually worked this time, ran 500 to 2k

Went back to PH, shoulda went to bed but popped an addy instead. Was playing poker when for some reason I thought I would hit and run 500 b jack. 2400 later I took out another 2400 to chase, lost that quick. another 2400 playing 1200 a hand, won 2 in a row, then get dealt a double down vs a dealer showing 5. Woulda broke even and walked if I had won that hand. didn't happen, lost the rest quick. Down 7200 in no time, down for the trip after that, hard to shake it off. I did find this in my wallet somehow, I was so drunk then I may have blown that too.

Went to Aria at some point. An employee pointed out that a guy playing black jack nearby was Bam Morris (who I don't really recall) a running back for the steelers in the 90's. I remember someone saying I thought Van Morrison was white haha. Shortly after he came over and grabbed me, saying my man. It was the guy I had played with the night before when we killed it. He wanted me to play some more with him and I told him I would but got caught up with something, never made it back. He was a great guy.
Stayed up all night and a lot of things happened I cant comment on, crazy night. I was upset about the big loss and thought I would chase with a parlay just to keep me calm with some far fetched hope. Asked friends from home to send some picks, they went a combined 8-1

This ended up losing by one game

Another friend texted picks when I got on plane, but still got it online, it hit.

On my way out, I had bags and thought I would attempt to get right by putting 1400 on a hand, letting it ride, hoping to win two in a row. Stupid, I know but when I'm down like that losing another 1400 aint gonna lessen my mood much but getting close to even sure would help. I did this last year when I was down 18k. Played 1200, won 4 in a row doubling every time. The staff was amazed and I was on cloud 9. No luck this time, lost first hand.

I make my way to the escalator at PH with my bags. I had just bought the the new hard plastic luggage. One of em was huge and it was heavy as crap from all the mugs and other stuff I bought along with all the bottles of lotions and shampoos, other mess I hoarded from Aria, cosmo. I put the heavy bag first and immediately the dam thing falls over and starts sliding down the escalator like a 100 pound torpedo. It was unbelievable how fast that dam thing took off. I would have never believed how fast it could go. Thank God there was noone on the escalator cause no doubt it would have taken their feet right out from under them, and a good chance they would have fractured their skull on an escalator step. The dam thing didnt stop at the bottom either it must have slid 40 more feet. It should have been displayed at a university physics lecture or something. it was unreal. The odds that there was noone on that escalator or in that long path at the bottom, at that hour were miraculous and I would say equivalent to hitting a 7 game parlay. Because of this I didnt feel so bad about the b jack losses. If I had won another hand it would have put me on a different time base where that dam bag kills someone.

Watched the movie Arrival on the plane, wont worth a crap. Of all the trips I have been on this was probably the most uneventful to do a detailed report on due to less drinking and getting old, but it was fun and I'm glad I did it to help me remember. If I ran into you this trip, it was a pleasure, made some good friends. I also wanna say I don't wanna glorify drinking. I do it on vacation to lighten up and have fun but most of the worst things that have ever happened to me have happened while intoxicated.... just had to put that out there

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Matt Crocker
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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Gotta agree with your Aria dealer but otherwise enjoyed the stories
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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Originally Posted by Matt Crocker View Post
Gotta agree with your Aria dealer but otherwise enjoyed the stories
I have heard tons worse at that exact table where people didn't apoligize at all, much less as profusely as I did. She did not once say that's ok, or Crack a smile when the only other person that could hear it was a friend and thought it was hilarious. If someone is that thin skinned, and on top of that can't accept a sincere, several times repeated apology after something as minor as that, customer service may not be for them. 11 years ago at at Bellagio, Charles Oakley was with Jordan cussing screaming, then beat the crap out of a security guard, hospitalizing him. Because he was with Jordan they let it go... but lord forbid I say I'd like my card face down like my dates then apoligize profusely. Are we supposed to be in God's house anyways ? All the hookers, alcohol, gambling, drugs and everything else, lord forbid I say something vulgar in the house that God built - J Harris. Bottom line, she was a bitter person who didn't seem to like her job. At absolute minimum she should have accepted my apology and been friendly to loyal guests and gamblers of the hotel. For all she knew anyways my dates could have been blow up dolls. The football player said she had been a b**** all week

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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Great TR. I have to disagree with everyone else here.

Dealer seems like a scummy snowflake. All of my friends who have lasted as dealers understand that in general the prisoners run the asylum at tables and statements like that need to just be overlooked. If you would have said the "c word" or "n word" then maybe she has the right to be offended. If you had wished her mother to get cancer, sure get offended. But an ambiguous joke about sex at a place that is supposed to be full of people 21 and up? Beam me up!

Two of the worst experiences I've ever had with dealers or floors are when they got offended about wisecracks made by my table mates. Once a floor in a poker room came over and admonished my whole table for something he interpreted as a sexist remark. My wife at the time was walking over at that point was the only female within earshot when he tried to go white knight on us. She took up for the guy who made the remark and made the floor boss blush by telling him if he thought women were equal he wouldn't be interjecting. The other negative experience had to do with someone at a BJ table making an abortion joke. I understand that some people take the stuff seriously, but there is no excuse for a dealer to stop the game and try to get us all kicked out, even in southern Indiana.

As a biracial person, I am disgusted with how fast we are to get offended and shut down over things that my black grandparents would have overcame without missing a beat.

Your only mistake was apologizing and tipping her another dime.
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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Didn't realize this TR was still going on from a few weeks ago...What a pleasant surprise to come back to 30 minutes of new reading material. If I happen to run into you in Vegas the last weekend of March drinks are on me.
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Re: Super Bowl TR please please let Matt Ryan get mvp

Originally Posted by okno View Post
If I happen to run into you in Vegas the last weekend of March drinks are on me.
Based on this report, that could get REALLY expensive....
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