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Which Strip Club?

Just two bros going to vegas this weekend. Planning on watching the sunday night falcons vs pats game at a club surrounded by topless women. What strip club would be recommended for two bros?
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Re: Which Strip Club?

That talks about specials for Monday night football but should give you an idea of what to expect at each place for Sunday as well.

Sapphire probably best bet.
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Re: Which Strip Club?

Chicas Bonitas
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Re: Which Strip Club?

Do you want raunchy dirty bad girls or do you want the A Team and BIG dollar amounts?
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Re: Which Strip Club?

Originally Posted by MSchu18 View Post
Do you want raunchy dirty bad girls
5 hour drive to Tijuana.
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Re: Which Strip Club?

Originally Posted by MSchu18 View Post
Do you want raunchy dirty bad girls?

Yes please.
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Re: Which Strip Club?

There are really only 3 clubs in Vegas that I'd recommend to a tourist who has to pick 1 and needs to have a good time and that would be Spearmint Rhino, Sapphires, and The Palomino (my favorite).

The dirtiest club is probably Cheetah's daytime. If you're cheap and don't mind sloppy girls, you can go with Talk of the Town or Chica Bonitas. Avoid Hustler, Deja Vu, Little Darlings, Can Can Room, and Diamond Cabaret as they are all known rip offs or clip joints.

Some advice though: don't do VIP, don't use the ATM or credit cards, and take a limo/shuttle to the club of your choice so you don't have to pay cover (the limo/shuttle is run by each individual club). Be sure to tip the driver.

Don't expect much from Vegas strip clubs. Vegas (and New York) clubs are known to be some of the worst value clubs in the country. Girls don't have to entertain regulars or provide extras because they have lots tourists coming in to town, dropping a ton of money, and never returning to see them again.

The hot girls of each club start coming in around 10PM and you can expect any girls working that night to be in by 11PM, so plan your visit accordingly and don't blow your wad (money-wise) before you've had a chance to see everything available.


Here's some specific advice if you intend to go to one of the three clubs I recommend.

Rhino: Tons of bouncers on the floor plus rules like no groping and 1 foot on the floor for the girl will keep you from having much fun during the $20 dances. This means that to have the best time with the girl of your choice, you're going to take her to the VIP. In the VIP, you have to pay $50 for 2 drinks for every 30 minutes. The club is topless-only so you'll be spending $150 to get the same experience you can get at Palomino or Sapphires for $60. The one good thing about the Rhino is it has the hottest girls in Vegas. Since guys are spending so much more money for the same experience, girls are making more money, and the best looking girls in town flock towards the money. Drink prices on the floor are affordable though, I think a soft drink was $4.50 the last time I was there, and alcohol prices are similarly cheap (for a strip club). They serve food but they oversalt it for some reason.

Sapphire: Really expensive drinks. Even if you get a two soft-drinks for your two drink minimum, you're spending $22 right away after tip. Probably not a big deal to a tourist, but it's not something I'm a fan of as a local. You'll definitely want to stay out of the VIP at Sapphires. Not only do you have to buy expensive drinks like the Rhino, but ironically it's less private than the $20 floor dances. If you do decide to go here, take your dancer to a dark corner and spend whatever money you want on her on $20 dances. One of the great things about the Sapphire to me is that even on Fridays and Saturdays they always had a seat for me and this is generally my goto club when I really need to go clubbing on a Friday or Saturday night.

Palomino: My favorite club in Vegas. The most attractive 18-20 year olds work here for the same reason the hottest girls in Vegas work at the Rhino. If you do decide to take a taxi/Uber, have them take you to Jerry's Nugget and then cross the street. If a taxi takes you directly to the club, they get paid a fee (called a spiff) and the club passes that fee onto you (you're probably looking at paying $100 before you've even sat down). Once you're in the club, you're able to get a $20 topless dance downstairs with your basic mileage (touching just about everything is fully legal in Nevada). Upstairs is where the VIP and champagne rooms are. You might get some more mileage from girls in the VIP but you'll have to be discreet as everything is on camera. Ignore the "Reserved" signs on all the tables and sit wherever you can find a spot.


When you're done visiting, be sure to post a review on TUSCL for the benefit of other strip club mongers.

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Re: Which Strip Club?

Rhino blows.

Boski talks with Stephan Bonner about his new strip joint in one of his recent vlogs. Boski seems to be quite the perv, so it must be a good place. Never been there myself.
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