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Slim's S.Bowl TR

I wasn't gonna do a TR for this one but I had a great time, friends at home wanna hear about it, and these TRs help me remember the good times.... so here we go. I can tell you that this TR will not be as entertaining as the others even though I may have had as good a time as any. I ran into quite a few people this trip that recognize me from here. It's always a pleasure meeting anyone that enjoy these but I realize I am gonna have to be more careful and vague about some things so I'm gonna have to leave out a lot of details. Not that there has been a problem at all, but...

I wish I had updated this daily because I can't remember it well after I stay for 2 weeks but pics help. I arrived early Wed. morning Jan. 31, met a friend that got off work at 10am me and him got completely hammered.I rarely drink at home, had purposely not drank for over a month for the oncoming punishing of my liver. A couple of drinks and I was smashed. The goal was to calm down the black jack this trip but yet I place 800 on my first hand after I got to drinkin.

Once again, disclaimer: drinking is bad, most of the worst nights of my life can be attributed to alcohol

Of course its a double down hand, (for me anyways) I always get my doubles face down, so when the dealer hits for 19 vs my soft 18 I figured I was done. She flipped over the 3 and I was pumped

My friends from home arrived that evening, a married couple I'm really tight with who usually come with me for the super bowl every year. We stayed at PH 3 days, Aria for 3, then I went back to PH for the remainder. My friend doesn't gamble so I made her play a $100 hand that I sponsored selfishly for my own entertainment to watch her get nervous. Took two tries doubling stake but It won whoop whoop

Judging from my phone I must have gotten extremely lucky for a while at poker. I don't remember how this happened.

Skip to Feb. 2nd I guess cause I was wearing this Ned Ryerson t shirt (Groundhog Day)

Not sure how this happened, but I do know it didn't take long before it was gone like last week's groceries

Quick scroll through pics and I found out where it went. I'm almost sure the dealer had 20 this hand. Many would think I have a gambling problem. I jokingly call it a gambling "hobby" However when I get to drinkin, my "hobby" can be a problem. I wish b jack had a breathalizer

My friends rented a car, had a productive day. Went to Red Rock and other cool places.... I just wasted the day away I'm sure.

For some reason I took the car to valet for em. I didn't get or lost the ticket. That ended up being a mess "Dude wheres my car" was referenced a few times.

A long time friend got out to play poker with me. I wish I had done more of that and less B Jack spoiler....I lost big this trip

Don Cheadle was at the bar

Not really him but a lot of people think it is. I think he is a lot uglier than Don haha

Some people make fun of me the way I foolishly spend money, then unless I'm at dinner or something I absolutely hate paying for alcohol. I will play a big hand of black jack to get a $20 drink comp, sometimes losing big, then tip $25 for the drink. (not trying to sound righteous, kinda admitting I'm stupid) It baffles the regular bartender often. I just hate doing it.

We went to high limit at Aria and a friend starts drinking away. They charge big to keep people from hanging there too long without gambling

I think it was some time Saturday before the super bowl Julio Jones was in the main pit area of the Aria. My NFL loyalties change according to personnel and mainly who I bet my futures bets on that year. Been a Falcons fan since Peyton retired. My friend instantly walks up pretty loudly says "hey Julio, he's a big fan, can he get a pic" he said not in the casino, but stuck out his hand to shake and said hey. As I shook his hand I just thought man if that hand coulda pulled that ball down against Philly I could have a TON on the S Bowl via futures bets. I told him next year I'm gonna be in Atlanta watching this, lets do it. He said you gonna be watching me then. I said dam right. Woulda loved for him to autograph a futures betting slip but I knew he couldn't.

It's S Bowl Sunday now. I had been betting on the NFC all year online to whore bonuses. So I already had a bunch on the Eagles, didn't bet much out there.

A whale at The Wynn hooked us up again to the big party. (I have a TR from last year somewhere) Has to be the best party in town or anywhere else.

Was surprised to see Steve Wynn there with all the stuff going on. Not sure what happened, but I hate it did. Say what you want but the man can build a nice hotel. Ezekial Elliot was there. He didn't seem very interested in the game at all.

The party was great, we had some other friends there not in pics. The game was obviously a classic and our team came out on top. The food was phenomenal, open bar, a lot of give aways, all free. (good to know whales sometimes) This was so much better than last year after the 28-3 debacle where I would have won very big on the Falcons. That was gut wrenching.

Being in there with the 1% or maybe even the 1/2% (of the gambling world anyways) is a trip. It feels like being Leo Dicaprio in Titanic in 1st class. The people watching is interesting in there too. Old men with hot 20 year olds and such. A guy we met in there last year had 100k bet on the Pats. My buddy mistakenly thought he had the Eagles. He gave him five, yelled congratulations man. He's foreign but was able to communicate that he lost 100k.

It was a great time and a memory I will always cherish

They had a fancy photo thing in there too

The caffeine is wearing off right now, but gonna try and finish this soon

BTW, I blacked out a lot. if anyone saw me, has a story, please share it (unless It's better for me for it to remained blacked out...which is probably the case) so screw it, go ahead and let me know

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Re: Slim's S.Bowl TR

Love it! Sick bets on BJ :P
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Re: Slim's S.Bowl TR

V good as usual !
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