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Low Level Debauchery in Vegas Low Level Debauchery in Vegas

04-07-2018 , 03:29 AM
Well March was a bit pretty stressed out over mid-term exams and research deadlines. Even with that I tried to up my poker hours and made what would be Ďokí some months but was the lowest grossing $ March Iíve had I think since moving to Las Vegas many moons ago. I played more nl than usual and 5 long 2-5 sessions but game quality seemed significantly worse than previous years at comparable times, especially over March madness etc.

Find myself a bit burnt out as I limped into Ďspring breakí but finally got some time to relax/get back in gym. Slipping out of shape sucks much more energy out of my days than I realize.

Random question but has anyone eaten at Mortonís steakhouse or a place called Banditos?both are on Flamingo and I keep passing them considering checking out if worth it. Iíll be sure to review on here should I try.

Find myself itching for summer, Iíll still be in lab(s) and hospital job but will have far more time for pokerz and everything else and probably will do some shot taking. [emoji857]

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04-07-2018 , 11:57 AM
Have been to both several times. Both are just 'fine' in that you have better value propositions elsewhere.

Mortons has a very reasonable happy hour. Don't recall if banditos does. Both are places that, for my buck, I'd basically only go to for happy hour. Although, with Hughes Center right there, guessing Banditos has a decent lunch menu also that may be worth checking out.

Hope all is well!
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04-09-2018 , 03:08 AM
Thx may check out Banditos then. I realized Iíve sounded bitchy in last few posts when I really donít have much to complain about just stretched thin; I think if I get back in shape the energy levels will increase and help a lot with that [emoji6]. Weíve got a 30-60 o8 interest list at Orleans. Wonít go but itís interesting as the 15-30 used to be much more rare and me and a few others have propped it up into a somewhat regular occurrence. [emoji857][emoji1303]

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04-09-2018 , 10:15 PM
Thread needs to get back on track. More poker+ profits, get in shapes, hot GF pics etc.

Thanks and good luck!
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05-13-2018 , 04:16 AM
Finally done with semester. Clearing ton of schedule up to where outside some research pub projects Iím goin all out other volume this summer. Iím pretty pumped up bc havenít had this much flexibility in your sone time. Iíll be playing a lot of 1-3/2-5 possibly 5-10 nl, the o8 limit games Iíve been eking an existence on, and a small amount of plo. As for tournaments Iíll fire some off as I go, no big plans but lot of small things and sattys.

Like I said Iím getting pretty pumped about summer, feels like Im on vacation for the series so Iíll try to update itt on general progress/results or lack thereof. Also will be active on Snapchat and Twitter @Wheydacheese if anyone interested. Good luck us (me and anyone else who makes it out to play the series and whatnot) [emoji1303][emoji6][emoji8]

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05-13-2018 , 09:16 AM
How is this thread four stars? Like how many people spent time voting it one far and why?
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05-16-2018 , 09:36 PM
In the green so far for summer, played one 6 hour session 1-2nlh at Southpoint, 3 hours 15-30 lmo8 half kill at Orleans, and 2.5 hrs Venetian 1-2 nlh since Sunday. Up a modest +$255. Unfortunately the games are very slow/weak right now...pretty indicative of this time as things lag for a few weeks heading into series.

***Gonna spew up one of my favorite tournament hands Iíve played here for a little fun: I could dig it up from history but I remember all the relevant dynamics/dialogue so should be very close to original hand but minus some details like blinds and exact suits.

...WSOP $1500 event, I want to say we were coming up on the 3rd break. I had slightly above average chips, antes are in play.

The seat to my right is K.O. and Antonio Esfandiari rolls up as a late reg. The expected fan fare ensues as some players at the table exchange pleasantries. He proceeds to bully the table for a few hands chipping up.

Not long after heís sat in and the last hand going into break it folds around and he opens 3x into me from SB into my BB. I look down at 5-2(ish) os but decide to take off flop since this should be quite easy to play in position post flop. Donít get me wrong I have 0 doubt he is a far more adept tournament player than myself, however the power of position is often underrated in practice; it really can marginalize a skill disparity significantly.

Flop 5-7-3 rainbow or close to. Antonio leads/cbet and I flat...pretty standard action both spots.

Turn J...Antonio checks I bet 1/2 pot or so...I think itís fine to just check behind and flat a fair number of rivers with the way he has been playing but I decide to bet 1/2 pot bc fairly confident I have the best hand and he might pay with a picked up FD, some gutter and over combos retrospect I donít like the bet Iíd rather just flat and let him decide if he wants to fire on river again . But now he check raises me so I tank...

On the surface this looks polarizing but the play makes very little sense from him, just flatting pre and on the flop the most likely play from me ott is just a check behind. For this reason if he has a hand with enough value to check raise he should virtually always be leading the turn as well...the check raise nutted type hands in these spots are more the domain of OMCs who think they are tricky.

For those reasons and bc I really donít want to lay down here I decide a raise > flat for 2 reasons. 1) just flatting puts me in an awkward spot on a lot of rivers with my weak hand (think A/K/a 3rd club things that can hit his bluff/semi bluff range) and 2) if he flats the my 3bet here and checks brickish rivers or river brings the flush and he checks, I can legitimately represent a very strong hand and bet him off most value hands.

Unfortunately he just 4bet jams. I have a little unique info that could be useful here...the $1500 and thus the prospect of busting out mean nothing to him. He late regd and immediately started pushing action. He would most likely like to just run up a big stack quickly or fail in a small event like this.

For these reasons added to my origin inclination on the turn I call it off, moderately concerned Iíll look like a dumbass and make a quick head down exit from the mtt.

Antonio:Ēset of 7s?Ē
Me: ďlaughs;naw, I have a pair of 5s sirĒ
Antonio: ď3 5s?Ē
Me: ďno I have one pair of 5sĒ
Antonio: rolls over KQ and bricks river ďfk me, (looks at dealer) this is supposed to be a $1500 right?Ē Laughs

So I bust him and by this point we are into the break, he gets up and gets a funny unintentional needle when a fan runs up and asks for a photo not knowing he just busted out. Hands me his phone to take the pic of them 🤣🤣🤣

Anyways, I donít even end up cashing the tournament but def one of my favorite cheesey poker memories.

Hereís an unrelated pic of close to the most chips Iíve had in an event

Pretty much only playing $150-600 events around town this summer to keep things casual. If I go outside of that itís going to be something like the mega deep/longer level stuff that I perform well in and/or satty shots at main event.

There is a good chance Iíll fire off at larger 40-80+ Omaha8 cash games if they run since itís a game Iím extremely comfortable in and see how that plays out.

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05-16-2018 , 09:46 PM
^Nice story.
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05-17-2018 , 08:49 AM
Yes very cool story; pretty sick hand; nice read!
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05-17-2018 , 01:37 PM
Love it! I mean, I'm sure that call had him scratching his head for a little while.
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05-18-2018 , 05:30 PM
Pretty sure 75/150 O8 is pretty common at Rio.
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05-22-2018 , 08:36 PM
Few more Venetian sessions over weekend but bleh results. Only profited at Orleans 15-30 o8 par normal.

Hand from Venetian 1-2nlh ...not a bad beat whine I promise just posting bc it was interesting.

I have $475 or so behind, aggro reg who can get tilty is on my direct right with $600 or so behind. He has straddled utg 100% and when not raised raised his straddle 75% ish also. He has also been looked up on several 3 street air lines.

He straddles utg and I flat with KhJh, Iím calling pretty wide vs him to pick off bluffs in position; I can disregard my own utg +1 to some extent bc rest of table has been very weak passive.

2 more flats, back to straddle reg he goes $12, we all call. Flop Th6c9h giving me 2nd nfd, 2 overs, and gutter str draw. Reg leads $25, I flat one loose passive girl in lp calls with 300 or so behind.

Turn As, reg leads $50 we both call. Heís still super wide here like atc but certainly all Ax also.

River bink 7h, he leads $150...I tank a min to a played he has some 8x, some air, no bluffs or lone Ax at this point, and all hh combos. Heís aggro and tilty but not a moron he can likely deduce how likely it is one of the 2 callers just flushed. Heads up Iím sometimes going to raise here but with girl left behind us who I have seen make big calls light (poorly) I think flat better EV. I flat and sure enough the chick flats $150 too.

Pretty confident I win nice $700 pot here since the girl didnít jam but reg rolls over the A4hh cringe. I really think he should have jammed river with his image knowing we are likely to have hit flushes and straights. Woulda got another $250 out of me even with worse flushes possibly.

Fortunately rungood in the 15-30 o8 continues. There truly is a larger disparity in average players vs. ideal fundamentals in this game.

Will check hour breakdown later but up a little over $450 for week 1 of my summer. Green is green but not feeling inspired for shots yet especially consider the increased volume. I will say one of the plo games that was still running late at V looked great and super juicey; Unfortunately I was feeling pretty anti-gamble after a long losing nlh session and also the game was playing quite large.
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05-22-2018 , 11:41 PM
Whey- Any reason you prefer O8? Is it the hourly or just your fav game? It is my favorite game but in the Midwest, it is a much harder game to beat compared to my hourly at 1/2 and 2/5. Would you feel comfortable revealing your hourly in the games you play? I love the thread and will check out the vlogs now. Thx.
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05-23-2018 , 12:22 AM
Thx, the vlogs were a little experiment I enjoyed but most def didnít have the time to keep doing. Iím one of the rare few people under 65 that enjoys o8, though if I were playing recreationally I would usually prefer plo and nlh (actually I love plo8 but it doesnít really run outside some over summer). The issues are more that a combination of 8-16 and 15-30 o8 =/> my 1-2/1-3 hourly but with lower variance and more ease. O8 there is an optimal choice for almost every single decision whereas nlh slightly more up to interpretation. While I like that about nlh, the monotony of o8 letís me autopilot hours when needed even while studying for exams, reading textbooks, and writing essays 🤣.

I believe I could do better hourly at 2-5+ nlh and plo played at higher volume but I do not have the vast amount of data to back that up that I do in 1-2/1-3 nlh and o8 and it would be a stretch on my bankroll to dive fully into those games. This is especially true outside the summer when school often takes precedence over staying on my game and working on game off tables.

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05-23-2018 , 12:27 AM
In a hypothetical world if I came into an additional $30-50k or so unexpectedly I would likely play 2-5 and rarely higher PLO almost exclusively bc I believe these are by far the most lucrative games right now. Having said that it would also take a larger time investment on my fundamentals/keeping sharp than I am really able to make at this time.

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05-23-2018 , 06:00 PM
You know if you are only achieving LOW LEVEL debauchery we would be ok with you lying and getting creative with it for the purpose of our entertainment.

Imaginary murder is ok !!
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05-25-2018 , 09:23 AM
You will find me in a bunch of the GN mixed game mtts over the next few weeks bc Iím old and thatís where we go in the summers to die 🤣. Will update on here +mtt feeds on Twitter probably in a few days.

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05-26-2018 , 10:39 PM
Played around online last night after drinking a bottle of wine 🤣...tried to play as much short handed plo8 as I could but games wouldnít stay up, Iím contemplating dumping some $ in there for the upcoming satellites and events this summer.

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05-27-2018 , 08:25 PM

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05-29-2018 , 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by watbri2014

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Buenos Noches [emoji854]

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05-29-2018 , 10:57 AM
Lol these punters just wanna spew 🤷🏻*♂️ (jk this was pretty legit beat even for the plo8)

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05-29-2018 , 07:39 PM
Was gonna play the $250 o8 mtt over at GN today but I got a bit too happy at a few happy hours during the hockey game yesterday afternoon. Having a look through some of the schedules and regardless of other factors, the variety and range of events/buyins in still on the rise which is great in my opinion [emoji1305]

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05-29-2018 , 07:52 PM
Staying at the Nugget for the first 2 weeks of my trip, and have been going there to die for the last 6 summers

Unlikely I'll be playing any tourneys there, but will be mixed ones if I do, just because they're more fun, and some friends will be playing them. Good for them, as I'm dead money, and they're not.

Best of luck for the series!
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06-02-2018 , 09:03 PM
Finally had a really good week +Fri, Iíll get caught up on results after weekend Iím kinda tapped out played for 14 hrs of cash games yesterday. [emoji39]

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06-05-2018 , 10:29 PM
Fun ride this last week with the series having blown into town. I was marginally profitable over a series of sessions at both Venetian and Southpoint during the week. On Friday I made my first appearance down at the Rio going straight into a 20-40 o8 game where I ran ridiculously good for almost all of a very long (over 10 hours total) netting over +$1800. Before I left I jumped in the 1-2 BigO game and I felt like I played really well and picked up +$140 more. The BigO session had the potential to be a big win also and the game was really great but I got quartered on a particularly nasty (1 out) river for one of the largest pots I have played this year.
In total I payed over 14 hours on Friday.

Sat and Sun I felt super wrecked so stayed closer to home and played several broken up sessions in a more crowded that usual GVR poker room amassing an additional +$530.

I did not play Monday and so far havenít today but if the rest of this week is feeling good I may take a shot at some 5-10 this coming weekend or just return to the BigO at Rio for more sessions.

So far not regretting my decision to not fire all the short structure mtts or sell any action this summer. Might find myself inextricably pulled into a few better structure events over the next few weeks but at the moment Iím feeling super low stress and flexible focusing cash $ (somewhat results oriented no doubt, being on the heals of a solid week)

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