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Today , 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by rodgethatnew
Read my comment again troll, I said it is easy not that a lot of people are doing it.

Most people that could do it moved up….
Doesn’t make it hard because the guys who couldn’t do it stayed there breaking even or grinding min wage.

Most of these players don’t work on their game what so ever and are clicking buttons, if they put a tiny amount of work and took it seriously it would be easy to achieve

Definitely doable. I had 500 hours tracked last year (and 2 weeks this year) in Vegas at 1/3 and my $/hour is at $29.03. Yes sample size is small and it would probably even out over a couple thousand hours if I would play full time but I still think that $20 an hour is easily achievable in the long run with decent play and table/time selection.
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