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Las Vegas Lifestyle Discussion of all things Las Vegas. Ask questions about hotels/shows/etc., coordinate meetups with other 2+2ers and post Las Vegas trip reports.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Las Vegas Poker Player Vlogs

Can we use cancel culture to cancel Johnnie Vibes?

By the way, Olga said she quit her day job to run her own influencer marketing company, Vibes Creative. Well that company doesn't appear to exist. Even the website just redirects to
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Re: Las Vegas Poker Player Vlogs

Originally Posted by Franchise5 View Post

In a 600 hour year, maybe you see 20K hands. Even someone grinding full time and putting in close to 2,000 hours, maybe they see 65k-70k hands. You need to play a couple years before you even hit what would be considered a relative sample size playing online. .

2000 hours is a lot live. It's always puzzling to me when a player post their rates with 5000 hours and someone come along with the default "not enough sample hours" or "sample size too small" to determine. If I were forced to back a player with 5000 hours, I rather choose one from a group of winning players vs a group of losing players.

I also hear the "you need 1 million hands" to know your true rate. Your rates changes over time. A rate at 10k is different from a rate of 100k which is different from one with 1million hands which might be different from one with 10 million hands. Rates are fluid. It's never set in stone at certain number of hands because a player's skill level changes over time. The opponents skills change over time. The game changes over time. The overall economy affect the poker economy over time.

If a player has only 2000 hours but he is an analytical, smart, and hardworking, I can tell that he's a winning player. I don't need 5 million hands to determine that.
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