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Las Vegas Lifestyle Discussion of all things Las Vegas. Ask questions about hotels/shows/etc., coordinate meetups with other 2+2ers and post Las Vegas trip reports.

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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

Originally Posted by punkass View Post
Nice TR!

Geez, $800 tix
Yeah but no service fees.
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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

in for the big finish.

Regarding the view from your seats, just how much better is it vs the picture you posted? Cuz tbh the view looks terrible, just too far away.

Every now and then I wonder about seeing UFC live, until I remember that a camera view from ringside, plus occasionally useful commentary explaining what I'm seeing, is much better for viewing.
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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

Leaving the fight, most of the crowd is going nuts for their boy Canelo and I can't blame them, biggest fight of his career (especially w/ the doping allegations) and he got a W. The talk for us quickly turns to everything that is going on in Vegas this weekend, which includes a mention that Korn is playing the Palms. Now if you are like me you were raised on the Family Values tour (Staind, Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Eminem. A true year 2000 line-up) and catching Korn at the Palms sounds like a great impulse decision, so a plan is quickly devised. Cheap tickets on Stubhub, a stop at the Cosmo to change into more Korn appropriate clothes, and an uber ride to the Palms. Solid plan with one glaring problem, you can probably spot it in the screen cap below.

... yeah that is deciding on a whim to buy tickets at 9:23 (email is on Central Time) while walking to the MGM Grand to a show at 8 PM at the Palms, all while battling Vegas fight night traffic. We also missed the quite obvious fact that we would need printer access to get the tickets printed. We showed up around 11, maybe even later, for a show that was already over. I will add that my phone battery went busto for the night during this uber ride so there are no pics for the rest of Saturday night here. It appears my iPhone SE is not long for this world, and I will have to join the giant phone club with everyone else here soon.

Making the best of a bad situation, and to satisfy some hunger cravings, we detour to Scotch 80, which appears to be a pretty new joint in the Palms (The Palms is getting a serious makeover I guess. Couldn't tell you everything that's going on, but there is a decent amount of construction).

The eats were the Ribeye Ravioli and an 8 oz filet with a side of Mushrooms. The drinks were a Mac 18 and a couple beers (can't remember the names). We thought the food was great and liked the vibe of the place. Busy but not too busy. Buzz in the air, but not loud. Worth checking out if your over that way. Chuck Liddell was there too with what appeared to be his fam enjoying some dinner. Also witnessed the lady of the night at the bar get picked up and whisked away.

There was a stop up on the roof for another drink, (Apex I think it is called now, the booze was flowing pretty well at this point) and then back to the Cosmo. Again pretty cool vibe, and the view up there is awesome. I'm not a terribly clubby guy these days, and I would come back. The plan back at the Cosmo was the pits, but unfortunately this is where the night detours, as a quick pit stop in the room didn't go as planned for yours truly. Quick room pit stops in Vegas after 1:30-2 AM are always coin flips once you get to be well into your 30s. The booze and the lack up sleep finally catches up, never make it back out the hotel room door till the morning.

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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

As for the fight question, the actual view from the seats was/is way better than the photo, but yeah much like a football game your going to the fight for the experience, not for a better view. I've been to a couple fights out here, both boxing and MMA. I'll include some other thoughts on this in the wrap up post as well.

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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

Ö..and were up for NFL Sunday. Shower up and head down to the book. This is the sweat.

1. Betting against the Sam Darnold overreaction (EZ Money)
2. Betting against Matt Stafford vs a good team (weíre still on the assumption that the 49ers are a good team this year)
3. Homer bet (Not like Iíve ever lost money/pride/my soul believing in the god damn VikingsÖ.)

And we settle in for the first round of games at the Cosmo book. Iím a big fan of the new Cosmo book. Itís got a great party vibe going with the pool tables and shufflepuck, etc. tons of screens, you never seem to wait in line too long to place a bet.

Of course the MN vs GB game is completely nutso, and I get to name another game after a kicker. This one (though not as memorable right away) will be forever known as the Daniel Carlson game, mostly because I received this update on my phone the next day while heading out of town.

Tough, but fair. Thereís 32 kicking jobs in the world, sorry your audition lasted 2 weeks. Iíll file this game right behind both the Gary Anderson game and the Blair Walsh game, but in front of the Jeff Locke game. Itís baffling to me that some teams just seem to ace the kicker spots forever, and the Vikings never ever can. I havenít felt confident about a Vikings kick since I was a teenager.

Anyway, after that push and a couple drinks it was food time, so we are off up the elevators for a quick lunch at Momofuku. Ramen with mushrooms and a shrimp bun.

Iím a big Momofuku fan. Pretty sure Iíve stopped here every time Iíve been here since it opened 2+ years ago.

A quick detour to the dice table on our way back down to the book (+200 and 2 free beers) we settle in to watch the Lions backdoor cover the spread. We pocket the Fins winnings and put the MN ticket on the Sad-Boys and the over (the Giants are going to be terrible again this year).

No photos of that ticket. The game wasnít great and the bet didnít win, but it was still another good Sunday in the book, and now we are off to dinner.


Start with a Japanese IPA.

Food, chefís choice Sashimi plate

And end with a Burning History

Sashimi was good. Iíve had better in California, but this was better than the sashimi at the old Cosmo sushi spot (whatever was at Blue Ribbon before Blue Ribbon), but not as good as Mizumi. Being a Midwesterner itís better than anything I can find at home. Kabuto is on my list one of these tripsÖ

The burning history tasted a little too much like a campfire for my liking, but any drink that involves a serious amount of blowtorch (she had that thing going for like a whole minute on the wood) is a good order in my book.

Last order of business. The Aria poker room for some cards and a couple of those vodka watermelons Iíve heard so much about. Not sure when the Greyhound went out of style, but itís 2018 and according to LVL the vodka watermelon is the new hotness.

... oh hey cool, they made a slot machine of my favorite movie as a kid. This was a 100$ punt.

Ö.. and Iíll be honest, Aria was a 300$ punt too. At least in the shape I was in when I was playing. Though to be fair 120 of that punt was on a back massage, and we were doing much better until we ran into a flopped set over set (55 over 1010 on a 510J rainbow). Itís now technically been Monday AM for awhile, I am sole survivor as everyone else did the responsible thing and flew/drove home over the course of Sunday, and Iím craving some food

A stop at secret pizza on the way home, And a scotch to go with it and we call it a night.

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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

No chance for refunds on the tickets?

Ouch, red label. Must be drunk
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Re: Fight Weekend TR 9/14-9/17

Alright. Time to finish this thing up. Sorry for the delay. Busy weekend.

Anyway, we wake up on leaving day, otherwise known as the worst day of your Vegas trip. Always the saddest ride down the elevator with your suitcase

Drop off the bags and itís off to Milos for brunch

Dare I say hidden gem. Itís starts at 29.00. (Though I get the octopus upgrade for 10$)

Course 1 octopus

With a Mythos (no photo)

Some fish for course 2

And baklava for desert

Quick craps stop (+100 and change) on our way out and were waiting to pick up bags again. FYI cosmo has this whole naked ladies trapped in the walls motif going on these days

And weíre making the sad walk to the gate on the D terminal again

You donít need to tell me twice McCarran. But thanks for the reminder.

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