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Staking Offering/seeking stakes, selling MTT tournaments shares.

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hold on brb
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***Neither, its moderators, nor the moderators of this forum take responsibility for transactions in these forums. does not endorse any poster and all purchases are made at your own risk.***

Welcome to the new 2+2 Marketplace. The Marketplace Group includes the main forum and several subforums. The rules and policies outlined here are universal to all of them, and please note there is a brief rules sticky for each subforum where special rules are needed.

Do you see a thread that needs attention? You've sold out, bought all you need, got a stake, or for some other reason need to have your thread marked **CLOSED** or **SOLD**? Made a mistake or changed your mind about something and need your title and/or post changed? See someone trolling? Scam in progress? Something else that needs our attention? Reporting the relevant post is much more effective than PMing a couple mods, because all mods of these forums are notified. When in doubt, !

We reserve the right to deny or revoke Marketplace privileges to any poster associated with questionable behavior or activity, past or present, on-site or off.


Permission to Start Threads

In order to start a new thread anywhere in the Marketplace Group you must:

Step 1) Have an active 2+2 account in good standing, which has been registered on twoplustwo for no less than six full months and has activated private messaging.
[Note: You need to have all three - NO EXCEPTIONS. PERIOD.]

The marketplace is here as a free service for regular 2+2 posters - if you have 10 posts in the last two years, or 3 in the last 6 months, or all of your posts are in transfer threads or are low content posts that appear to be made to boost your post count, you'll probably be denied and asked to reapply in a month or two after you've had more activity. We don't need you to be making 10 posts a day, but some kind of sign that you're not just here for the free marketplace is what we're looking for. Sorry, we can't give you an exact number of posts that you need to have in an exact number of days - this standard is admittedly somewhat subjective.

Step 2) READ THE RULES BELOW, especially the part regarding Prohibited Items.

Step 3) Go to your user CONTROL PANEL and request access to the Marketplace forum. If for some reason the link doesn't take you directly to the correct page, you need to choose "Group Memberships" on the menu on the left in "Your Control Panel".
If you've done this you are expected to have done Step 2.

Approval may take up to a week, or even longer occasionally - this depends on our schedules, the number of other applicants to review, and how hard we have to look at some of the applicants. You can check your profile and see whether or not you have Marketplace approval. If you don't do step 3 we'll never see your request, and if you don't have 6 months you'll be ignored.

Prohibited Items & Topics

Do NOT start threads--or post about--any of these in any Marketplace forum (and this includes WTB threads). If you feel there should be an exception in your case, contact us first. We are especially vigilant regarding ebooks, torrents and pirated media. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  • Rakeback and affiliates; such posts belong here.
  • Money transfers from one site to another; such posts belong here or here.
  • Money transfer services.
  • Coaching and/or training sites; such threads belong here.
  • Posts about trading W$/T$; such posts belong here
  • Illegal/bootleg/pirated materials.. This includes (but is not limited to) illegal copies of books, software, etc and knockoff/replica items that infringe on trademarks. Discussion of torrent sites, memberships, etc., are not allowed either.
  • Drug Paraphernalia. Yes, we know that pipe might be legal in your state, or that Volcano can be used for other things; it doesn't matter, sorry.
  • Software licenses, e-book activation codes, video game activation keys, video game service accounts like Xbox Live, Steam, etc. We're not going to list every possible thing, but if there's an activation code involved, then it's probably not permitted.
  • Hold'em Manager, PokerTracker, Sharkscope, and any other poker software you can think of. Please contact them directly - if you want to purchase them by some other means than credit card they can probably accomodate you or advise you of promotions.
  • Training Site Subscriptions. Cardrunners, Deuces Cracked, etc. - same deal as above. Don't offer to sell or buy them, don't respond with offers, and definitely don't try the old "I have a CR account, can I sell it for $20 to screen name XYZ at FTP?" post.
  • Poker hand databases and/or datamining services.
  • Homework, essays, etc. We're not here to help you cheat.
  • Online stores. This forum is not intended for ongoing business ventures or services. This may also apply to posters repeatedly selling the same items to the point that their thread never ends; case-by-case. We do have a Commercial Marketplace forum for such things now (there are fees involved).
  • Selling things for others. Sorry, we're sure your buddy that's only been here for 3 weeks is very trustworthy, and it's great that you're willing to pay up if he rips anyone off, but you still can't start a thread for him.
Forum Conduct

In general, we hope for a friendly & fair environment for members of 2+2 to do business. In that spirit, please avoid the following:

  • Trolling: Abusive posts will not be tolerated, these are completely the wrong forums for that.
  • Hijacking: You may not use someone else’s selling thread to try and sell your own goods. If Poster A is selling an Xbox in his thread, don't jump in his thread trying to sell yours (or anything else). It's annoying and inconsiderate. This also applies to WTB threads in that section. You can't outbid their WTB price just because you want one too.
  • Price Moderating: Don’t derail others’ threads with complaints about their selling price. Unless you see something grossly misrepresented, or a used item being sold for well in excess of what it can easily be purchased for new from a major retailer, leave it be.
  • Gimmick/multiple accounts: You may not post under multiple twoplustwo accounts anywhere in the Marketplace Group. Understand that we will not distinguish between members of the same household, just as we don’t with regard to people “sharing” poker accounts. Keep this in mind before you let your buddy use your account to sell shares because he's not approved.
  • Shilling: It's best to avoid this here, or anything that looks like it. It looks really bad when a poster is giving transaction feedback to someone else at the same IP. Steer clear of your roommate's stake thread.
  • Account security: Along the same lines as the above, you are reponsible for securing your twoplustwo account. The "my roommate did it, why are you banning me" bit is tired.
  • The problem of multiple poker site screen names: If you are found to have multiple user names at sites allowing only one, such as FTP and Stars, this will likely lead to a loss of Marketplace access (especially for less established members). While we understand that there are many honest folks with understandable reasons for starting up a new name at some point in the past (privacy, rakeback, etc.) there are also many who go through screen names for less innocent reasons. It's very hard for us to tell one from the other, so if you haven't managed to keep your s/n's private you apply at your own risk. DO NOT APPLY IF THIS IS AN ISSUE FOR YOU.
  • Excessive thread bumping: You may bump your thread “a few” times, but only if it’s fallen off of the first page, and not more than once per day. Responding to inquiries within the thread is fine, but please do so judiciously in fairness to others who would like their threads seen as well.

Safe Trading Tips

1) The absolute most effective deterrent in protecting yourself is to check out your trading partner before the transaction. We especially recommend that you Google any identifying screen names or IMs given to you and see if anything pops up. (Hint: Also try their name and the word “scam” in the search terms.).

2) All transaction feedback for the entire Marketplace Group are now centralized in one location in the main forum. Please report good transactions in the Positive Feedback thread, and poor transactions in the Negative Feedback thread.

3) Use common sense. Being a careless dumbass here will cost you money.


Q: Why can't I sell Cardrunners subscriptions or other poker software?
A: These used to be allowed, but there were a lot of problems with people sharing accounts. Also, in many cases, we were asked not to allow it.

Q: Why can't I be approved to start threads for 6 months? I'm honest, I know so-and-so, and I'm a good player. I also started reading a long time ago but only registered recently. I won't scam anybody.
A: The Marketplace forum is intended for contributing members, not any person who wants to sell something. A 6 month wait helps give the other members and moderators a small chance to get to know you. And yes, it also acts as a speed bump for spammers, scammers, and people who struggle with rules. Remember that while you can't start threads, you can still post here.

Q: Can I link to my eBay auction? Or some other site where I have my item(s) listed for sale?
A: No. This is not an auction site, and promoting links to your eBay auction is pretty spammy. Other sites have different policies and are different than what we aim to be here. What happens on eBay can stay on eBay - when you're ready to sell it here, feel free.

Q: May I ask why we're not allow to sell _________ ?
A: Yes, but may not get an answer. We didn't put things on the prohibited list arbitrarily; they're all there for a reason. It may be related piracy concerns, legality, or tastefulness/decorum. Maybe it's something that could better be done offsite. Or, it could be that we've had such a pain with certain things enough times that it's no longer permitted.

Last edited by Bobo Fett; 08-26-2013 at 02:29 PM. Reason: Clarified requirements.
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Bobo Fett
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Have questions? Not just for mods, but also for general feedback?

Marketplace Questions, Random Stuff - NOT FOR BUYING/SELLING
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because i can
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Update: CR subscriptions are no longer allowed to be sold in the marketplace.
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I've gotten a couple of pms from people now recently, so I figured I would make it clear:

Guns are not to be sold, any type. Regardless of whether it is properly licensed, the state allows for transactions, etc.
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