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Trying to become a poker-related author.

Hello! My name is Tony and I'm a 25-year, successful, veteran of poker.

I've written on other forums, and my posts are usually well-reviewed, with lots of reads, (400 to 7,000) and subsequently many of my readers have prompted me to write a book, or a blog, etc etc...

Now, this is something I would LOVE to do, but I'm attempting to do so in a manner which would compensate me for my time. I'm obviously not looking to become RICH from this, but writing my posts & articles takes time, and even if it was only 75$ for each article, I'd gladly oblige.

I'm a very successful sit'n'go/tournament player, and I'm a VERY experienced/accomplished writer (academically, not professionally.) Consequently, I'd be really happy if in someway I was able to write about poker (two things I love, writing and playing poker) and receive some sort of minor compensation for it. So, does anyone, by chance, have any idea's or roads I could travel to attempt to achieve this? If so, I'd GREATLY appreciate it.

This is the link to my twitter-page, as my profile-picture is a screen-shot of my poker-handles on "sharkscope." This is just to provide some amount of "surface-proof" I'm successful, and would be more than willing to provide further proof upon request.
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Re: Trying to become a poker-related author.

Hi Tony,

You can write to and send a few samples of your writing.
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Re: Trying to become a poker-related author.

i believe the only way to monetize poker writing is longform, in books

players dont seem to care as much about quantity, as much as quality. people buy short/thin paperbacks with great information. i think if you do write a book, you have to offer something that the industry hasnt beat to death already

take cory mikesell's recent PLO book, for example. mikesell found a great way to visually present complex monker ranges/strategic options. i believe that book sells for 1500
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