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Coaching Advice This forum is to be used for general coaching questions and discussion. This forum is not intended to be a place where coaches advertise.

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Temporary Sticky *Read Before Starting New Threads*

** Do not start new threads about training sites, training programs or coaching requests. Use the large threads for both! **

Discussion of Copywritten Work is Not Allowed

Until the moderators of the forum have more time to build a comprehensive sticky, this temporary sticky will suffice.

There are three major threads that a majority of posts fall into in this forum:

1) The Official Training Site Discussion Thread

Use this thread for any discussion of training sites. If you have a question about the training site's library, quality, coaches, comparisons between various sites, a suggestion for a training site for you or anything else that has to do with training sites, please post in this thread.

2) Official Coaching Request Thread

If you are looking for a coach, even a coaching suggestion, use this thread please. Coaches will be looking through this thread in search of students, and students and players alike will also be following this thread and may offer advice to you.

3) Official I Want To Start/Be In a Study Group Thread

If you're looking for another player to study with, or looking to start a study group for whatever poker game/stakes you play, this is the thread to post in.

Things That Are OK to Start a New Thread About

- A major coaching site issue, scandal or unresolved problem. For these, please try to contact the training site in advance to attempt to resolve your issues or problems. In the case of a scandal, please PM a moderator (or all forum moderators) before posting, or right after posting so that we can review the situation.

- Issues with a particular coach. Using private messages initially is probably the best way to go as well, but bringing an issue public is more than appropriate if it remains unresolved. Hate filled or trolling threads will need a higher bar to remain, so if you have an issue and you want to ensure that the thread is not deleted, bring your issue about in a controlled way without attacking, name calling or slanderous type remarks. Our goal here when moderating disputes is to resolve an issue, not "get even" "draw attention" or "witch hunt." Keep that in mind when participating in this forum.

Things That Are NOT OK to Start a New Thread About

- I need coaches/videomakers/customers for my new/existing site/project. These are almost always not allowed. If you have an idea you want to run by the forum, and you are OK with taking a risk that the idea is used by someone else and you have no problem not mentioning the name of your site, you may be allowed to post this. Whenever dealing with a business on 2p2, it is much better to first check with a moderator before creating a thread that has anything to do with that business.

- Poker Sites. Discussion of poker sites will usually be better off in the internet gambling or software forums on 2p2

- I need a training site suggestion. This goes in the training site discussion thread

- I have a question about a training site. This also goes in the training site discussion thread

- I need a very particular coach with my background. That is normal, but please post that in the official coaching request thread

- I want to be listed in the coaching directory. There is a fee for having a listing in the coaching directory. You receive a thread and a custom undertitle for this. You can PM I B Forum Cop for more information.

As in all cases, it's better to PM a moderator before you do anything questionable, it will often save both you, the poster, as well as the moderator plenty of time and frustration. There is a list of moderators at the bottom of the forum page. You are welcome to PM any or all of them at any time with any questions, concerns or feedback.

*UPDATED* Training Site/Business Rules

Here is a list of rules for anybody involved in training sites, including video makers, employees, friends, owners and anybody else with a monetary interest in the poker business in question.

Things you may not do:

- Ask for feedback or post questions about your business.

- Reply publicly to people asking questions about videos. For example, if a user asks "where can I find 50NL videos" you may not reply directing them to your site.

- Post anything about rakeback.

- Advertise your business in any way.

- Ask friends or others to mention your business.

- PM users that are not asking specifically about your site.

Things you may do:

- Directly (without breaking any previous rules) reply to legitimate concerns regarding your site specifically.

- PM a user that specifically asks about your business.

If you are unclear of the rules, please PM a moderator before posting. We enforce these rules both with our own eyes, but we also rely heavily on a peer report system. If you see a post you believe is breaking the rules of the forum, please hit "report a post" and we will review the post in question.

Due to some gray areas that are bound to popup with this forum and its rules, some of these rules may be enforced more liberally than others. Please do not take offense if your post was deleted by a moderator. You may PM a moderator for clarification at any time.

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