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SB + BB Struggles.

I have been doing a lot of studying regarding my game but the positions i seem to struggle the most with indecision with are the SB and BB. For a little bit I used the Negreanu strategy of limping every hand in the small blind. And if the board comes out high cards you bet.. low cards.. u check etc. But that doesnt seem GTO. Is there any good advice online regarding playing pre and post flop from these positions?
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Re: SB + BB Struggles.

what does Negreanu do when villain 4x raises his limp?
What stakes do you play? GTO shouldn't be a concern at the micros and lower stakes.
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Re: SB + BB Struggles.

Where people are underdefending and not 3betting enough and the rake also being quite high at the micros you're way better off just open raising in the SB.

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Re: SB + BB Struggles.

Yeah a solid open raise often will be good even if your hand is weak you want to keep your opponents guessing and not having the table image of a complete passive tight player because that's too predictable

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