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Lightbulb Master MInd Group


Hi Everyone,
I want to start a "master mind group". The concept is pulled from Napoleon Hill's book "Think & Grow Rich". What it basically consist of is a group (around 3-5 people) who works in harmony (negativity and uncommitted people can get voted out of the group), have a common goal in place, meet (via Skype for example) and discuss idea, goals, concepts ect. We hold each other accountable to our goals, discuss different things we are working on, what we are struggling with and what's working. It helps the group collectively become better at our individual goals. Think of "2 minds are better than one". We will meet regularly (1 time per week for either 60 or 120 mins depending on the size of the group) and use things like google docs to document past meetings for future reference.

One of the main things about a master mind group is having a very specific common denominator in mind. For example, a body builder preparing for a competition shouldn't have a master mind group that consist of someone who's just trying to cut sugar from their diet. They both want to get in better shape but how, why and level of commitment are entirely different. That being said, I listed below what my commitment level to poker is how poker pertains to my lifestyle so if anyone with these common goals would like to join, please comment and we can work on starting our first meeting for "meet & greet", laydown the specifics to how we will approach this. Thank you and I look forward to anyone interested!
- I have a full time job, family and 1 child. Poker is a part time hobby that I want to get better at and earn about $10-20K additionally per year
- I normally play Live poker (200nl or 500nl, depending on game and line up) on the weekend
- I study poker 2-3 times per week.
- I Play 10NL online to use as testing theories, getting better ect.
- I want to get better at tournament strat also for when the $50K & $200K guarantees roll thru. I have been playing some MTT's recently to sharpen my short stack game and understanding of how to approach tournys

Thanks for taking the time and again, if you're interested, please comment!
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Exclamation Re: Master MInd Group

***Please also feel free to PM if you're interest!!
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Re: Master MInd Group

So far we have someone else and myself, anyone else that would like to join please PM me!!! Great value in sharing ideas and someone pushing u towards a goal! Let’s realize our dreams! Only thing u need is a positive mental attitude and a desire to grind for your dreams!
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