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Coaching Advice This forum is to be used for general coaching questions and discussion. This forum is not intended to be a place where coaches advertise.

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Looking for a mentor/coach

Dear coaches, I've been playing poker on and off since I was 18 (now 24). I enjoy playing all types of poker, and am looking for someone to help me make poker profitable. I know I've had posts similar to this in the past, just never found something I could afford. I am on a low budget, so maybe looking for a session or two of coaching/mentoring per week. I believe I have great work ethic and heart for the game; and would love to build your name up in the poker community as a great coach; as we succeed together. If you're interested in coaching me, you can contact me here or you can email me @, Thank you
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Re: Looking for a mentor/coach

What format/game?
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Re: Looking for a mentor/coach

Originally Posted by Brokenstars View Post
What format/game?
Hi, I'm in a similar situation. I started playing home games .50/1.00 NL for a year or two in mid 2004 - 2007. then relixed i needed to learn theory.
absorbed a lot of book knowledge but played with scared mioney. I did okay in AC at Trump Taj at 1/2 NL but was quite breaking even. Fast forward to 2013 i earned my mechanical
engineering degree and immediately my mathematical understanding og NL Holdem became my strongest asses.

Over the last foutr years I have matured a great deal as a poker player. Im playing more the last year then the prior 3 combined. I play at MGM NATIONAL HARBER brand new poker room its only 90 minutes from my house in Righmond VA.

I am seeking an honest analysis of my game where I fall short, where i miss opportunities and be told what my strengths are to confirm my idea of my strengths or better yet be told they are actually weaknesses.

I know a lot of you succesfull 2/5 5/10 and 10/25+ NL players had mentors. But I dont know anyone and i whole heartedly believe I have what it takes to get up in the ranks. It will take time and discipline and feedback from good people.

I visit MGM National fairly frequently (Friday 19th I'll be there) If you know what I'm going through and care to chat 804-274-9848. Or catch me at the 1/3 cant miss me im the one wearing huge black prescription safety glasses.
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