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Old 03-30-2017, 07:13 PM   #1
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How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

First of all, If u answer to this thread I'd appreciate if u tell me in which bracket you are playing, to get an little insight into your experience. Of course its voluntary, surely the amount of posts give some information off.

Everyone has heard stories how people have become very successful in Online Poker. The urban myth claims that there are people who made big bugs with nothing more than 5$ in the very beginning.

Since I'm an very advanced strategy video gamer and I love the idea of quests, I couldn't resist to switch the scene once and for all and redo this epic quest.
Luckily I've already collected some poker skills. A few years ago I've used to play some RL MTT in a small Card Room. The Buy-In range was always between 10-200$. Overall I've earned about 5k $ in there.
I've also done some Online Poker before, and actually I had some success at the lower Cash Game brackets, but nothing significant. There were a shot or two with some MTT's that I were able to FreeRoll via Satellites where I could have scored really big, but sadly I bubbled a couple of times. I pussied afterwards and left the game. I'm pretty sure that this was a -EV move overall. Time to change!

That was a pretty long introduction! My goal is to master the Micro Stages on PokerStars as quick and clean as possible. In fact I'm investing a very intensive month to this project, afterwards im going proceed in the next higher brackets. I've already done a Test Run where I've collected 2.5k hands. It was very good to do so, since I've already uncovered some huge misconceptions in my play-style and I'm pretty sure they were not the only ones.

The reason why I'm doing this thread is to ask for your help on one hand, on the other hand it's a pretty nice way for me to rethink some basics and save the advancements that I'm getting out of this.
Let's show 'em that theres no myth!

My Goal:

As mentioned above I've already done a test run where I've collected some informations on the very basic bracket. I've played 2.5k hands and made 2.6$, which is pretty bad to be honest. My data tells me, that I were able to earn at least 10$ more in that amount of hands, only by avoiding bad moves. Here's my Graph so far:

As you can see I had some major losses and winnings in a few hands. I will analyze every hand that made a major difference and share that information with you, probably some of u know better than I do.

Question 1:

But first I need to talk about some basic concepts (in question 2) , related to this I appreciate every Book-Tip which talks about stuff like HUD, Tables Selections and I take general advice for Multi-tabling especially.

Question 2:

My FPDB gives me the following Stats:

Hds: 2660 VPIP: 13 PFR: 5.8 PF3: 1.8 PF4: 00 PFF3: 62.5 PFF4: 40.0 AggFac: 2.67 AggFreq: 51.9 ContBet 65.1 Steals: 12.7 CARpre: 8:4 SawF: 11.4 SawSD: 3.4 WtSD: 29.9 Net($) 2.61 bb/100 4.98

I know 2.5k hands have a very little statistical value, but still im pretty sure it tells me a lot.
Two major things are revealed: My VPIP is at 13% which is way too tight. That's why I've diceded to play more lose now.
My new Concept looks like this:
I'm raising Hands PF in the following Range: AKos-AQs, AA-QQ , no matter my pos.
If I'm in good pos. and/or I want to outplay a fish or it looks like a nice Multiway Pot I tend to call/raise this hands sometimes:
AJs KQs, A5s-A2s, JJ and sometimes J 10s and 10 9s.
Surely I always try to get some limp value in multiway pots with suited connectors and pockets.
I've already recognized that I'm getting some pretty delicious implied Odds with this last added, more lose Card-Range, on the other hand I need to be able to do some pretty nice folds with this strategy or it keeps backfiring heavily.
Questions2: What is your opinion? Do u agree that the most +EV Cash-Game strategy against the Low-Brackets-PS-Meta is Lose-Aggressive? Is it only me or are CB super effective at this bracket? What else do u recognize in my revealed Stats? What options would you select for the HUD? What kind of tables would u love to hit with that Lose-Aggressive-Strat ? What else am I supposed to evaluate with my collected data to analyze myself better? What are my stats supposed to look like? If you have anything that swoops through your mind, just let me know =)

Thx for your time and your hints! Much apprecciated!
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Old 03-31-2017, 10:24 AM   #2
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Re: How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

As you say 2.5k hands is a tiny tiny sample. Presuming you're playing 6max you probably want to be somewhere around 23/19/7. Take a look at Pokersnowies preflop advisor to give you a good idea of opening ranges.
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Old 04-03-2017, 10:38 AM   #3
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Spade Re: How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

Thx for your advice, much aprecciated.
Looks like a pretty interesting programm with many futures. I'm saving my 10 Free Days of Trial on PokerStove for now, since I've changed my strategy yesterday and I may use them more effectivly later in my plan!

I've came to the insight that it's much more +EV for me, if I play on another platform than PS. It's 888 Poker. I took my 1 free $ and over 12h of playing on 1-2 NL2 tables simultaniously I've managed to make 10$. I'm not grinding on 8 tables like before! I'm rather playing the people there,like I used to do in RL. Since my mathematical game is a little inexpirienced compared to the average shark on PS. Also, some ppl @ 888 poker a pretty new to poker itself, that's easy money if your good at reading em and if u have some patience.
I cashed my plus 20$ over 5k hands out I've made on Pokerstars out of 5$ starting money. It was kind of frustrating for me to only make 4$ on PS while playing 1k hands in NL2. Some years ago i was able to pull out multiple times more.

My goal for now is to slowly extend those 10 000 cents to like 100 000 cents before I change the limits. At the moment I'm going on Tables @ 888 where the max Buy-In is 1 dollar, because I wont be able to lose much since I'm avoiding Deep Stacked ppl and stick to the fishs. It's pretty easy to leave a unconfortable table and take the winnings directly to my cent vault, so as soon I got some 10k cents more I'm starting to Multi Table again, thats also the moment when I set up my mathematic recording tools, I'm alrdy doing poker related math trainings, I'm going to be able to do the maths for a very big range of poker situations in a matter of seconds. Well ok, it took me some time to evaluate diffrent scenarios,but somehow they are very similiar rly quickly.

If u had a brilliant advice while reading this or the first thread, just leave it here! Help ppl open the door to the next level! Much aprecciated and thx for a little of your time!

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Old 05-08-2017, 03:38 AM   #4
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Re: How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

Such a amazing thread i am currently new to the concept of online poker may i ask what programs you are using
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Old 05-16-2017, 06:08 AM   #5
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Re: How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

I think you are folding too much although it is a small sample. As far as ranges go, if you're VPIP is like 10... i would just figure you are playing only the top 10% of hands which means you wouldnt get paid off or extract top value from those top hands.
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Old 05-18-2017, 09:06 AM   #6
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Re: How to build a bankroll from scratch- Step 1: Master the lower Cash Game limits

Hey just wanted to say thanks for this awesome post I play from a handful of small cardrooms $1/2, $1/3, $2/5 in the heart of NYC as you Probably know poker online is illegal in NYC so I play live cash always full ring but occasionally play smaller games same stakes with about 6 regs I write down as many hands as I can and am improving slowly but my goal is to play MTTs in my surrounding areas such as CT and NJ but I find low stakes extremely profitable if you have a sound strategy and experience love to see more posts like this keep it up!

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