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Cbetting Advice

This week I am focusing on Cbetting to improve my winrate.

I am not new to poker and know most all of the general strategies to cbetting however I am try to hone this skill to the best of my ability.

Does anyone have any methods of practice that they use or must see videos, articles to read, or practice methods they would like to share? I use Flopzilla regularly and draw my own conclusions when practicing but I was wondering if anyone had some great advice?

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Re: Cbetting Advice

it depends on a great many factors. More than even that, it would be very helpful to know what your general strategy for c-betting "looks like".

Just in general; I like to use a polarized c-bet strategy when there is not a major range advantage for one player and/or if the opponent is not very good. But you've got to be ready to adjust if your opponent starts to take advantage of your bluff heavy c-bet range by playing back a lot, and/or attacking your check back range with big turn bets and river dubs.

Basically, polarized aggression allows us to play efficiently and squeeze the most out of our range as a whole. So I polarize when possible. If you're not clear on what this means, I like to c-bet the strong value hands in my range and a good number of bluffs choosing some draws to c-bet and some to check back (in position).

If your opponent is competent then you may not be able to get away with this. That's especially true when one of you does have a strong range advantage. So, vs a good player when I have a big range advantage I may chose to c-bet my entire range. If villain has a strong range advantage and is competent I may elect to check everything back.

Just a quick example; HU SnG 75bb deep vs a not so great villain.
I open K9s and get called
flop; K87r, I bet for value
flop; AT9r I check back planning to bluff catch turn
flop; AJ8 i cbet as a bluff

Maybe try to bet (heads up vs not great opponent) second pair with a strong kicker + for value, a lot of your air and draws as bluffs, and check back middle strength hands like second pair weak kicker and bottom pair, sometimes Ace highs.

But you may have to check some strong hands back if you want to mostly bet a polarized range to avoid villain bombing turns and dubbing with over bets against your capped check back range.

Basically, well,.. it depends.

Maybe ask some additional questions or provide some of your own ideas about c-bet strategy and you can get some more specific advice.
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p2 dog, p2
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Re: Cbetting Advice

good post by Donovan
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Re: Cbetting Advice

- Flop texture
- Position- position of other players and their tendencies
- Number of players in the pot
- Stack sizes
- Your hand strength
- opponents hand strength (has the flop hit their range)
- What do you want to achieve out of your action?

I suppose that's a rough summary of a thought process after a flop when I'm considering a cbet. Add away to that and that helps you develop a strategy that works for you.

I'm trying to get back into playing after not playing for a while so things like that sort of process written out really help me try not to be as rusty!
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Location: aka Navonod (there's no AKA)
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Re: Cbetting Advice

Originally Posted by p2 dog, p2 View Post
good post by Donovan
hey, thanks.. much appreciated
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