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Micro-Small Stakes Full Ring Discussion of up to 1/2 online no-limit pot-limit Texas hold'em full ring games, situations and strategies

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Re: @@@*** April 2017 - Goals / Progress / Results Thread ***@@@

Originally Posted by efra View Post
[ ] 100k hands

Made the amount, but im terrible...

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Re: @@@*** April 2017 - Goals / Progress / Results Thread ***@@@

Lost a lil in cash games, first time in ages having a loss there. Made some bonuses and a couple of decent tourney results.

+$2.3k overall
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Re: @@@*** April 2017 - Goals / Progress / Results Thread ***@@@

Helluva nice work there.
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Re: @@@*** April 2017 - Goals / Progress / Results Thread ***@@@

[x] Play 30k hands: 36k

[x] Database review -> Spot one leak and plug it: Found that I was calling too loosely preflop with small pocket pairs, trying to set mine even when the situation was not adequate.

[x] At least 20min of study 5 days a week: I think I should extend that to 30min. I mainly chose 20 because I struggle to be fully concentrated much longer but I have to work on that. Was thinking of something like 20min of vid/book and 10 min of HH review in my database or on the forums.

[/] Set up a blog for life and poker: Meh. I started off but I am severely lacking creativity and writing skills, so I have bullet points but I need to develop them.

[x] Run at least 30km: Went for 50km.

[x] Weekly weigh in: Done but I quickly realized that it was such a bad goal. I'll have to weigh myself more than once a week if I want to efficiently monitor my weight. Weight can be affected by a wide array of parameters such as the hour of the meal the evening before, its sodium quantitiy and so on. I'll go with a weekly average of my weigh ins.

[-] Start counting daily calories intake: I downloaded myfitnesspal and that's pretty much it. I really have to force myself and do that. I am pretty clueless at how to do it efficiently and since I am not, in most cases, cooking my own meals I'll have to inform myself on the macros in my regular food.

[x] Get started with mediation: I did read a few books and tried it. However I'll need more time and practice before deciding if I feel the benefits of such technique.
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