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Question What does it really take...

to earn a living at poker. Obviously there are many considerations to make. I will list they few that I can think of but I would like to hear from those that have given it a go, whether you have been successful or not.

1. skill
2. proper bankroll
3. mental fortitude (dealing with bad beats and down swings)
4. financial discipline (bankroll and liferoll management skills)
what else...

So I have loosely crunched the numbers to figure what kind of hourly rate and number of hours a week I need to hit to meet my nut. What else should I consider? Being a student of the game seems key. What are the best resources? Is it worth investing in training videos, books, etc.? Who's been there? What advice do you have for me?
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Re: What does it really take...

You need to deposit a negligble amount of your disposable income.

You need to practice solid bankroll management.

You need to play recreationally, while you work in a job that gurantees you an hourly.

You need to prove you can win over a significant sample size.

You need to ensure you enjoy playing , because even if you are able to beat the games, if you don't enjoy playing them there's no point.

You need to build enough of a bankroll moving up in your spare time, so that you start to earn an hourly comparative with your paid hourly job.

You need to continue doing this until your hourly is exceeding your paid job.

You need to save enough of your profits so you have 3-5 months money to live off, aside from your bankroll.

Then you quit your job and start playing full time.

You need to make good friends with very good players and talk poker most of the time you're not playing.

Basically this is what it takes to be a pro.
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Re: What does it really take...

I would say is better to have 12 month money to live off to not be too much stressed

And then ability travel and game selection
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