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Small Stakes PL/NL Discussions regarding small stakes pot and no-limit hold'em (50c-1 to 1-2)

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Stuck in poker

Hi guys I have been playing poker for about 8 months now (with a 3 month break inbetween) I mainly play live poker but I cant help to feel that I am stuck. I have been on a downswing lately having about 5 losing sessions in a row. I would like to go over some hands today and see what you guys have to say about them. I cant tell if I am playing really bad or if this is just variance, these are some hands I played in yesterdays session where I was actually up 450€ but somehow managed to end up losing 121€
Hand 1:
I have JT of hearts on the button we are playing 2-2 NL full ring and there are about 4 limps -.- I make it 10€ on the button UTG +2 and the hijack call. FLOP=A98 with one heart UTG +2 checks hijack leads out for 20€ we both call, the turn is the 4 of hearts so we now have a FD + openender UTG+2 checks hijack leads out for 130€ into about 90€ I make the call after some thinking (the hijack had been playing almost every hand and very aggressive) the other player folds. River is another 9 the hijack jams and i fold. Do you think the turncall is profitable in the long run? If i hit on the river I should be able to get his whole stack right? We were playing about 150bb effective at this point.
Hand 2:
We have QJ on the btn there are a few limps and the hijack makes it 6€ I and one chinese girl call. FLOP=Q73o the hijack leads out for 8€ we both call the turn is a complete blank something like an offsuit deuce etc. This time he leads for 26€ I call other players fold. The river is not great it is a 10 and he now leads for 60€ we now lose to sets KQ AQ and QT but I still make the call and ofc he rolls over QT.
Hand 3:
I have K9o in the SB it is raised to 6€ I make the call and we go 4way to the flop. Flop comes A97 with two diamonds I check and the raiser bets 14€ I call the turn is another diamond so I now lead out for 36€ he calls the river is a king so I now check intending to call putting him on an ACE he bets 64€ I call and he shows A9.

Guys please comment the hands and help me become a better poker player!
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Old 06-17-2017, 02:51 PM   #2
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Re: Stuck in poker

By commenting those few hands you wont see that huge improvement, poker is bout learning everyday, having a feedback on those few hands is helping you, yes, but just 5% of all the learning you need... Try ti get into a poker-videos website, get urself some books to read on daily basis, comment and/or post here on this forum, etc, try to improve every single aspect of ur life.
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Re: Stuck in poker

There are a couple GREAT coaching sites that will help your game. Do some research and check them out.
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Re: Stuck in poker

Thanks for the answers guys, I appreciate it! The reason I wanted you to comment the hands is because I think I'm stuck in a way of thinking about poker and would like to hear someone else's opinion to experience an AHA moment and start thinking outside the box again
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Re: Stuck in poker

if i were you i wouldn't be concerned about "thinking outside of the box" (whatever that means). you didn't really give any justification for any play and based on the third hand i'm guessing your fundamentals aren't very good, so i'd just be trying to lean how a poker player thinks on a fundamental level. no offense, just being honest.

hand 1 seems fine.

2 - if your hand is suited preflop is fine, but you might should lean towards 3bet or folding if the hand is offsuit. i mean, with the small raise and the bunch of limpers i'm sure it's still fine if you're decent to good, but depending on your exact skill level it might be bad. 3bb raise after a few limps is usually some dumb hand tho so i prefer 3betting in most cases.

you say the T is a bad card on the river but you're almost assuredly being results oriented here. the T is about as blank as you can get since TT rarely bets turn and if he were any good he'd be checking QT there usually as well. the T is about as blank as you can get. however, on this board there aren't very many draws he could be betting turn with, and you'll have a lot of Qx after calling turn, so i would certainly consider folding the river. his PF raise size probably indicates weakness so that would make me more inclined to call. w/o any more info it's a tough spot so don't beat yourself up too hard.

3 - preflop is extremely bad. i would fold flop 4way.

your turn lead is quite bad. the turned diamond isn't any better for you than it is for him & he still has a cavalcade of AQ thru AA type hands that you don't have, so you're actually at a reasonably significant range disadvantage here. in that situation you want to check everything (you can lead as an exploit of course but you're probably not at the point where you're able to make plays like that). if you do decide to lead, you vastly prefer having a diamond in your hand (preferably the Kd) since that blocks flushes he can have as well as gives you additional equity, but you didn't mention that, so my guess is you're not thinking about stuff like that. you should be!

why do you put him on an ace on the river? can't he have two pair, a set, a flush, or a hand like JT with a diamond? and if you feel he's betting an ace on the river after your turn lead + river check, why did you even bother leading turn? generally someone who frequently bets Ax when checked to here would never consider folding an ace to your turn lead + river bet - nor should they. that would mean he was valuebetting almost as wide (or even wider) as he's calling!

i think you're usually supposed to checkfold here. i mean, your turn lead just reps a flush so it would be completely insane for him to vbet AJ on the river... mostly you're just hoping for some missed diamond draw and we'd need a little more info to determine if he has enough of those. dunno where he opened from but it had to be the HJ at the bare minimum so i don't think you're gonna see much else than aces up or better when he bets riv for this size.

sorry if this all comes off as abrasive but i don't mean it that way. saying your play is bad doesn't mean you're bad - just that you're inexperienced as a poker player. that's ok, we've all been there. imo being totally honest about your play will help you out more in the long run than in the short run... you just have to be OK with that messy process of sucking at things when you're a beginner at them. that's life, hombre.

also like the other dude said i would certainly recommend a runitonce membership. even the $10 basic tier should improve your game significantly. good luck!
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Re: Stuck in poker

Just looking over the hands briefly I think you could benefit from looking at some FMI preflop charts. More folding/raising/reraising will help your game more than anything. Changing what hands you open will make decisions easier to make. Getting out of limped pots and raising to larger sizings preflop will get you out of these multi way pots where people often go broke over playing the worst hand. If your raise isn't large enough you're basically inviting people into the pot.

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