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Old 05-25-2017, 12:50 AM   #21851
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Re: Unibet - Official Thread

So the rumour has it that the 3k Unibet Open will be in Vegas, right? Andrew, if that is the case, I do like the initiative and all, but I live in Dawson City in northern Canada, 4,863.5km from Vegas, to be exact, so am wondering if I can get the 3k worth in tickets...!3e0

I am reaching the desired points within 10 days, hence my question, thx

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Re: Unibet - Official Thread

So what happens if we qualify for Las Vegas? Is it still possible to delay the package to another UO - if so what happens to the difference in value between the packages?
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Old 05-25-2017, 01:43 PM   #21853
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Re: Unibet - Official Thread

Hi, Andrew, can I exchange the Banzai cash game ticket into a playthrough bonus? If yes, my alias is LuckyManLTU.
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Re: Unibet - Official Thread

Hi Andrew,

My intentions were to wait after the day (friday) ended before i was gonna write this, but maybe it is smarter and better to do it right now...... maybe support will do some of my exchanges, maybe they don't....

So let's begin at last week, the 18th to be specific, i sent a ticket request to support
support forwarded this email to the poker department on the 21st with reference 14558191

On the 20th i sent another ticketrequest
in this request i actually note that there is another request in process, and that this request is in addition to the previous request (and does not replace it).
support forwarded this email to the poker department also on the 21st but with reference 14562721

Then on the 22nd i sent another ticketrequest
in this request i actually note that there are two other requests in process, and that this request is in addition to the previous requests (and does not replace them).

support forwarded this email to the poker department on the 22nd (yeah!, actually on the same day, instead of waiting 1-2 days for an email fowarding) with reference 14569427.

So on the 22nd i actually see a ticket conversion has been done....
....Why, Why, Why.....i ask it REALLY THAT HARD???
So what did happen you might ask yourself....well actually not that much out of the ordinary, i usually have ticket conversion that take ages (lately at least) or don't get done at all.

In this case somehow/somewhere/because of some reasoning somebody decided to not do the first and second request, and only did the 3rd request....

In the past this actually was not really a problem, because if a ticket might expire, they would revive them for me....with all the issues i am having (yes they have not rectified my tickets after the last time i mentioned it, i guess the're still looking into it Andrew), i am not confident anymore in that they will fix it...

I will try to clarify a bit more, the second request (i did on the 20th) included a 1x 10MTT into 10Bonus line. Because this whole request hasn't been done, i have to request the same ticket to be converted again. I actually did this request on the 24th. (i also did a request on the 25th and the 26th (i know, about ten hours ago, so i am not expecting anything in that regard).
The problem is that i ask for a conversion on the 20th, it doesn't get done, i ask for the same ticket to get converted on the 24th, today is the 26th and my ticket will expire today somewhere i think. My assumption is that they will either not change my tickets, they don't change the "expired" tickets, or maybe, just maybe they will change in time and this whole post is kinda for nothing....(i actually hope for the last option)....

I really feel like when i ask for a conversion on the 20th, and for "reasons", it doesn't get done within a week (the standard expiry on the ticket) i should not be the one to blame...

Hopefully this neverending story ends soon......

Then there are some general tips/remarks i want to give;
Please let met send my request in english, i KNOW dutch supports translates the emails and leaves stuff out on a regular base (this is the only possible reason for some of the mistakes that are made). It is really silly for us, because poker is an english spoken game. So i actually (in my mind) have to translate from english (poker) to dutch (because support wants it that way), then support will translate the dutch back to english because the poker department is english.....a lot of errors also originate from this strategy, please let me send in english (and preferably directly to the poker department).

I probably actually have this email adress, but i am not gonna use it, because in my opinion, every dutch person has this awful experience and would be off so much better with a solution that works for us all.

To fix this problem in a different way i have some other suggestions, that might be helpful to you;
- There is a option of making a discussion group in google, which you can implement this feature on, i suggest somebody takes a look at discussion groups by google. This can solve your problem instantly i think.
- Another option that came to mind, was making a "ticket-converter", so we can avoid the ticket conversion request totally....
let's say, we can change a ticket in the bonus shop somewhere. so something with 2 buckets for example, on the left you put in the ticket you want to be converted, and on the right options show what you can change into. just click the option you want and an automated system will do the rest.....EZ Peazy.... also releaves support with all the ticket request they are having, so they can focus on more important stuff (like putting accounts on hold that are chipdumping, and not waiting a few days with that)

I sincerely hope that my requests of the 24th (14577927), the 25th (14578925) and today (no reference yet for this one) will be done before 10PM CEST, because else the 10MTT ticket will expire and the story will truly never end!!! (if you want to rectify, for the last "problempost" the correction needed is;
take 2x 4UK tickets (i have gotten to much of them)
give 3x 4UO tickets (i still am owed these))

But i can also understand if you want to wait to see if the 10MTT (and tomorrow another 4Luchticket) will expire, and how support handles this.....i would not like this very much because i requested some of these tickets to be converted on the 18th....if this goes over the weekend i kinda had to wait 11 days for that request (and IF they do it today, it still took 8 days....)

TLDR: Support is a slow and full of mistakes, and we want a better option for ticket conversions

also, i am very happy that you allow us to change tickets, thanks for this, we just have to make it work properly....

Alright another 1,5 hours gone, but this time at least it's not a free day for me, so the boss is paying for this post (hopefully he doesn't find out....) and if we can make a good solution for this problem, i think it might be time well far the equity of this time is very negative, let's turn that around

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