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Old 10-31-2012, 08:09 AM   #1
FTP Poker Room Manager
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FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Hi all,

The game software is available for download/update. You can now log in and play for play money. There are additional security checks in place for the first time you log in, so please read everything carefully as you go through the process. You'll also have to accept our new Terms and Conditions before fully logging in. If you encounter any issues that can't be handled automatically (resetting a forgotten password is an automated process as long as you still have your registered email address, for example) you can contact support and they will help get you up and running in time for the 6th.

In the meantime, the next few days are more of a beta test than anything. We'd love it if you would log on and play (even if you hate play money) to make sure everything is running smoothly before the real money re-launch. Try the new features (listed below) and try to break something. Don't be surprised if we need to issue multiple updates or even take the game down again before the 6th. We want the 6th itself (and beyond) to be as smooth as possible.

Important note for players with .FR accounts: You'll be logging in (with your .fr account details) to the .com client, and the cashier in the .com client only displays USD amounts. So even though you'll see "$0" as your account balance, your Euro account is still intact and will be fully available to be credited to PokerStars.FR.

Details of the Deal Me In promotion are now available on the website here:

Details of Edge (the new rewards program) are also available here:

Here's the fairly long list of new things you'll see when you start playing again:

A. Account Pairing With PokerStars: The pairing process starts over on PokerStars and complete on Full Tilt Poker. Look for the "Pair PokerStars Account…" option under the "Account" menu to be available in the coming days. More information about this feature can be found here:

The "Transfer to PokerStars" button is also now in the cashier, but the functionality won't be available until re-launch on November 6th.

B. Double and Triple Chance Tournaments: A new tournament type based on the WSOP multi-chance events. You can take your extra chance(s) at any time up to the end of the designated level (at which time you will be forced to take the extra chips). You can read more about this tournament type here:

C. "+ Table": At all ring games and SNGs you will see a new button below the "Layout" button in the top right corner called "+ Table". When you click it you will open up another table or SNG that "matches" the one you're currently playing. There is also a hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-A) to get up to the number of tables you want to be playing even faster.

D. "Add Table": At all heads-up ring games and SNGs you will see a new checkbox (bottom left of the Classic table, bottom middle of the Racetrack table) called "Add Table". If both players check this, a new heads-up table or SNG will start up with both players on it. This makes for easier multi-tabling against the same opponent without the possibility of another player getting in the way (some third player signing up for the SNG before the second player can register, for example).

E. Auto Post on All Tables: All ring game tables have been changed to behave more like speed tables, where everyone has auto-post on and is put into "Wait for BB" mode right when they sit down. This should speed up the game slightly for everyone.

F. Ring Game Auto Buy-in Options: Under Options->Table Options->Buy-In Preferences there is now a new "Activate One Click Buy-In for Ring Games" checkbox that, when set, will allow you to skip the ring game Buy-In dialog and automatically buy in to a table for your Default Buy-in (found in the same Buy-In Preferences dialog). If you don't want to buy in for that amount, you can right click instead of left click (on the seat itself) and you will get the standard buy-in dialog. Note that if you have a usable Ring Game Ticket, you need to use the standard Buy-In dialog even if you have this option enabled.

G. Preferred Seat Selection: If you prefer a default seat placement other than bottom center, you can now select it under Options->Table Options->Preferred Seat. You can pick a different seat for each table size (heads-up, 6-max, 8 handed, and 9 handed).

H. Rush Poker: Short-Handed Play Improvements: Rush ring games now play faster when short-handed. Instead of always having a full 9-handed table when there are only, say, 10 active players, it will now behave like a Rush Poker Tournament where the tables themselves will be short-handed. This will keep the wait time between hands shorter.

I. Rush Ring Games: Sit Out Next BB: The Sit Out Next BB checkbox is now available in Rush Ring Games.

J. New Advanced Filter Options: You can now filter on the number of starting players in a SNG (so you don't get 4-man Heads-Up SNGs cluttering up your Heads-Up SNG filter, for example). You can also filter scheduled tournaments based on start time (so you can only show tournaments starting between 8pm and 11pm, for example). There is also a new "Select All" and "Select None" option to quickly check or uncheck all filter options.

K. Last Hand History Improvement: You can now delete hands/tables/tournaments from your replayer. You can even do it in bulk (multi-selecting them).

L. Color Code Players Change: It's even easier to give a player a note color when you right-click now. Instead of all of the colors being in a sub-menu, they're right there ready to select.

M. Prize Won Now in "Chips" Column in Tournament Lobby: If a player busts from a tournament in the money, the amount they won now appears in the Chips column of the tournament lobby instead of just saying "Finished." This number also accurately reflects any deal made (denoted with an asterisk).

N. All-in Advance Action: By player request, and it only exists in Super Turbo SNGs (if it's popular we can extend it to scheduled Super Turbo tournaments as well). Use wisely.

O. Absent Heads-Up Tournament Players: If a heads-up shootout tournament is down to only players who are sitting out, those matches will be forced to end so the rest of the tournament can proceed. The players have to be sitting out a reasonable number of hands before this happens, so it should only ever happen in rare cases, but no longer will everyone else in the tournament have to wait over an hour for someone to blind out before continuing the tournament.

P. Rush Lobby Style Searching for all Tournaments: The nice search box at the top of the player list in the Rush Lobby has been extended to all tournament lobbies. So you can quickly search on a name and have that be the only name in the list.

Q. Check/Fold Modification: If you have the Check/Fold advance action checkbox selected and it's checked to you, it used to be that if someone then bet after you (in the same betting round) that you would be forced to act again. Given that it's extremely likely you still want to check/fold, that checkbox is now persistent for the entire betting round. You will still have the opportunity to uncheck the box if you decide you no longer want to fold after the action passes you.

R. Pot Size in Hand Histories: Hand History files have been updated to include the pot size at the start of each betting round.

S. Find Player Improvements for Multi-Entry Tournaments: Instead of highlighting the entry at random (including the possibility of a busted entry), when you find a player with multiple entries in a tournament you will now highlight the entry with the most chips.

T. FTP Odometer Improvement: Last, and certainly least, we found room for an additional digit on the counter!

Some of the bigger items above have more details on the New Features page on the website here:

Some previous questions from the NVG re-launch thread:

1. Will the Inter-site Transfer feature count towards the destination site's first time deposit bonus?

- Yes, as long as it is actually your first deposit. If you are going from FTP->PokerStars, you'll need to write to their support to activate your bonus. PokerStars->FTP will be automatic.

2. Will $500/$1k ring games be available?

- Not at launch, no. If demand is there we'd likely add it, but for now the highest stakes NL/PL tables will be $400/$800 deep with antes. Which still plays pretty big!

3. I was an American when Black Friday happened. I'm heading back to Mexico for FTOPS and I would like to know how early should I go down to Mexico in order to be reinstated before FTOPS?

- The sooner the better. Every case is unique so I don't want to give any real time estimate here. In your case, I would say as long as you provide the required proof of your residence in Mexico, and all of your documents are in perfect order, I'd be surprised if the process took more than a week.

4. Will the bonuses in the store be the same as before?

- Yes, although many more players will have access to them. And they'll be cheaper while the Deal Me In Store Sale is happening.

5. I loved the "I busted a Pro at Full Tilt Poker" T-shirts. Will I still get my 2 shirts I won before the site closed?

- Not anytime soon, but we will give something to anyone who was due a shirt. Either once we start getting physical gear again or we decide to do something else (like some sort of in-game prize).

6. When are hotkeys coming to FTP?

- There are no immediate plans for hotkeys. It may happen eventually, though.

7. Will you be using RSA tokens instead?

- We're definitely sticking with our old hardware tokens for re-launch for any players that already have it. They won't be in the store at re-launch (the store will be virtual goods only), and we have no current plans to go with RSA if/when we start stocking hardware tokens in the store again.

8. Will the mobile digipass apps still be functional?

- Yes.

9. I had 3 Main Event Race Final tickets, as well as 1 Iron Man Freeroll ticket when the site went down...what happens with those?

- The Iron Man Freeroll ticket would have been converted to medals (and then those medals were converted to FTPs). The Main Event Race tickets had no cash value, so nothing was done with those. However, if we ever bring a promo like that back, we'll make sure to do something for anyone who had those tickets and weren't able to use them.

10. Will the 90man KO SNGs be returning?

- Yep, although we'll be monitoring their traffic closely and make changes as needed depending on their popularity when we return.

Happy Halloween, everyone!
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old hand
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

sweet! long time coming

starting the DL

thanks for all of the info, Shyam.
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

It's alive!
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Originally Posted by Shyam Markus View Post
R. Pot Size in Hand Histories: Hand History files have been updated to include the pot size at the start of each betting round.
So no tracking software will work at relaunch time?!
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

anyone else tried the 'Forgot Password' thing?
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

FTP 2!!

Please don't steal my money this time.

Also when can US players check their balances, if ever. And can we get our HH's from pre black friday?
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Originally Posted by springzz View Post
anyone else tried the 'Forgot Password' thing?
Yeah but no e-mail so far
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Lets get this Poppin'!!!
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FTP Poker Room Manager
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Originally Posted by gargamel_fk View Post
Yeah but no e-mail so far
There's an issue with emails going out at the moment, but it's being actively worked on. The email will go out as soon as the problem is resolved, sorry for the delay.
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

So I have/had the digipass mobile app associated with my account, and see that it's still associated with my account, that's fine. I just need to re-install the app / get the serial number?

The page the client directs me to if I need help:

Page instructs to mail the email address below if you need help, which appears to no longer to exist. I'll just email the regular support.

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain...

Last edited by AHanrath; 10-31-2012 at 08:49 AM. Reason: removed actual email address link
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

In March 2011 I won a $22k Poker Lounge package (televised 6 man SNG where I would have played against 5 pros for $120k).

I flew to the UK the Monday after Black Friday for a taping to happen in Wales later that week. It was obv cancelled a few hours after I landed. Will this be rescheduled, will I get cash, ???

I hope I still get to be a TV star!
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

can't update (mac) & still getting the download maintenance page..
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Are you going to offer any chance to convert FTP points directly to cash for those who can't/don't want to use bonuses? I have about 25% of my account value in points, and it would took me forever to clear it using standard bonuses since now I'm playing the game where I pay a lot less of rake than I used to 16 months ago
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Welcome to us all
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Re: FTP Update/Answers - Oct. 31

Originally Posted by GoldnEagl View Post
can't update (mac) & still getting the download maintenance page..
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