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old hand
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Re: Live poker pet peeves.

Originally Posted by Shai Hulud View Post
If you draw the line there, that's fine, though I don't see much difference between flirting with them and pouting when you want a fold, buying lunch for a guy, etc.

There's no reason to come to the South, as there isn't much to recommend the region besides relatively low cost of living. There are a few spots that are okay (Austin, parts of Florida if you like beaches and hot weather), but I've lived in four states in the South and they were all various degrees of, not much poker here. I'm in Texas and have to drive three hours to the Oklahoma border. Florida is the best Southern state for poker, though coastal Louisiana and Mississippi also have casinos.

Personally I prefer the Western US, especially the Pacific NW and Colorado. The Northeast is also okay. Depends what you like, but I think coming from Sweden you would find the South quite a culture shock.

Well, the plan would be to hit on all of them. If they're gay and find me attractive, they go easy on me. If they're straight, grumpy old men, they go on tilt and play worse than usual.
Just to clarify, no one in Texas considers Texas as part of the South. Sometimes, we align more closely with the Southwest (though that is usually considered more New Mexico\Colorado). Texas is just....Texas.

And yes, Austin is a great city, but Texas is a big place, with a lot more to it than just ATX.
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Re: Live poker pet peeves.

Originally Posted by WereBeer View Post
I sometimes say 'yeah that's poker' to people in a monotone because hearing yet another totally standard bad beat story is unendurable (also, yeah, that's poker).
"That's poker" is in my list of pet peeves but I totally say it when I no longer wish to discuss something or other than someone is attempting to discuss with me. It's an effective end to the conversation... then.

But then that person usually will say it to me later on after I lose a pot as a favorite and then go on about it. I never ever freaking learn.
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El Diablo
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Re: Live poker pet peeves.


Houston and Austin (and probably Dallas and San Antonio too, I just don't know them as well) are IMO WAY better places for a foreigner to live and experience America than Las Vegas. And Houston is a way more cosmopolitan and diverse place than the vast majority of American cities.

That's coming from someone who has lived in London, Oslo, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Denver, New York, and San Francisco.
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Re: Live poker pet peeves.

I've just deleted a number of posts consisting of posters bashing each other. If you wish to engage in that type of drivel, please do it elsewhere.
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