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Old 05-26-2017, 04:55 AM   #1176
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Re: General questions

Re: General questions


Hi Kimber, I accidentally created two different usernames thinking I couldn't get into one. I have crabshack as the one I don't want to use. I am just getting started playing with you guys and enjoy it. Thanks for your help.
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Old 05-26-2017, 11:22 AM   #1177
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Re: General questions

Kimber please help, again. This is user onlyadonkey. We has an issue with a cashout a couple of weeks back that was held up because my wife started an account.

You resolved it very quickly and processed the cashout and thanks for that.

Sadly, after another good week of grinding and I go to cash out and Nick sends me this:
Hello Tj,

Congratulations. Your Cash Out Request for $2,000.00 has been APPROVED!

Cash out will be paid within 24 hrs or 1 business day. Please check your email and PayPal account every now and then for updates.

We would like to inform you that we have seen multiple accounts in Global Poker that is also under your name. As one time courtesy, we will still allow you to play however, further creation of additional account will result to permanent deactivation of all your accounts together with all its winnings . This is clearly stated in our Terms of Use, item number 4: "Customers are only allowed to register one account with Global Poker. If discovered that multiple accounts have been registered by a customer, VGW reserves the right to terminate all such accounts at its discretion."

We hope for your full understanding on this matter.


I send him back this reply:


I do not have multiple accounts. I already cleared this issue with Kimber. I brought it up on 2 plus 2 and she handled it very quickly and said all is good on the matter.

My wife started an account, didn't like the name, then started another. She had no idea this was bad until I told her. This has nothing to do with me and she has cleared the issue. She contacted customer support and her second account has been deleted. Now she only has one. Plus, she has never played at the same tables as me. She has only played for tiny stakes with the free 2 dollar deposit. This has also been checked and cleared.

Please respond, contact Kimber and let me know in writing that this issue is indeed resolved. I have been playing on the site a lot and I want to make sure that my cash outs are going to be honored. Otherwise I will again have to take the issue to 2 plus 2 and deal with it publicly, but I hope you respond and handle clear this issue up once and for all.



Then I quickly got this email from Victoria at Global:

Hello TJ,

Thank you for contacting Global Poker Customer Service Team.

We appreciate your interest in our site TJ and congratulations on your recent cash-out. Kindly disregard the last email from Nick since your previous concern has been resolved.

Have a nice weekend!

Best Regards,

So I log on to play today thinking all is good for a poker filled weekend. I'm imagining stacking fish with set over aces and bluffing rivers. It's Friday and I play over the weekends. But I can't log in! MY ACCOUNT SAYS THAT IT HAS BEEN BLOCKED. What's going on? The last cashout for 2k says that it processed but it still hasn't appeared in my Paypal account. It's been over 5 days and now I can't even log on to the site!

As I said earlier I have a broken leg and I've been putting a lot of time on the site and I'm relying on that money for bills. I thought we had this sorted out. My wife has never played at the same tables as me. She has only played at micro stakes with her free deposit and I sent in documentation on her.

Kimber please help resolve this. There must be some way to communicate to the others at Global who process cashouts that my account is clear and in good standing. I should not have to go through this process every time I try to cash out on Global.


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Old 05-26-2017, 12:08 PM   #1178
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Re: General questions

im, in the uk, let me get this right ..... you let me depoist .... but i cant withdraw? also it looks like its play money gold coins? no option to deposit real money? also is there a downloadable software for your computer or you have to play it through the web page?
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Old 05-26-2017, 03:35 PM   #1179
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Re: General questions

Kimber (or anyone from Global Poker) - I sent in my documents a week ago to be verified so I can cash out and still have not heard back. Can you please help? I understand the site is back up but a week with no reply at all seems a little long. My user name is supermat

Thanks for any help you can give
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Old 05-26-2017, 08:08 PM   #1180
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Re: General questions

Originally Posted by GlobalPokerCSKimbr View Post
Can you provide the exact error message?
Hey all,

It seems you need to pay on a PC or Mac. When trying to pay through my mobile device, it would not allow me. Also had to call PayPal as well.


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Re: General questions

Just a recommendation for the sit n go's currently have the "running" tables listed first and have to scroll to those available to registration. If you had the running tables at the bottom and ones available to registration up top, that would drive more traffic to the tables.
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Re: General questions


I ran the initial 2 dollars up to 550 and now have been on a 20k hand break even stretch. Please deactivate the doom switch
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Re: General questions

Suggestion: Add a way to filter the table list. I can click on the column headers but some kind of filter on top would be nice where you can check a box to only show open tables. I have no interest in full tables. Thanks.
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