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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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Smile Bet size amount telling of what you have?

Hey, sorry if this is the wrong place to post since it is a question regarding online and not live tells.

I wonder if sometimes sub consciously players bet the number they have in their hand to some degree, for example they have 5 5 in their hand and OTR they bet 18555 on a A85Q7 board..... Because they have a set of fives for example 18555.

This is just a simple example but you get what i`m saying.

The reason I ask is because this is something i caught myself doing a lot before. Then I started noticing other players doing the same too. Not to say I did it every time but sometimes when i was on autopilot i sure did. As for others I dunno how rare this is but I have certainly seen it from time to time.

Thought on this?
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Re: Bet size amount telling of what you have?

I think online the bet 'timing' tells carry a lot of weight .. but on to your question.

Yes, I think players will do this .. and perhaps they do it for 2 conflicting reasons, which will depend on how the action has gone and tied into my history with the V.

In my live games I do this A LOT, even betting 46 on a 466JK board. My reasoning for this is to 'make sure' that the opponent 'sees' the board. I might even bet 57 on a 4688K board in order to encourage them to 'see' the straight out there.

Against a reg, I try to use this history to steal pots when I'm weaker. They will have seen me do this numerous times with the nuts and I will get a lot of folds. Against an unknown, I want them to think I'm 'making' them see the board, which leads to them not trusting me and getting a call.

So I'm careful with who I'm up against when making the 'move'. I want the regs to see me do this with the nuts, but not necessarily when I'm in a hand against them. But it will stick with them when I want them to fold when I am in a hand with them. GL
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