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Small Stakes MTT Discussion and analysis of small stakes MTT strategy

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Did i get greedy at the Arizona State Championchip

Blinds 100-200
No antes
Start stack 25k

Early position player raises 3x
Villain: Cut off calls
Hero: Big Blind Calls 10-8o
Sb & BB Call

Flop 975 . 2 clubs

Villain bets out 1700
Hero calls
2 players too the turn

Turn is a Blank J
Villain bets 4000

There's only 2 hands he could have and that a set or a flush draw and I decided too smooth call because I was was more then sure if a Blank on the river can that he would bomb it

Hero makes the call the river is an 4 of clubs wich completes the flush draw

Villian bets 9000
Hero snaps calls
Villian shows A2 of Clubs
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Re: Did i get greedy at the Arizona State Championchip

This is the wrong forum for this kind of question. That being said, IMO...

A) there are lots more than 2 hands he could have had. A flush draw is certainly one of them, but its pretty rare you see someone barrel two streets in position with just a flush draw since they can easily be check raised off of it. That turn bet (at least the size) was a mistake by him. Not only because of what you held, but because he put 4K into a 5.8K pot as roughly a 5-1 underdog with fairly meager implied odds and, again, a chance to be raised off of the nut draw. Mistake.

B) Your call was not indicative of greed. In fact, you were playing it kind of safe, at least from a pot-size standpoint. Greed would have been to raise the turn, and I don't mean a raise to get him to fold a draw... but rather a raise intent on getting him to make a bad call/re-raise from way behind. That would have been greedy, and is likely what many players would have done. The problem with the call isn't so much that you weren't protecting your hand... its that there were a lot of cards which could hit the river that would either counterfeit you or kill your action. Neither is a situation you wanted. So, you should have raised the turn to maximize the value of your made hand. Flatting the turn is basically saying, I hope I don't get unlucky, and if I don't, maybe it will pay off under some circumstances.

c) given your turn call, one thing you could have done in order to lose fewer chips is lead out the river. His river bet wasn't crazy, but it was on the high side for someone looking to extract maximum value from the nuts. I mean, outside of what you had, or a flush, there aren't many hands which would call that much on the river after flatting the turn. So, his bet was bigger than it should have been. If you lead out like 4.5K on the river, he would raise and you would muck.

Of course, this strategy wouldn't necessarily get the benefit of seeing his hand and it relies on you being really disciplined. But you would have lost fewer chips.
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