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Re: Immigration and refugees

Originally Posted by juan valdez View Post
high is a relative term obviously. $15 is high compared to $8. if trump didn't get elected then the immigration of people with low skill and education being increased was on the agenda. border security was also not on the agenda

this isn't some radical economic theory or distortion of policy. your assumption that the kids of immigrants with low education and skills will "likely" be middle class is optimistic to say the least. on top of that, it would be up to social services to support these families before a portion of the children make it to middle class. maybe you think the children of low skill and education immigrants are exceptional but kids growing up on social services aren't a slam dunk success story by any stretch

on top of that, theres clearly not a labor shortage. looking forward theres also an issue of technology replacing low skilled work. trump is being criticized for even attempting to revitalize manufacturing... by the same people that want to increase the immigration of people that need those jobs... and raise the minimum wage

none of it makes economic sense
You are jumping around topics which confuses your own thoughts on the matter.

Minimum wage should be a reflection of what on average should be a minimum standard of living. Hours worked vs food and shelter they can afford. In the current climate, that's much closer to 15 than to 8 for a majority of the population. On top of that, minimum wage alone leaves no opportunity for even an emergency savings account. Sucks to be poor, right? Should have known to have better parents or get better public education when you were a kid.

It's not radical to think that immigrants and their children contribute more to society than average. More law abiding, less crime rates. Bilingual kids turn out to be faster at certain aspects of learning. The opportunity they have is preached to them by their parents who usually come from much-much worse, more oppressive places.

It's incredibly hard for people to move to the US, legally or illegally. Part of it is selection. The legal process of getting a refugee visa weeds out a lot of criminal element, etc. and the migrants self-select themselves simply due to insane adjustment just to conceive leaving their circumstances/friends/family/culture to learn something completely new. Many do it out of desperation, but they are determined enough to persevere for years and decades until the new country feels like a home.

You appear to know nothing of the high end labor shortage, and ignorant of how the wages in agriculture are actually so low that predominantly only undocumented are willing to fill those places. That's an impressive range of being misinformed.

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