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MTTSNG Discussion and analysis of MTTSNGs.

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Seeking some push/fold advice....

Hi all

Recently been trying to grind out some increased volume of $1.50 45 man Turbo SNG tournaments on PS. I think I should be sufficiently rolled for this (?) as started with 140 buy-ins.

Currently in the midst of a 30 BI downswing and whilst I understand this can be expected I'm certain there are leaks in my game and am looking for some advice.

During the later stages of the tournaments I do try and use push/fold charts when I'm short stacked (<15 bb) but I'm curious about the best line to take pre flop when we're in late position with an OK stack (20 bb+) but have shorter stacks to our left.

One example I have.... on button with A10o and 24 bb. Folded to me. SB has about 16 bb and BB < 10bb. Around 15 players left.

I am working on the assumption that I can shove a range as if I have 16 bb on the button. A10o appears to be a simple shove here based on that... but would a more reasonable approach be to open to 2.5 x with the intention or folding to sb but calling bb. Or is this just super exploitable in the long run and we should just be happy to have such a strong holding in late position and shove.

In this example I shoved and the sb woke up with AQs and snapped me off. Just a cooler (and 90% time sb folds) or did I needlessly waste a load of chips and raise/fold better? I think if the sb had 20 bb I would have raise/folded but at these stack sizes I dunno, feels bad.

Not really a "bad beat" moan just trying to understand if there are more optimal plays.... assuming we never fold here?
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Re: Seeking some push/fold advice....

Originally Posted by Sidgeotto
Not really a "bad beat" moan just trying to understand if there are more optimal plays.... assuming we never fold here?
I take it you haven't pitted your hand vs. both blinds [using software] when SB calls with a ~23% range & BB calls with a 45% range after you O/R for 3.5BBs.

Using the ranges I gave the Blinds, and removing those hands I thought they would 3! with pre, OTF you have 46.5% equity & position.

If BB is kinda' guy who squeezes with minor holding, after you o/r 3 BBs & SB calls..............
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