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Classified Listings For companies and 2+2ers who have products or services they wish to sell outside the Marketplace.

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A course which helps pro poker players transition into tech sales

A lot of my poker friends have had/or are struggling to transition out of poker into another industry. They have long gaps in their resumes and think they donít have any relevant skills to transition out. As someone who made the successful transition from being a full time MSNLer HU/6m player, I created a course that helps people get interviews for sales positions in tech. A big part of this is teaching people basic sales skills, so no experience is necessary.

Iíve seen a lot of success doing sales in technology companies. After my 5th year in sales, I made $300k last year, and expect to conservatively make $200k a year moving forward. My conservative guesses are usually spot on - I expected to make $250k last year.

Thereís a lot of parallels with sales and poker IMHO:
ē Not being results oriented - being okay losing when you make the right strategic move. This is huge for sales, as 90% of deals donít work out. And you have to be okay with that. The variance isnít quite like MTTs though where a strong player can lose for 6 months :P
ē A lot of potential upside due to other people being uncomfortable with taking risk
ē You must be strategic and develop plans beforehand, but itís also important to be able to react to unexpected moves.

Just as importantly, I think poker players are likely to succeed in sales because they generally work hard towards improving (Using training sites, analyzing HHs, getting coaches). You literally donít move up in stakes without working on your game. I donít see a strong desire to improve in most salespeople. Itís literally a job people get who have no idea what they wanna do with their lives. I think this is one of the biggest reasons for my relatively quick success.

Hereís what you can expect:
ē 30 hours of homework that you must do. I teach you basic sales skills which helps you overcome the skills gap you have in your resume. The skills I teach you will actually be part of the existing job ó which for some companies will put you ahead of the pack of even recent Ivy League graduates. This work can be knocked out in 1-2 weeks, netting you an interview in roughly the same time.
ē $55k average starting pay, with promotions to $85k and $120k in your 2nd and 3rd year respectively if you do well. This is for a salary in a big city (SF, NYC, etc).
ē The course costs $497.

Itís important to me personally that the course works. If you do the work and donít get any interviews, I am 10000% happy to give you a refund. One of the reasons Iím pursuing this project is because itís personally fulfilling to me is that Iím literally getting paid to help people. Feel free to post any questions in this thread or pm me directly.

The course is here:

Feel free to drop me a PM with any questions!
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