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History Discussion of History up to Circa 1990

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Re: Losing WW II

Originally Posted by Mason Malmuth View Post
Hi Mr. Baseball:

To me, the key moment at Midway was when the US Torpedo planes went into the attack of the Japanese fleet without the support of the rest of the US Bombers which were also supposed to attack at the same time. Of course, this ended up being a brilliant move since it left the Japanese carriers easy targets since their air defense had to come down to defend against the torpedo planes. But I have always wondered if the pilots of the torpedo planes knew they had no chance and would all be shot down.

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Midway had a whole bunch of "fog of war" issues. The US carrier Hornet launched its air strike on the wrong heading. The torpedo squadron commander realized this and adjusted meaning he was going in alone. This pulled all of the Zeros which annihilated the torpedo squadron but put the Zeros out of position when the squadrons of the other US carriers arrived from a different direction and had free runs without the Zeros harassing them.

So the US made a mistake by launching on the wrong direction where only one squadron from that launch reached the target (the bombers and fighters never made it to the battle). The Japanese made a mistake by sending all of their CAP to the lone torpedo squadron. And ultimately the US was able to cash in on their own mistake which caused the Japanese mistake. Any number of woulda, coulda, shouldas may have easily turned this into a US debacle rather than a resounding victory.
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