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Midstakes MTT Discussion and analysis of midstakes MTT strategy

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Thoughts on hand with stack size


Local game, pretty loose (25min blinds) $50 buy in versus youngish guy who seemed know how to play a bit.

Blinds 300/600
Hero (18500) HJ KQh - Raises 1700 & BTN (30000) calls
Pot - 4300

Flop - Qd8s8d
Hero bets 2000 & BTN calls
Pot - 8300

Turn - 4c
Hero bets 5000 & BTN calls
Pot - 18300

River 10d
Hero checks & BTN goes all in & hero folds

It seems people call a turn bet when still getting the wrong price

Is it better to shove the turn?
Bet smaller?
Check the turn and bet blank river?

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Re: Thoughts on hand with stack size

Pre-flop play is pretty good IMO. Since the flop is a little wet I think you should be betting a little bigger here. I think anywhere around the 2.2k-2.9k is good. The turn is probably one the best turn cards you can ask for since it doesnt hit villains range often. With that turn i think you should be shoving a lot of the time here putting ultimate pressure on the flush draw and hoping not to get snapped off with A8 kind of hand or 98s hand. As played though do you have any reads on this player? Have you seen him make this kind of play before when a flush hits? he is in position and with a paired bored with the flush out there its is the perfect bluffing spot for the button
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